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[multi] fantasy springs casino this Coachella weekend. Bad pics I know I didn’t want to bother the valet

[multi] fantasy springs casino this Coachella weekend. Bad pics I know I didn’t want to bother the valet submitted by youngparasite to spotted [link] [comments]

girl in red -- Free concert at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio 4/14

"On Thursday, April 14 the ALT 101.5 FM Coachella Pre-Party sponsored by Honda of the Desert gets rocking at 5 p.m. Headlining the festivities will be Norwegian singesongwriter Girl in Red with opening act Whole Damn Mess."
More info
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Spotted this at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, Ca

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Fantasy Springs Casino [shitpost]

Thank you for the 70$ come up
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Beach Boys: Brian Wilson & Al Jardine LIVE @ Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA 8/30/14 Semi FULL Show! Filmed by ME!

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Disappointing photos show what Coachella is like in real life


Interesting article about Coachella. Meanwhile a few miles away at Fantasy Springs casino there was a free concert (Rockyard) of 80s standards. Drinks only $8 and plenty of seating. I suppose if you really wanted to see the concert in comfort, you could livestream it on youtube.
submitted by Overall_Rise_6370 to Coachella [link] [comments]

[FIGHT THREAD] Joseph Diaz Jr vs Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov, Patrick Teixeira vs Brian Castano

Date: Saturday, February 13, 2021
Time: 6:00 PM PT, 9:00 PM ET, 2:00 AM GMT
Location: Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California
Stream: DAZN
  • Joseph Diaz Jr (31-1, 15 KOs) vs Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov (15-0, 12 KOs), 12 rounds. IBF super featherweight title only on the line for Rakhimov after Diaz narrowly missed weight by 3.6 lbs.
  • Patrick Teixeira (31-1, 22 KOs) vs Brian Castano (16-0-1, 12 KOs), 12 rounds, WBO super welterweight title
  • Ronny Rios (32-3, 16 KOs) vs Oscar Negrete (19-2-2, 7 KOs), 10 rounds, super bantamweight
submitted by noirargent to Boxing [link] [comments]

[FIGHT THREAD] Vergil Ortiz vs Samuel Vargas

Date: Friday July 24, 2020
Time: 5:00 PM PDT, 8:00 PM EDT, 1:00 AM GMT
Location: Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California 🇺🇸

Vergil Ortiz Jr (15-0) vs Samuel Vargas (31-5-2)

12 rounds, welterweight division

Hector Tanajara (19-0) vs Mercito Gesta (32-3-3)

10 rounds, lightweight division

Seniesa Estrada (18-0) vs Miranda Adkins (5-0)

10 rounds, light flyweight division

Shane Mosley Jr (15-3) vs Jeremy Ramos (11-8)

8 rounds, middleweight division

Hector Valdez (12-0) vs Josue Morales (11-11-4)

8 rounds, super bantamweight division

Evan Anthony Sanchez (7-0) vs Issouf Kinda (18-4)

6 rounds, welterweight division

submitted by noirargent to Boxing [link] [comments]

Royal Ransomware Victim: Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

Royal Ransomware Victim: Fantasy Springs Resort Casino submitted by RedPacketSecurity to RedPacketSecurity [link] [comments]

[FIGHT THREAD] Jorge Linares vs Abner Cotto

Date: Saturday September 29, 2018
Time: 6:00 PM PDT, 9:00 PM EDT, 2:00 PM BST
Location: Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California 🇺🇸
TV: Facebook


12 rounds

super lightweight division

Jorge Linares vs Abner Cotto
44-4 (27 KOs) RECORD 23-3 (12 KOs)
33 AGE 31
5’8” HEIGHT 5’10”
69“ REACH 71”
Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 HOMETOWN Caguas, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
4-1 (0 KOs) LAST 5 5-0 (4 KOs)
Join our Discord server and enjoy live text and voice chat + the hook up for all you need to watch tonight ;)
submitted by noirargent to Boxing [link] [comments]

[FIGHT THREAD] Francisco Vargas vs Miguel Berchelt, Takashi Miura vs Mickey Roman

Date: January 28, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM PST, 10:00 PM EST, 3:00 AM GMT
Location: Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California 🇺🇸
TV: HBO (US) BoxNation (UK)


12 rounds

WBC world super featherweight

Francisco Vargas vs Miguel Berchelt
23(17)-0-2 RECORD 30(27)-1
32 AGE 25
129.5 lbs WEIGHT 129.8 lbs
5'8” HEIGHT 5'7”
70" REACH 71"
orthodox STANCE orthodox
Mexico City, Distrito Federal 🇲🇽 HOMETOWN Merida, Yucatan 🇲🇽
4(4)-1 LAST 5 5(5)-0
-140 MONEYLINE +150


12 rounds

super featherweight division

Takashi Miura vs Mickey Roman
30(23)-3-2 RECORD 56(43)-11
32 AGE 31
129.8 lbs WEIGHT 134.5 lbs
5'6 1/2” HEIGHT 5'5”
70" REACH ?
southpaw STANCE orthodox
Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 HOMETOWN Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua 🇲🇽
4(4)-1 LAST 5 5(5)-0
none TITLE none
-120 MONEYLINE +125
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[FIGHT THREAD] Romero Duno vs Gilberto Gonzalez & Oscar Duarte vs Rey Perez

DATE Thursday 17th May 2018
LOCATION Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, CA, USA
TIME 7pm (PT), 10pm (ET)

Romero Duno vs Gilberto Gonzalez

Lightweight Division

10 Rounds

Romero Duno vs Gilberto Gonzalez
16(14)-1-0 RECORD 26(22)-4-0
22 AGE 30
5'7" HEIGHT 5'10"
??? REACH 72"
134.6 lbs WEIGHT 134.8 lbs
Orthodox STANCE Orthodox
General Santos City, Philippines HOMETOWN Uriangato, Mexico
5(4)-0-0 LAST FIVE 4(4)-1-0

Oscar Duarte vs Rey Perez

Lightweight Division

10 Rounds

Oscar Duarte vs Rey Perez
13(9)-0-1 RECORD 22(6)-9-0
22 AGE 27
5'9" HEIGHT 5'7"
69.5" REACH 69.5"
134.8 lbs WEIGHT 134.8 lbs
Orthodox STANCE Orthodox
Parral, Mexico HOMETOWN Santa Rosa City, Philippines
5(4)-0-0 LAST FIVE 2(1)-3-0

Undercard Fights

Raymond Muratalla vs Benjamin Da Cunha - 4 rounds - Lightweight
Francisco Esparza vs Edgar Cantu - 8 rounds - Featherweight
Jaba Khositashvili vs Fabian Valdez - 6 rounds - Light Heavyweight
There will be no round-by-round updates for this card.
submitted by verbsnounsandshit to Boxing [link] [comments]

[FIGHT THREAD] Josesito Lopez vs Mike Arnaoutis, Francisco Vargas vs Jerry Belmontes, Hugo Centeno Jr vs Angel Osuna, Errol Spence vs Pipino Cuevas Jr & more + Live round-by-round coverage

DATE: Friday December 13, 2013
LOCATION: Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California
TELEVISION: Fox Sports 1 (USA)
TIME: 7:00 PM PST, 10:00 PM EST, 2:00 AM GMT


10 rounds

welterweight division

Josesito Lopez vs Mike Arnaoutis
30(18)-6 RECORD 24(11)-9-2
29 AGE 34
146 lbs WEIGHT 146.25 lbs


10 rounds

Super featherweight division

Francisco Vargas vs Jerry Belmontes
17(13)-0-1 RECORD 18(5)-2
28 AGE 25
129.25 lbs WEIGHT 130 lbs


10 rounds

Middleweight division

Hugo Centeno Jr vs Angel Osuna
19(10)-0 RECORD 11(7)-3-1
22 AGE 26
155 lbs WEIGHT 154.75 lbs


8 rounds

Light middleweight division

Errol Spence vs Pipino Cuevas Jr
9(7)-0 RECORD 17(15)-10
23 AGE 34
147.25 lbs WEIGHT 153 lbs


8 rounds

Middleweight division

Jermall Charlo vs Joseph De Los Santos
16(12)-0 RECORD 17(9)-11-3
22 AGE 26
155.75 lbs WEIGHT 156 lbs
Online Stream:
BoxingGuru Solid quality
FirstRow for UK Varies
Live round-by-round coverage

Francisco Vargas vs Jerry Belmontes

Round 1
Belmontes trying to box. Vargas times him with an overhand right for the first significant punch landed. Belmontes trying to jab and move. Belmontes sliding along the ropes, trying to stay at a safe distance from Vargas. Belmontes rolls a combination. He counters with a nice hook to the body, now a hard straight right to keep Vargas away. Vargas with a solid counter right hand. He unloads while Belmontes lays on the ropes, he escapes and finds himself on another side of the ring. He's trying to avoid and roll punches with his head movement, but it's not too impressive thus far. Vargas with a right hook, Belmontes with a good jab. Good round, I think both made a case for it.

Belmontes 10-9

Round 2
Golden State cutes the lead to 8 and Vargas coming forward fighting more of his fight. Belmontes tryin to roll with punches, but Vargas lands a couple of hard punches. Vargas with a low punch, now a right hook. Belmontes moving ont he ropes. Left to the body, right to the head by Vargas. Left uppercut, left hook to the head. Vargas controlling the 2nd fairly easily. Belmontes foiled in his attempts to counter. Vargas pops him with the jab, anoter jab. Belmontes standing, eats a right, continues to try to roll with the punches. Vargas shrugs at a Belmontes punch.

Vargas 10-9, 19-19

Round 3
Belmontes trying to box, but Vargas is proving to have sneaky defense. Good hard left hook by Belmontes. Vargas doesn't seem to feel it though as he stays the course. Vargas lands 2 straight right hands. Belmontes ducks under a hard left hook. Vargas with a hard right hand. Belmontes standing, rolls with about 6 hard straight right hands. He's trying to be defensive, but he's getting battered here. Referee looking closely at stopping this. Belmontes with a beautiful hook to the nuts! The action stops. Vargas with a little subtle attempt at a headbutt. Vargas jab jab right. Another hard right by Vargas. A foolish round by Belmontes.

Vargas 10-8, 29-27 Vargas

Round 4
Belmontes with a very good left hook counter, but Vargas counters with about 4 straight rights. Hard left hook from Vargas. Another low punch by Belmontes. Belmontes is pretty slippery for Vargas who's fighting in straight lines. Belmontes has Vargas on the corner, but clinches rather than capitalizes. Good 1-2 by Vargas. Vargas has him on the ropes, Belmontes now looking to block punches. A good move.

Vargas 10-9, 39-36 Vargas

Round 5
Belmontes comes out on fire with a left hook. Belmontes countering nicely now, Vargas turns the head up and backs him into the ropes, Belmontes clinches. Belmontes trying to get off first and not let Vargas get a head of steam like he has been. It's a good plan, because he's having a much better round. Vargas has him in the corner though and he's landing punches even though he's missing about half. Belmontes rolling with the punches, eats a good right. And another right. This round about even after 2 minutes.

Vargas 10-9, 49-45 Vargas

Round 6
Vargas back to work and having success while Belmontes tries to roll with the punches. He's rolling some, but not all. Belmontes kind of reminds me of Malignaggi, but he's far less assertive. Good jab by Belmontes keeps Vargas from coming in. Vargas with a hard left right. Another right as Belmontes tried to roll. Close round.

Belmontes 10-9, 58-55 Vargas

Round 7
8 point difference in the Houston-Golden State game. Houston leads. Belmontes jabbing and keeping Vargas at bay. He's not jabbing whenever Vargas is at an uncomfortable distance. Vargas working as Belmontes lays on the ropes. He's doing better rolling punches. Oh wait, no he's not. Vargas lands about 3 hard punches. Big right hand by Vargas, but Belmontes has a good chin. Belmontes not doing enough to capitalize whenever he defends well. Very nice uppercut from Vargas. They trade hard left hooks.

Vargas 10-9, 68-64 Vargas

Round 8
Vargas coming forward, Belmontes on the ropes trying to tame the lion with his jab and straight punches. In the corner, Vargas lands a could of hooks, partially lands about 6, lands a good right. Belmontes feinting, Vargas finally lands a straight right. Vargas has him in the corner, lands the straight right, body punches, another right. Belmontes rolls with it to take the sting off. Vargas with another good right. Belmontes with a left hand. Vargas with a hard right.

Vargas 10-9, 78-73 Vargas

Round 9
Steph Curry picks up his 4th foul as his team trails by 6. Vargas leads off the 9th with a nice right hand that bounces off Belmontes head. Belmontes bouncing around the ring, hands down, moving side to side, clearly trying to keep Vargas from throwing. He's probably gassed. Vargas backs him in, hits him in the body. Belmontes doing a good job slipping punches and catching Vargas with a single counter. Lunging right uppercut for Belmontes. This adjustment befuddles Vargas.

Belmontes 10-9, 87-83 Vargas

Round 10
Final round. Belmontes needs to do something impressive to win this on my card. Vargas short with his punches and pays the price. Belmontes with a good counter to the body. Belmontes pivots off the ropes after making Vargas miss. Excellent work, should've done that earlier. Now Vargas is finding a home for the right. Hits him again flush with the right. Houston with the lead back up to 7. Belmontes controlling the round now, not allowing Vargas to get off and the round ends.

Belmontes 10-9, 96-93 Vargas

Official Ruling: Francisco Vargas by Unanimous Decision (100-89 x3)

Josesito Lopez vs Mike Arnaoutis

Round 1
Lopez feinting the jab, looking to land the straight right hand. Lopez still looks like a blown up junior welterweight, not quite a welterweight. They trade body punches. Good right hand by Lopez, but Arnaoutis counters with the left. Arnaoutis tryin to go to the body with the straight left. Lopez misses a couple of ridiculous body punches. Arnaoutis doing a good job keeping his punches short and compact, despite having the reach advantage. Arnaoutis sneakily kept Lopez out of reach in this 1st round.

Aranoutis 10-9

Round 2
I wonder how long before Lopez says screw it and starts to bang. Houston with a 5 point lead, Bogut with a huge alley oop behind Howard's back to bring it within 3. Arnaoutis having success keeping LLopez outside, but Lopez is getting closer and closer. Right hand lands for Lopez. Good straight left by Arnaoutis. Arnaoutis doing a good job batting down Lopez's jab. Arnaoutis surprises Lopez with an accurate jab. Lopez trying to trap Arnaoutis in a corner, but Arnaoutis is slippery. Close round.

Lopez 10-9, 19-19

Round 3
Klay Thopmson brings it to a 1 point deficit. Lopez still boxing. Arnaoutis tryin to keep Lopez at bay with the jab. Lopez applying the pressure, tryin gto initiate action. Arnaoutis trying to keep him away. hard right hand followed by a body shot for Lopez. Arnaoutis catches him slipping with a good left counter. Now a right counter. Arnaoutis is a very tricky fighter. Hard left jab from Arnaoutis and DOWN GOES LOPEZ! He's up and doesn't appear hurt! Bell sounds.

Arnaoutis 10-8, 29-27 Arnaoutis

Round 4
Lopez lands a 1-2. Pops Arnaoutis with the jab. Arnaoutis using his footwork to avoid a lot of punches. Lopez is going to need to turn the heat up and make this a brawl if he's going to beat Arnaoutis. He's not going to outbox him. Good right hand by Lopez. Arnaoutis makin gLopez miss so many punches ust moving and stayin out of reach. 2 punch combination by Arnatoutis. He just misses a left hook that might have put Lopez down again. Nice stiff jab from Lopez. Arnaoutis lands a good left at the bell.

Lopez 10-9, 38-37 Arnaoutis

Round 5
Lopez has Arnaoutis in the corner. He's come out to brawl. Arnaoutis looks like he might be game for that kind of fight. Referee splits them. Lopez applying more presure now. He's coming in behind his jab, have Arnaoutis in the corner, but Arnoutis escapes. Lopez eats a jab trying to get the right hand to land. Arnaoutis again making Lopez miss a lot of punches. Hard left hand by Arnaoutis might be teh best punch that didn't drop someone thus far in the fight. Lopez with a straight right. they trade left hooks. Good left hook by Lopez, Arnaoutis returns with a right. Yet another close round. This is definitely a swing round. Arnaoutis really controlled that round, but Lopez got some good shots in.

Lopez 10-9, 47-47

Round 6
Lopez is applying the pressure again, but Arnaoutis catches him the jab and a right hook on his way in. Houston and Golden State tied with 4 minutes left. I hope this fight ends soon. Lopez lands a straight right. Arnaoutis catches him with a beautiful little jab. Lopez is getting out jabbed here badly. Another hard jab. Lopez cant even get off now . Hard right left by Arnaoutis catches Lopez clean. Lopez is now finding himself countered when he throws his jab. Arnaoutis is slipping it and countering with a hook. Nice uppercut left hand followed by a right hook by Arnaoutis.

Arnaoutis 10-9, 57-56 Arnaoutis

Round 7
Good triple jab by Arnaoutis. Lopez getting beat to the punch and countered here. Lopez needs to start making this fight ugly. He's losing the boxing game. Hard right hand by Lopez. Arnaoutis goes back to the bread and butter and jabs.Lopez picking up the pressure, lands a few right hands. The momentum is shifting. Arnaoutis lands a straight left. Right hand, Lopez has him in the corner. Arnaoutis counters off the ropes with an uppercut. Arnaoutis misses a big left hook.

Lopez 10-9, 66-66

Round 8
Houston up by 3 with only 2 minutes left. Lopez with a good left hook, Arnoutis ties up, Lopez with another left hook. Lopez has found success leading with his right hand. Huge left hand by Arnaoutis. Lopez might be a little hurt as he stops punching. Massive cut as their heads come together. Blood streaming down Arnaoutis's face. Lopez coming forward, Arnaoutis covering up. Lopez partially lands the right. Arnaoutis with a left, and a left to the body. Lopez with a good 1-2. Lopez with a few body shots. Nice looping right by Lopez.

Lopez 10-9, 76-75 Lopez

Round 9
Houston up by 7 with 48 seconds to go. Arnaoutis seems to not want to continue due to the cut and they're stopping the fight due to the cut. We'll go to the scorecards. This might be smart because I can see Arnaoutis ahead on the cards. Lopez has been very inaccurate and I've given him 2 of the rounds for being aggressive, but not necessarily because I think he clearly won them.
Official Decision: Josesito Lopez by Unanimous Decision (77-74, 76-75)
submitted by noirargent to Boxing [link] [comments]

[FIGHT THREAD] Alfonso Gomez vs Yoshihiro Kamegai, Ronny Rios vs Sergio Frias & Jamie Kavanagh vs Miguel Zamudio

DATE: Friday 20th, 2015
LOCATION: Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California, USA
TELEVISION: Fox Sports One
TIME: 8:00 PM PST, 11:00 PM EST, 3:00 AM GMT

[Alfonso Gomez] vs [Yoshihiro Kamegai]

10 Rounds

Super Welterweight Division

Alfonso Gomez vs Yoshihiro Kamegai
24(12)-6(2)-2 RECORD 25(22)-2-1
34 AGE 32
5’ 9” HEIGHT 5’ 9”
69” REACH 71”
149.25 lbs WEIGHT 149.75 lbs

[Ronny Rios] vs [Sergio Frias]

10 Rounds

Featherweight Division

Ronny Rios vs Sergio Frias
23(10)-1-0 RECORD 16(8)-4-2
25 AGE 23
5’ 7” HEIGHT 5’ 8”
71” REACH 72”
127 lbs WEIGHT 125 lbs
submitted by Effective_Aggression to Boxing [link] [comments]

[FIGHT THREAD] Seth Mitchell vs Chris Arreola & Rafael Marquez vs Efrain Esquivias + Live round-by-round coverage!

Date: Saturday September 7th, 2013
Time: 10:30PM ET/7:30PM PT
Location: Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California, USA
Television: Showtime USA, Denmark TV 3 Sport 2
Seth Mitchell vs Chris Arreola
26(19)-1-1 record 35(30)-3
31 age 32
6'2" height 6'2"
242 lbs weight 242 lbs
76.5" reach 75"
orthodox stance orthodox
Brandywine, MD hometown Escondido, CA
4(3)-1 last 5 4(3)-1
12 rounds in the heavyweight division
Fight preview here
My prediction: Arreola TKO8
Rafael Marquez vs Efrain Esquivias
41(37)-8 record 16(9)-2-1
38 age 30
5'5" height 5'5"
126 lbs weight 126 lbs
68" reach 70"
orthodox stance orthodox
Mexico City, MX hometown Carson, CA
2(1)-3 last 5 2-2-1
10 rounds in the featherweight division
My prediction: Esquivias UD
Fight Stream:

Live round-by-round coverage

Rafael Marquez vs Efrain Esquivias

Round 1
Rafael Marquez with Nacho Beristain, looking ready to have a renaissance like his brother. The bell sounds. Both fighters come to the center and shoot their jabs out at each other. Marquez slowing backing Esquivias up with his footwork. Esquivias with sneaky speed, lands a straight right over Marquez's left hand. Marquez squares up and welcomes a straight right to his face. Esquivias is doing a good job smothering Marquez's combinations. Marquez lands a good uppercut. Marquez with a good right hook. He throws it again and partially lands this time. Crowd chanting Marquez. Marquez controlled the round, but Esquivias is giving him a lot to worry about.
Marquez 10-9
Round 2
Marquez looks to land combinations just like his brother, but he lacks the footwork & balance to really be as effective. Esquivias is looking to go to the body now. Marquez patiently waits and counters. Esquivias lands a couple of jabs, Marquez comes back with a decent uppercut. Good overhand right on the off balance Esquivias. Marquez keeps pumping that jab out there, lands a good straight right and left hook while Esquivias tried to back away. Esquivias keeps lowering his head forward to avoid punches, but Marquez is nailing him with the uppercut. Marquez steps back and throws a right-left landing hard shots. Marquez wins the round out of pure effectiveness.
Marquez 10-9, 20-18 Marquez
Round 3
Lucas Matthysse is in the house, he appears to be taking pictures on a flip-phone. In the ring, Esquivias has upped the pressure. Marquez is doing a good job using his jab to keep him at safe distance. Esquivias catches Marquez with a left hook up top. Marquez's jab is no longer hitting the mark. Esquivias is trying to get inside and land body shots. They're ear-to-ear, Marquez makes a getaway. Marquez lands a big overhand right. Doesn't appear to hurt Esquivias, but the crowd ooh'd at it. Marquez gots the jab working again. He's going up and down, up and down, mixing it up. Throws the huge overhand right again. Might have partially landed this time. Esquivias lands a good looping right. His left eye is swelling so he'd better throw a few more. Marquez whiffs with that big right.
Marquez 10-9, 30-27 Marquez
Round 4
Esquivias appears to be trying to surprise Marquez somehow. He hesitates and tries to get Marquez to do something so he can counter. The problem is he's not feinting much and Marquez ends up surprising him with a shot. Esquivias might need to ditch that plan and take his chances testing Marquez's chin. Esquivias avoids the big right hand, lands a 1-2 of his own. Marquez throws some of his brothers signature punches. Esquivias surprises Marquez with a straight right down the pipe. Marquez trades him a left hook. Now an overhand right. Marquez is beating him to the punch each time. Esquivias, with 20 seconds left, lands a really good right hand. That probably seals round 4 for him. When he throws in combination, Esquivias is having a lot of success.
Esquivias 10-9, 39-37 Marquez
Round 5
Marquez with the left right uppercuts. Esquivias is trying to turn this into a phonebook fight. Marquez is using some veteran tricks to keep this an outside match. Marquez leans in and connects with a left right. Esquivias lands the first big punch of the round. Marquez is very poised, Esquivias having his best round. Marquez's jab has lost it's zip and Esquivias moves away. Lands a big straight right on Marquez. Marquez now gets a big uppercut to his chin. A straight right now. Marquez is in the corner. Esquivias keeps throwing. He lands a straight right. Now a left hook. Marquez is free! Back in the center. Esquivias fighting a little like Adrien Broner, rolling with punches and throwing hard counters. Esquivias with a very good round. I just looked over at C.J. Ross's card, she scored it for Marquez.
Esquivias 10-9, 48-47 Marquez
Round 6
Marquez goes to say hello to Esquivias and Esquivias greets him with a huge straight right. Esquivias now throwing some interesting combos, lands another really good straight right. Marquez really lacks head movement. He gets rocked by a straight right, but jusst like his brother, responds with a combination. Good uppercuts by Esquivias, huge left hook. Marquez has no defense anymore. Esquivias really is having a hard time missing. Marquez with his back against the ropes. Marquez with a big straight right. Esquivias just keeps coming forward. Marquez stands straight up, his only defense is to put his head down or apply the ear muffs like Amir Khan leaving his face still very vulnerable.
Esquivias 10-9, 57-57
Round 7
Esquivias is a sneaky little counter puncher. The adjustment in this fight was simply letting his hands go and being more active. He started to get off first and Marquez no longer has the quickness to deal with it. The 7th begins with Esquivias coming forward and throwing several punches. Esquivias lands about 4 hooks on Marquez. Marquez unfazed. Esquivias doubles the right hook. Esquivias is really landing almosst everything he throws. The momentum of the fight is on Esquivias' side. Marquez with his back on the ropes. Esquivias carefully placing his shots, while still being responsible for Marquez's ability. Double left hook lands for Esquivias. He's mixing up his attack well. Marquez responds with a right hand and the crowd roars. Esquivias is moving Marquez around the ring with his punches. Marquez with a good overhand right. The tides might be shifting. Esquivias on the ropes, Marquez unloading. Round over! Marquez thought he won when the referee jumped in.
Marquez 10-9, 67-66 Marquez
Round 8
Round 7 could be the deciding round in this fight. Marquez did enough to win the last minute of the round for sure, but Esquivias controlled the other 2 minutes. That will be interesting is Esquivias doesn't impress. Marquez opens up the round throwing combinations. Esquivias lands a straight right down the pipe. Marquez backing up. Marquez appears hurt. Esquivias is killing Marquez with this right. Marquez's head turns with a good left hook from Esquivias. Esquivias lands the double left hook. Esquivias lands a big 1-2. Marquez misses with the Juan Manuel TM'd overhand right. He misses again. Marquez's legs buckle on an Esquivias counter and the round ends.
Esquivias 10-9, 76-76
Round 9
Esquivias begins throwing 2 left hooks. They both look to land. He drops Marquez with a huge short right! Marquez staggers to the corner and he's done!! Marquez crumbled to the ground!
Official ruling: At 19 seconds of round 9, Esquivias by KO

Seth Mitchell vs Chris Arreola

Round 1
Mitchell opens up with a flush landed 1-2. Then a jab to the body. Arreola tries to come in and eats a counter left. Mitchell's reflexes look very sharp 1 minute into this fight. Arreola lands a hard left hook, he throws a double jab and hard straight right!!! Mitchell is holding on for dear life. Arreola throws him to the ground and Mitchell receives a 10 count. Wow! Mitchell is up and lands a good left hook. The legs don't look there. Arreola is looking to land that straight overhand right. He lands again. Mitchell is hurt, he's down again, rolling to the ropes. Mitchell cannot take Arreola's power. Arreola lands the straight right again. Mitchel is hurt. He's against the rope, this is over!!! Arreola slides to the floor and does push-ups.
Official ruling: Arreola KO1
submitted by noirargent to Boxing [link] [comments]

[FIGHT THREAD]ShoBox: Deontay Wilder vs Siarhei Liakhovich, Francisco Vargas vs Brandon Bennett, Jermall Charlo vs Antwone Smith

Date: Friday August 9th, 2013
Time: 10PM ET
Location: Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California
Television: Showtime
Deontay Wilder vs Siarhei Liakhovich
28(28)-0 record 25(16)-5
27 age 37
6'6" height 6'3"
84" reach 74.5"
224 lbs weigh-in 232 lbs
Orthodox stance Orthodox
Tuscaloosa, AL hometown Scottsdale, AZ
5(5)-0 last 5 2(2)-3
10 rounds in the heavyweight division
Prefight rating: ★ ★ ★
Deontay Wilder, at 27, is considered America's best hope for a heavyweight champion. At 27 that also makes him the oldest "prospect' in boxing. Wilder's best win to this point of his career is a 1st round KO of "Aging" Audley Harrison. He's never fought in a fight that's gone longer than 4 rounds. That can be attributed to his ridiculous power he carries. When you look at Wilder, this doesn't seem like a fluke. The guy looks like Dwight Howard without a goofy smile. Wilder, untested to this point, is also not to be overlooked. He had a decent amateur career which saw him win bronze at the Beijing Olympics back in 2008. Many say his defense is weak and he's a pure brooding power puncher. I say that he overlooks defense, maybe doesn't even feel punches, because he fights with pure aggression knowing his power is the ultimate difference maker.
His opponent is 37-year-old Siarhei Liakhovich. He's originally from Belarus and at one point in his career held the WBO heavyweight title. He won the title in 2006 by beating Lamon Brewester (who won the title by upsetting Wladimir Klitschkio) in a unanimous decision. That didn't stop Brewster from dropping Liakhovich to his knees in the 7th round. In his very next fight he lost that title by losing to Shannon Briggs in the 12th round by TKO. Liakhovich was winning on the cards before Briggs stopped him. Four of his five losses have come by stoppage. He's lost to Bryant Jennings, Robert Helenius, Niolav Valuev, Shannon Briggs, and Maurice Harris.
Liakhovich, coming off of 2 straight losses, is simply another piece of meat being tossed into Wilder's cage. The question is whether or not Liakhovich can test and even expose Wilder. It seems farfetched on paper, but considering the luck American heavyweights have had over the past decade it wouldn't be too much of an upset. I like Wilder a lot. Even at his advanced age and long held status as a prospect he's still got the potential to hold the heavyweight crown. Although it might be after K2 retire, it's his to inherit.
My prediction: Wilder KO2
Francisco Vargas vs Brandon Bennett
16(13)-0-1 record 16(7)-0
28 age 25
5'8" height 5'6"
130 lbs weight 129 lbs
Orthodox stance Soutpaw
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico hometown Cincinnati, OH
5(4)-0 last 5 5(1)-0
10 rounds in the super featherweight division Pre-fight rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ Brandon Bennett hasn't knocked someone out since 2010. He's mostly fought 6 rounders since 2009. His one venture into 8 round territory was a mixed decision over a 9-1 John Nater. This kid out of Cincinnati is taking a huge step up. He's a southpaw who's been given the nickname untouchable.
Vargas has fought twice already in 2013. He won both within 3 rounds. He's never went past 4 rounds in his career. This is a true fight between 2 untested prospects where the winner could go on to bigger and better things in the lightweight division.
My prediction: Vargas UD
Jermall Charlo vs Antwone Smith
14(10)-0 record 23(12)-4-1
23 age 36
6'0" height 5'7"
154 lbs weigh-in 159 lbs (4 lbs overweight)
73.5" reach unavailable
Orthodox stance Orthodox
Houston, TX hometown Miami, FL
5(5)-0 last 5 3(0)-2
10 rounds in the junior middleweight division
Pre-fight rating: ★ ★
Jermall. Not to be confused with his brother Jermell. Are we clear on that? Okay, I still can't tell them apart so I might unfairly be assessing him here. Jermall, like his brother, is a defensive-minded fighter who relys on his power. He likes to land clean, hard shots and get out of the way. His defense is not slick enough to enable him to take his act to bigger stages, but he's on his way. Especially at the age of 23.
The only thing I can tell you about Antwone Smith is that he's fought on Friday Night Fights before and he makes a loud noise when he punches.
My prediction: Charlo UD
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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana, Josesito Lopez vs Mike Aranoutis, Martin Murray vs Sergey Khomitsky, Michael Farenas vs Jesus Rios, Serhiy Fedchenko vs Ignacio Mendoz + more

Wednesday December 11

From The Melbourne Pavilion, Flemington, Victoria, Australia

Sam Soliman 42(17)-11 vs Les Sherrington 33(19)-6

12 rounds
Middleweight division
This fight may have arleady taken place… but pretend it hasn’t. I mean, you probably haven’t seen the results so it’s pretty much the same thing. Anyway, Sam Soliman has the distinction of being one of the few to go into Germany and actually beat Felix Sturm by controversial decision. That decision was ultimately reversed and declared a no contest because 70 year old Soliman tested positive for an illegal stimulant. Soliman has since left Germany and returned to fight in the motherland. I’m curious to see if Soliman wins and calls out Golovkin after the match.

Friday December 13

From Solaire Resort Hotel and Casino, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Michael Farenas 36(28)-4-4 vs Jesus Rios 26(20)-4-1

12 rounds
Super featherweight division
Hey, look what we have here, another former Gamboa opponent. This time it’s 29 year old Michael Farenas who managed to put on a pretty thrilling fight with Gamboa where he dropped a lazy Gamboa late in the fight. This is a Pacman (as in Manny Pacquiao) Promotions card so he’s got that going for him.

Ernesto Saulong 13(5)-0 vs Jimmy Aducal 6(5)-3-2

10 rounds
Bantamweight division
Nothing to see here. Just a bantamweight prospect being brought along slowly that I have my eye on.

From Ice Sheffield, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

Curtis Woodhouse 20(13)-6 vs Arek Malek 13(4)-62-4

10 rounds
Light welterweight division
Malek may have a record that may or may not be eerily accurate to what I expect the Brooklyn Nets record may be toward the end of the season, but come on! At least Malek doesn’t kick over the spit bucket to give his corner extra time to cover up their incompetence.

David Fidler 7(3)-0-2 vs Chris Jenkinson 6(3)-10-1

Joe Rodges 5(1)-0 vs Pavels Senkovs 4(3)-65-5

Senkovs called up Malek and said, “I want my gimmick back!” What does Rodgers’ manager tell him if he loses? Do you think Pavels’ trainer reminds him that his KO percentage is almost as good as GGG’s?

From Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California

Josesito Lopez 30(18)-6 vs Mike Aranoutis 24(11)-9-2

10 rounds
Welterweight division
Josesito Lopez is always must watch TV. This is a guy who can box pretty well, but just can’t shake the temptation to brawl and when he does, it’s usually high drama, as Lampley would say. If Lopez looks exceptional, he lines himself up to face a slew of opponents whose names include Lucas Matthysse and possibly a rematch with Victor Ortiz. Aranoutis is of Greek descent who currently fights out of Queens, NY and has fought and lost to Danny Garcia (KO), Demetrius Hopkins (UD), Delvin Rodriguez (UD), Victor Ortiz (TKO), Kendall Holt (UD), and Ricardo Torres (SD). He hasn’t won a fight in over a year and it will be a good fight for Lopez to get himself back in the win column.

Francisco Vargas 17(13)-0-1 vs Jerry Belmontes 18(5)-2

10 rounds
Super bantamweight division
28 year old Vargas has recently begun to pick up the level of competition by coming to America to fight. Belmontes is another step-up... although he’s lost 2 of his last 3. I don't know if this is good or bad, but Vargas could be fed to Leo Santa Cruz if he wins impressively.

Hugo Centeno Jr 19(10)-0 vs Angel Osuna 11(7)-4-1

10 rounds
Middleweight division
Centeno is a friend of /boxing. Check out the sidebar for the AMA he did a while back. Centeno Jr is coming off a NC with Julian Williams as part of a Golden Boy Live card put on during the Mayweather-Canelo fight week. The fight was stopped due to an accidental butt, which may have been a blessing in disguise. Centeno had previously beaten Julian Williams and was on his way to losing the rematch as he had lost the first 3 rounds on the judges scorecards. Centeno is an exciting fighter to watch, he fights in a crowd-pleasing style, and I’m hoping for the best for his career.

Errol Spence 9(7)-0 vs Noe Bolanos 25(16)-9-1

8 rounds
Welterweight division
Watch out for Spence. The dude packs serious power and carries an impressive amateur pedigree. Bolanos is another step up in competition for Spence who may someday be fighting for world titles. This card is stacked!

Gary Russell Jr 23(13)-0 vs TBA

10 rounds
Super featherweight division
OH YEAH! Get yourselves ready! The return of the fastest hands in the west, none other than TBA! TBA is back in action to face one of the premier super featherweight prospects in the world. Russell Jr is an exciting young fighter and the real test will be whether or not TBA actually shows up to fight. There are times when he can’t be bothered to get mentally and physically in the fight, but when he does rise to the occasion, it’s usually fireworks.

Jermall Charlo 16(12)-0 vs Joseph De los Santos 17(9)-11-3

8 rounds
Light middleweight division
The Charlo twins are 2 of boxing’s brightest prospects. They are big light middleweights that are a couple of fights away from fighting for world titles. Jermall is the more aggressive, heavier handed of the 2. Both are solid defensively and this should be an easy fight for Charlo.

Saturday December 14

From Jahnsportforum, Neubrandenburg, Necklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Juergen Braehmer 41(31)-2 vs Marcus Oliveira 25(20)-0-1

12 rounds
Vacant WBA word light heavyweight title

Kubrat Pulev 18(9)-0 vs Joey Abell 29(28)-6

12 rounds
IBF international heavyweight title
Pulev, by many, is considered to be the one to challenger and defeat Wladimir Klitschko. Pulev is a sneak fighter who does a lot of things well. He’s good defensively, mixes up offense very well, and is coming off the best victory of his young career after defeated Tony Thompson. This is an interesting match to see how Pulev handles Abell’s power. It’s been 6 years since Abell has won a fight by decision. Everyone else has crumpled under his power. If Pulev is for real, Abell should not last more than a few rounds. Arreola was able to KO him in 1 round in early 2011.

Jack Culcay 15(10)-1 vs Dieudonne Belinga 11-3

12 rounds
Light heavyweight division

From Palau Olimpic Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain

Hassan D’Dam N’Jikam 27(17)-1 vs Anthony Fitzgerald 14(4)-5

10 rounds
Middleweight division

From Ice Palace “Terminal”, Brovari, Ukraine

Serhiy Fedchenko 33(14)-2 vs Ignacio Mendoz 38(23)-8-2

12 rounds
WBO European light welterweight title
Fedchenko is famously known as the guy who Marquez fought before his fourth fight with Pacquiao. Fedchenko was able to take Marquez 12 rounds and ultimately lost a wide decision. Fedchenko has no real impressive wins on his record, but he’s fighting a beatable opponent so he’s got that going for him.

Max Bursak 17(8)-0-1 vs Oleksiy Mazikin 14(4)-9-2

8 rounds Middleweight division

Vladimir Tereshkin 17(8)-0-1 vs Oleksiy Mazikin 14(4)-9-2

8 rounds Heavyweight division

Oleksandr Usyk 1(1)-0 vs Epifanio Mendoza 34(30)-15-1

6 rounds
Cruiserweight division
Usyk is another prospect in the same vein as Anthony Joshua. He had a decorated amateur career and won Olympic Gold in Beijing in the heavyweight division. Usyk is definitely someone you should add to your prospect list if you want to be able to say “I told you so” one of these days.

From ExCel Arena, Dockland, London, UK

Kevin Mitchell 35(25)-2 vs Brunet Zamora 25(11)-1-2

12 rounds
IBF inter-continental lightweight title

Leonard Bundo 29(10)-0-2 vs Lee Purdy 20(13)-4-1

12 rounds
EBU welterweight title

Martin Murray 25(11)-1-1 vs Sergey Khomitsky 28(11)-9-2

10 rounds
Middleweight division
Murray has recently come out and said he's willing to face Golovkin. Well, should he win this fight, it would put him at the front of the line in the Golovkin sweepstakes. The line isn’t long anyway. Murray is coming off a controversial loss against the reigning middleweight king, Sergio Martinez in Argentina. Many believe the decision to be a hometown gift, but to me, Murray didn’t do enough to differentiate himself from the champion. Still, Murray showed a lot of good things. He’s a great defensive fighter who knows when to counter out of his guard, and carries a decent bit of pop. I can’t see Khomitsky giving him too much trouble.

Khalid Yafai 9(6)-0 vs Ashley Lane 4(1)-3-2

6 rounds
Super flyweight division

Anthony Ogogo 3(2)-0 vs TBA

Middleweight division
Ogogo is one of my favorite prospects. I think Luke Campbell will probably be the most successful of the British Olympians, but Ogogo will be in the better fights.

From Resorts International Hotel & Casino, Superstar Theatre, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Amir Mansour 19(14)-0 vs Kelvin Price 14(6)-1

10 rounds Heavyweight division
Mansour is not exactly a prospect. He’s 41 years old and prison time has stunted a large part of his would-be career. Still, this is going to be on NBC Sports Network and should be a good fight.

David Rodriguez 36(34)-0 vs Darnell Wilson 24(20)-17-3

6 rounds
Heavyweight division
This is an interesting match… for a 36 and 0 fighter…

Manuel Quezada 29(18)-7 vs Steve Cunningham 25(12)-6

8 rounds
Heavyweight division

From Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas

Adrien Broner 27(22)-0 vs Marcos Maidana 34(31)-3

12 rounds
WBA world welterweight title
This is the /boxing fight of the week. Look here for an in-depth preview. If you want my opinion, it’s this: Broner has made himself to be the ultimate heel in boxing today, and he hasn’t done that by simply running his mouth. He’s been arrogant, and backed it up in the ring. Saturday, it will be seen if one of hardest punchers in the game can humble Broner, or will Broner have been right all along.

Keith Thurman 21(19)-0 vs Jesus Soto Karass 28(18)-8-3

12 rounds
Interim WBA world welterweight title
The WBA is a weird organization. This is for the interim ‘B’ level belt of their main belt which is called the Super World welterweight title. This is just the WBA world title. Anyway, what this means is that should Broner win the title and then vacate to go back down to 135, the winner will fill in as the title… Or the winners will fight to determine the real champion… before they face the real-er champion. Anyway, Keith “One Time in San Diego” Thurman is yet another guy on the cusp of breaking into boxing’s upper echelon. Standing on the other side is Jesus Soto Karass. Don’t let Karass’s 8 losses fool you. He’s claimed to have not taken boxing seriously when he was amassing loss after loss. Since losing to Marcos Maidana in a brutal 8 round war full of fouls, he’s won 2 straight. He’s a tricky fighter who does a lot of things well. He’s faced nearly every time of style there is and has never been completely blown out in any fight. If Thurman is not the real deal, or his power has been exaggerated to this point, Karass will bring it to light. If Thurman is the real deal, like many are projecting, Karass may have a tough time. Thurman has exceptional timing, patience, and power. This has all the makings of a trap fight for young Thurman.

Leo Santa Cruz 26(15)-0-1 vs Cesar Seda 25(17)-1

12 rounds
WBC super bantamweight title
Leo Santa Cruz is an all-action, torrential downpour of leather. Cesar Seda is a 27 year old Puerto Rican southpaw who hasn’t fought in a 12 round fight since 2011. That fight was for the WBO super flyweight title against long reigning Argentine champ Omar Narvaez. If Santa Cruz loses, this would be a massive upset.

Beibut Shumenov 13(8)-1 vs Tamas Kovacs 23(14)-0

12 rounds
WBA super world light heavyweight title
This is a real title fight. It’s the “super world” light heavyweight title as opposed to the “world light heavyweight title.” The WBA is weird. Anyway, here’s my theory on this fight. The winner is fighting Hopkins. Shumenov is from Kazakhstan and just turned 30. His only loss of his career was to Gabriel Campillo in 2009 and it was a MD as well. Tough luck considering it was in Kazakhstan too. He avenged the loss in a rematch and has fought sporadically since then. Shumenov, now with Golden Boy, is looking to build a name for himself in the light heavyweight division. Kovacs has never faced stiff competition and this shouldn’t be a tough fight for Shumenov.

Jermain Taylor 31(19)-4-1 vs Juan Carlos Candelo 32(21)-12-4

10 rounds
Super middleweight division

Rau’shee Warren 8(3)-0 vs Jose Silveira 15(6)-9

8 rounds
Bantamweight division
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[FIGHT THREAD] Johan Perez vs Dmitry Mikhaylenko, Yoandris Salinas vs Manuel Avila

Date: Saturday August 8, 2015
Time: 7:30 PM PDT, 10:30 PM EDT, 3:30 AM BST
Location: Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California
Television: HBO Latino (US)
Fight Previews: This Week in Boxing


12 rounds

welterweight division

Johan Perez vs Dmitry Mikhaylenko
20(13)-2-1 RECORD 19(8)-0
32 AGE 29
147 lbs WEIGHT 146 lbs


10 rounds

super bantamweight division

Yoandris Salinas vs Manuel Avila
21(14)-1-2 RECORD 17(7)-0
29 AGE 23
122 lbs WEIGHT 121.6 lbs
Online Streams
Sportsmania Flash, iOS, XBMC compatible (Pay/Free Options)
Read the comments and post in real-time with Reddit Stream
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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Mikey Garcia vs Juan Carlos Burgos, Marco Huck vs Firat Arslan II, Lamont Peterson vs Dierry Jean, Curtis Stevens vs Patrick Majewski, Cornelius Bundrage vs Joey Hernandez + more


From Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Amnat Ruenroeng 11(5)-0 vs Rocky Fuentes 35(20)-6-2

12 rounds
vacant IBF flyweight title
Not much is known about Ruenroeng. He competed in the Beijing games and made it as far as the quarterfinals, and also captured Bronze at the 2010 Asian games. (He lost to Zou Shiming.) At 34, this is probably Ruenroeng’s only chance at capturing a world title. Time for a conspiracy theory. I think this fight has secretly been set up, in Thailand, for Ruenroeng to win and rematch Zou Shiming later in the year to give Shiming the opportunity to capture a world title before someone legit beats him. Now, I am probably wrong. In fact, as far as I know, this card isn’t being put together under the Top Rank banner, but let’s assume it is, just for fun. Enter Rocky Fuentes. Fuentes is a 27 year old Filipino who’s primarily fought in Asia and has not lost a unanimous decision since 2005. If there’s one thing Fuentes has, it’s a ton of heart. Early in his career he suffered 2 stoppage losses, but has since rebounded and entered the fold as a top 10 flyweight in the world rankings. I don’t think Ruenroeng has the experience to beat Fuentes and thus the conspiracy theory looks stupid, but Ruenroeng does have an amateur pedigree that Fuentes doesn't. That must count for something.


From Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California

Cornelius Bundrage vs Joey Hernandez

12 rounds
light middleweight division
If you’ve never seen Cornelius Bundrage fight, let’s start here. His nickname is K9. K9 = canine. Dog. He fights like a dog. It’s not pretty, but he manages to keep winning and his name still rings relevant in the light middleweight division after all these years. Bundrage won the IBF light middleweight title and held it for nearly 3 years before losing it last year in an ugly fight with Ishe Smith. At 40 years old, Bundrage desperately needs a win here to keep his name in the category of top 10 light middleweights. His opponent is a 30 year old southpaw whose never gotten in the ring with an experienced vet like Bundrage. Bundrage isn’t particularly heavy handed, but Hernandez has been down and out many times in his career. A win for Hernandez could earn him a shot at someone like Austin Trout later in the year as Trout looks to rebound from 2 straight losses. A win for Bundrage leaves him closer to a title, but that road will probably run through Jermall Charlo.

Antonio Orozco 18(14)-0 vs Miguel Angel Huerta 27(18)-11-1

10 rounds
light welterweight division
It’s no surprise to see that Golden Boy has stockpiled prospects from the light welterweight to the light middleweight division as that’s where their biggest stars currently reside. Orozco’s best win thus far might have been in his last time out on the Mares-Gonzalez undercard. He battered 29-3 Ivan Hernandez and in the 3rd round, after hitting the deck 3 times, failed to rise at the count of 10. His opponent shouldn’t give him too much trouble. He’s experienced, but has failed to record any notable victories. His last 2 fights both ended in him being stopped. Light welterweight is a stacked division and if Orozco wins impressively, he’ll have no trouble finding legit opponents.

Dominic Breazeale 8(8)-0 vs Homero Fonseca 10(3)-6-3

8 rounds
heavyweight division
Breazeale could be something, but he’s racing against the clock. He’s 28 with only 8 fights under his belt. He’s got the size to compete with the goliaths of the heavyweight division (he’s 6’6”) and represented the US at the 2012 Olympic games… but with only 8 fights his window for capturing a title is very small. That is unless he’s the real deal. Fonseca was beat over 8 rounds by Andy Ruiz Jr and if Breazele wants to make a statement, he’ll stop Fonseca and early. No one has been able to get him out in under 7 rounds.

Julian Ramirez 9(6)-0 VS Derrick Wilson 10(3)-5-2

8 rounds
featherweight division
Just another gimme fight for 20 year old Ramirez. Ramirez has a ton of potential. I don’t think he’s lost a round at this point in his career.
From Resorts International, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Curtis Stevens 25(18)-4 vs Patrick Majewski 21(13)-2

10 rounds
middleweight division
There’s something about fighting Gennady Golovkin. It seems that after you have been “good boy’d” your past actions have been forgiven and the boxing community develops an affinity with you. It seemed to have happened with Rosado and Ishida… or maybe I just made that up. Anyhow, it will be interesting to see how Stevens looks post-Golovkin. Stevens has a devastating left hook and a chin to back it up. The result of this fight will depend on whether Stevens can land his left hook and if Majewski can handle it. Majewski has a history of getting dropped and coming off a very unanimous loss to Patrick Nielson, there’s a lot riding on this fight for both guys. I think Stevens rebounds well and finishes Majewski easily.

Thabiso Mchunu 14(10)-1 vs Olanrewaju Durodola 17(16)-1

10 rounds
vacant NABF cruiserweight title
Mchunu is 25 and fairly undersized for the cruiserweight division. He makes up for it with slippery defense and smart counters. Many thought Mchunu would be a gimme fight for Eddie Chambers in his last time out, but Mchunu outboxed and outworked Fast Slow Eddie for all 10 rounds. Durodola doesn’t have the best resume, but if Mchunu can stymie and negate the power Durodola brings to the table, Mchunu will quickly ascend up the cruiserweight ladder and perhaps earn a shot at the Marco Huck-Firat Arslan fight.
From Chevrolet Event Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

George Tahooahnippah 31(23)-1-2 vs TBA

6 rounds
middleweight division
The Comanche Boy returns to the ring to take on the faceless wonder of the west.
From Little Creek Casino Resort, Shelton, Washington

Thomas Williams Jr 15(10)-0 vs Cornelius White 21(16)-2

10 rounds
vacant WBO NABO light heavyweight title
Williams is yet another prospect in the stacked light heavyweight division. He’s a southpaw who’s slowly upping the level of competition and this is yet another step in the right direction. Cornelius White has’t fought since last summer. The only way Williams is winning is by stopping White. His last time out Sergey Kovalev had the honors and he finished him in 3 rounds.

Rico Ramos 22(12)-3 vs Jonathan Arrellano 14(3)-2-2

10 rounds
featherweight division
Early in his career, Ramos was regarded as a very promising prospect and when he met Guillermo Rigondeaux 2 years ago, both were undefeated and many thought it was an even fight. That night, Rigondeaux dropped him in the first and stopped him with a devastating body shot in the 6th. Since then Ramos is 2-2, he’s been dropped in 2 of those fights and was shut out in another. If Ramos is to make another run in the featherweight division, this might be his last shot in. Arrellano won’t provide much to worry about when it comes to getting his chin tested, as Arrellano has only scored 3 KO’s in his career. Arrellano has been dropped, but never stopped. Ramos is in for a tough night. Arrellano is tough, he likes to bang, and make his opponents work.


From Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Halle, Stuttgart, Baden-Wuttemberg, Germany

Marco Huck 36(25)-2-1 vs Firat Arslan 33(21)-6-2

12 rounds
WBO cruiserweight title
This a rematch of a fight of the year contender back in 2012. The two cruisers left it all in the ring and Huck walked away with a unanimous decision victory. If the sequel is half as exciting as the first, we’ll be in for a real treat. Both guys have been on the canvas as well as stopped, and given they both carry a bit of power, this fight should be very interesting. This fight is a big deal in Germany where the 2 have fought most of their careers. There is very little indication that this fight will end any differently from their first go at each other, but the promise of a good fight between 2 big men with skill could steal the show on a stacked Saturday.

Marcos Nader 18(3)-0-1 vs Emanuele Blandamura 21(5)-0

12 rounds
middleweight division
Nader is the more promising of the two if we’re looking at their prospect status. Blandamura is 34 and has never fought outside of Italy. He doesn’t carry much power and will be a good test to see how Nader, 23, handles a guy who can win on cards. Nader is not the second coming of Gennady Golovkin. At his point, he’s probably 4-5 fights away from a title fight.

David Price 15(13)-2 vs Konstantin Airich 19(15)-7-2

8 rounds
heavyweight division
Last time we saw David Price, it looked like it would perhaps be a good idea for him to retire. He was badly beaten (and outboxed) by Tony Thompson and his chin was exposed, twice. Price has chosen to grit his teeth and fight on. His opponent is beatable suffering 3 straight loses including being knocked out in the first round of his last fight. Price needs this one. Bad.
From DC Armory, Washington, District of Columbia

Lamont Peterson 31(16)-2-1 vs Dierry Jean 25(17)-0

12 rounds
IBF light welterweight title
Let me first say that the fact that the IBF allowed Peterson to keep the IBF strap after testing dirty for synthetic testosterone is ridiculous. Still, I’m a fan of Peterson’s and always have been. He’s a rugged fighter who doesn’t necessarily have a specific style. He boxes a bit and bangs a bit more. This has led him into a lot of trouble when he faces guys who are very good at one thing. His only losses are to Timothy Bradley and Lucas Matthysse and he’s risen off the deck multiple times. I wish I could say that his opponent coming in was a real threat, that this will be an even, entertaining fight. On paper, I can’t say that. Jean is a 31 year old Canadian who’s finally being given his big break. He’s fought exclusively out of Canada and his best win was probably against 21-4 Ivan Cano. But given Canada’s given us quite a few good fighters recently, I wouldn’t count Jean out just yet. This could be just what the doctor ordered for the legend of Dierry Jean… or just a tune-up for Lamont Peterson before facing one of Golden Boy’s elite junior welterweights.

Jermell Charlo 22(11)-0 vs Gabriel Rosado 21(13)-7

10 rounds
light middleweight division
Charlo is slowly creeping his way up the ranks at 154. He hasn’t electrified the crowds, but rather done it in a methodical, precise way. He’s surpassed his harder punching brother and now sees himself on the cusp of headlining a Showtime card and fighting for a title. It’s all within reach. Standing in his way is Gabriel Rosado. Another Golovkin victim. When you look up “good boy” in the dictionary, you just might see Rosado’s face. Despite coming off back to back losses and dropping back down to the junior middleweight division (which Rosado hasn’t fought at since 2012), Rosado is not only a very challenging test for Charlo, but also notable name which fans have come to respect. Rosado is as tough as they come. He took Golovkin 7 rounds and never went down, dropped J’Leon Love before losing a controversial decision (which was turned into a no contest due to Love’s dirty post-fight test), and was on his way to defeating middleweight champion Peter Quillin last October. If Charlo is for real, Rosado is the ultimate test. Rosado will test his chin, will test his defense, and ultimately test his heart.

Dominic Wade 13(10)-0 vs Dashon Johnson 15(5)-13-3

8 rounds
middleweight division

Rau’shee Warren 9(3)-0 vs TBA

8 rounds
bantamweight division

Robert Easter 8(8)-0 vs Daniel Attah 28(11)-17-1

8 rounds
lightweight division


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[FIGHT THREAD] Golden Boy Live: Antonio Orozco vs Miguel Angel Huerta, Cornelius Bundrage vs Joey Hernandez

DATE: Friday January 24, 2014
LOCATION: Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California
TELEVISION: FOX Sports 1 (US) Boxnation (UK)
TIME: 10:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM PST, 2:00 AM GMT


10 rounds

welterweight division

Antonio Orozco vs Miguel Angel Huerta
18(14)-0 RECORD 27(18)-11-1
26 AGE 35
? lbs WEIGHT ? lbs
5'7" HEIGHT 5'7 1/2"
70" REACH 71"
orthodox STANCE southpaw
San Diego, CA HOMETOWN Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
5(5)-0 LAST 5 2(1)-3


12 rounds

light middleweight division

Cornelius Bundrage vs Joey Hernandez
32(19)-5 RECORD 23(13)-1-1
40 AGE 29
? lbs WEIGHT ? lbs
5'6" HEIGHT ?
72" REACH ?
orthodox STANCE southpaw
Detroit, Michigan HOMETOWN Miami, Florida
4(3)-1 LAST 5 5(3)-0
Online Stream
FirstRow for UK


Antonio Orozco vs Miguel Angel Huerta
Round 1
The 2 come to the center. Huerta wearing tiger print trunks very cool. Orozco with a jab to the body. A quick left hook. Huerta throws a couple of lefts to the body. Orozco counters a jab with a nice left hook. Huerta very committed to the left to the body. Orozco with a beautiful left hook, now a jab. Orozco is much quicker than Huerta. Orozco with a left to the body. Huerta barely misses a chopping right hook. Orozco with a jab to the body. Huerta sneaks a left hook to the chin, and now he hits him with a big one! Orozco is hurt. Huerta has him on the ropes, left hooks to the body, hard left upstairs, now a big right hook. Orozco is hurt. He comes back with a left right, now a huge left. Huerta is hurt now. Huerta may have punched himself out. Beautiful left from Orozco has put him back in this fight.

Huerta 10-9

Round 2
Huerta keeps digging the left to the body and they are trading hooks, Orozco lands a huge left hook and down goes Huerta!!!!!!!! Huerta is not there, Orozco is pouring it on. Left hooks, Huerta fights back with a left to the body, Orozco just wailing on him.He's mixing his punches, a hard 1-2. Huerta just keeps punching though. Referee steps in to stop this and Orozco has a 2nd round stoppage victory. What a fight!
OFFICIAL RULING: Antonio Orozco by TKO2
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[FIGHT THREAD] Antonio Orozco vs Miguel Acosta

Date: March 25, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM PDT, 10:00 PM EDT, 3:00 AM GMT
Location: Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California
TV: Estrella TV (US)


10 rounds

welterweight division

Antonio Orozco vs Miguel Acosta
23(15)-0 RECORD 29(23)-8-2
28 AGE 37
142.5 lbs WEIGHT 142 lbs
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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Akira Yaegashi vs Odilon Zaleta, Adrian Hernandez vs Naoya Inoue, Juergen Braehmer vs Enzo Maccarinelli, Carl Frampton vs Hugo Fidel Cazares + more

Thursday April 3

From Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, CA
TV: Fox Sports 1 (US)

Luis Ortiz 20(17)-0 vs Monte Barrett 35(20)-10-2

10 rounds
heavyweight division
This is what we call a showcase event. What does that mean? Golden Boy is on putting a show full of predictable match-ups to make their young guns look good. It seems like Golden Boy picked up a few heavyweights that looked good or had some sort of amateur success and they’re throwing them at the wall and seeing if one sticks. I suppose it’s a good strategy because recent years have told us that the heavyweight division is a difficult one to predict. These are the hardest punchers in the game and anyone, no matter how good, can be put to sleep. Ortiz is a Cuban defector who carries with him a long and successful amateur career. Whether that’s to be believed or even means anything will be found out some day. Barrett at one point and time could’ve been a good barometer for Ortiz but 2 things have me suspicious here. One. Barrett was the first one to knock David Tua down and fought him to a draw and then he won… then he knocked out Shane Cameron… and he disappeared. He hasn’t fought since July of 2012. Two. Luis Ortiz is 35 years old! Stepping up and trying to enter the elite fold of the heavyweight division as your speed and reflexes begin to diminish seems like a terrible idea to me.

Gerald Washington 11(8)-0 vs Skipp Scott 16(10)-1

10 rounds
heavyweight division
Why is it okay for cards like this to exist? You know what I’m talking about. A series of predictable fights where it looks like 3 guys are walking in with the sole intent on getting lucky or getting knocked out. I’ll tell you why. It’s because boxing doesn’t have any sort of minor league system. There’s no triple A boxing or rookie boxing league. I like to think of it like this. (Sorry, I’m not really gonna preview this fight, I just need an outlet for thoughts I have about this card.) From the time a fighter makes his debut until his 8th fight, typically (and I’m talking about a solid prospect with at least a decent amateur background) the opponents he faces would be rookie ball type opponents. These are guys that are young and inexperienced just like him. Guys with four wins and 6 losses are fine with me. After the 8th fight until around the 13th fight, that’s single A. These are the guys with bad records and don’t have any notable wins. These guys can be a little rugged and have solid chins so that you can test your prospect going some rounds and dealing with how to adjust to finish the job. From 13-16, move up to double A. These are once good fighters, guys with names, and guys who’ve been derailed by a couple of knockouts. These guys usually have talent, but have glaring flaws. These guys can win on any given night, but elite level talent will almost always prevail. Once he gets past this, 16-22 is triple A level. These are guys with 1 or 2 losses, but still contenders. Former world champions and guys who’ve fought for belts and lost. Undefeated guys who haven’t been tested yet. If your prospect can get through this without ease, he could be ready for a title shot by fight 20. This would be my plan if I was promoting prospects. (I would totally hope I get over achievers like Kazuto Ioka and Naoya Inoue though.) Skipp Scott is 6’8” so he’s got that going for him.

Dominic Breazeale 9(9)-0 vs Nagy Aguilera 19(13)-7

8 rounds
heavyweight division
Dominic Breazeale has lived in places I’ve lived in too so I hope he wins. He’s 6’7 and the youngest of the 3 “prospects.” His last fight featured him against a laughably large opponent. Breazeale made the boy quit after 3 rounds.

Friday April 4

From Salta, Argentina
TV: Unknown

Luis Carlos Abregu 35(28)-1 vs Jean Carlos Prada 30(21)-0-1

Abregu returns after nearly a year layoff. Abregu took time off to heal a hand injury which to my knowledge dates back to the Timothy Bradley fight. He’s maintained that the only way Bradley won that fight was because he hurt his hand. I’m sure that sentiment grew stronger in his head when he saw Bradley wobbled and beat to the punch against Provodnikov and Pacquiao. Either way, Abregu is a good fighter who’s got an awkward style. Abregu can punch and if his hand is fully recovered, I don’t see this ending well for Jean Carlos Prada. Abregu is on a mission to get a rematch with Bradley and if you saw the first one, you know that’d be a good fight. Prada has built up a nice record fighting exclusively in the Dominican Republic. The draw on his record came in his first professional match. I know I said earlier that Prada may not be too lucky if Abregu is fully healed, but consider this. Prada was a good amateur, he’s a southpaw, and the guys who have made went the distance with him have seldom won rounds. This will be an interesting fight and a good way to tell if Abregu is ready to come back for an HBO fight. I think a fight with Brandon Rios would be a good move.
From Odyssey Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
TV: Boxnation (UK)

Carl Frampton 17(12)-0 vs Hugo Fidel Cazares 40(27)-7-2

12 rounds
WBC super bantamweight title final eliminator
Cazares has had a good little run at super bantamweight, but if Frampton is who we think he is, Frampton will be fighting Leo Santa Cruz in the fall…. But wait a second. Not so fast. Everyone wants to think that but Cazares is a little deceiving, much like Orlando Salido is. This guy hasn’t been beaten clean in 15 years. He’s fought everywhere from junior flyweight to super bantamweight and nobody has gotten a clean win over him. He damn near beat Ivan Calderon in his prime. Who is Calderon? This guy was Floyd Mayweather of the lower weight classes in his prime. The guy was a slick counter-puncher who’s defense in that weight class was unheard of. In his prime, Calderon looked unbeatable and Cazares dropped and him lost a split decision and the other fight was stopped because of a headbutt… which is a recurring theme in his fight so Frampton better not look to step in with his head down. None of Cazares’ opponents have been like Frampton. Frampton is an undefeated, in his prime fighter who’s going to be fighting in his hometown. Frampton has faced solid competition for the past 3 years and has a TKO win over one of the champions of the division. If Frampton is everything we think he is, this will still be a tough fight. Cazares is aggressive, he comes after you, and he hasn’t been dropped in several years.
From Liacouras Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
TV: NBC Sports Network (US)

Curtis Stevens 26(19)-4 vs Tureano Johnson 14(10)-0

10 rounds
middleweight division
The last time we saw Stevens he dropped his guy with the first punch he threw. A few more and the fight was over. All that we know is that he still have his power, but how will he react to being hit after being a good boy. Johnson can box, his Olympic experience tells us that much. There are a lot of questions about both.

Amir Mansour 20(15)-0 vs Steve Cunningham 26(12)-6

10 rounds
heavyweight division
I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about it when you tune in, but Mansour is 41 years old. Why is this guy just barely progressing like a 21 year old prospect (or a 31 year old if you’re signed to Golden Boy)? I’ll tell you why, this dude spend a significant amount of his time in jail for trafficking blow. He’s paid his dues and is coming off a nice win against Kelvin Price.

Mike Lee 11(6)-0 vs Peter Lewison 6(5)-0

6 rounds
light heavyweight division
You know how everyone is always asking, who’s that guy in the Subway commercials? I’ve never seen him before. Well it’s this guy. Mike Lee. He hasn’t fought in 2 years and is coming back head first. He’s 26 years old and have been dropped before. If I was him I would steer clear of light heavyweight given the rampage the top tier fighters have been on, but hey, Mike Lee moves tickets. I think.

Saturday April 5

From Hipódromo Caliente, Arena Tecate, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
TV: Azteca (Mexico) UniMas (US)

Giovani Segura 31(27)-3-1 vs Felipe Salguero 19(14)-5-1

10 rounds
flyweight division
Segura has won 4 fights by decision and I don’t know how. I don’t know how you can go the distance with his guy and lose on the cards. If you can possibly last the distance with this guy, you should also be winning the fight. Segura is an all-out brawler who comes to knock everybody out. He’s been able to break down some of the best defenses in his division and has gotten knocked out or outboxed against everyone else. He’s come off a fight of the year candidate against Tyson Marquez, which everyone knew had that kind of explosive potential. Segura is working his way back to the title picture in boxing’s most competitive division. Salguero has power, but not elite power. Segura is one of the harder punchers in the sport. You can make your own assumptions about this one. The one prediction I will make is that this will be a very entertaining fight.

Alejandro Gonzalez Jr 22(14)-0-2 vs Juan Alberto Rosas 38(27)-8

10 rounds
super bantamweight division
From Gran Estadio, Ciudad Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico
TV: Televisa (Mexico)

Marco Antonio Rubio 58(50)-6-1 vs Domenico Spada 38(19)-4

12 rounds
interim WBC middleweight title
Go ahead. Laugh. Let me know when you’re done… … … Are you done? … Okay. Yes, Marco Antonio Rubio, following his los to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr 2 years ago, has gone on to win against monsters such as Jorge Cota, Carlos Baldomir (at super middleweight no less), Michel Rosales, Marcus Upshaw, and Dionisio Miranda to earn his claim at the middleweight title that currently resides around Sergio Martinez’s waist. Rubio. Yes, Marco Antonio Rubio. Over Gennady Golovkin, Peter Quillin, Felix Sturm, Daniel Geale, Martin fucking Murray. All these guys… not good enough. But Marco “The Monster” Antonio “The Wrecking Ball” Rubio is in line to hold the title. Why!? I don’t know, maybe because Chavez Jr can’t make middleweight and the WBC would prefer a Mexican champion and Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez would be far too suspect of a choice. The record of The Wrecking Ball’s last 5 opponents... 130-35-10. Our only hope here is that Spada wins. Why? It would be funny. Spada fights mostly out of Italy and would be a wrench in the WBC’s plans to get the belt around a Mexican’s waist. Spada isn’t bad. In fact, he shouldn’t be counted out here. His only losses come against Sebastian Zbik, Darren Barker, and Mahir Oral and that was a split. I’m done talking about this fight.
From Stadthalle, Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
TV: Boxnation (UK) ARD (Germany) Sport 2 (Hungary)

Juergen Braehmer 42(31)-2 vs Enzo Maccarinelli 38(30)-6

12 rounds
WBA world light heavyweight title
So last week after the Kovalev fight, this could have been a thought going through your head. (Maybe, I don’t know.)
Okay, so Kovalev has the WBO title… and Stevenson has the WBC… and Hopkins has the IBF… and Shumenov has the WBA... How does Braehmer have a title?
Shumenov was upgraded to SUPER world champion of the WBA after he faced Kovacs. Why? I don’t know. Usually you gotta unify titles for the WBA to upgrade you. Either way, something tells me that the winner of this fight is not going to be fighting Kovalev. I think it would be a great spectacle in Germany if Kovalev came in to fight Braehmer… on the other hand, maybe not. What if Kovalev gets a ton of money and decided to fight exclusively in Germany like the Klitschko’s and Felix Sturm… and Marco Huck and Yoan Pablo Hernandez and, okay I’ll stop. Nobody in America cares about them anyway. Alright, so Braehmer shouldn’t have too much trouble with Maccarinelli. Maccarinelli held a cruiserweight title at one point (really he was awarded it due to a retirement) and he was then found out to be a bit chinny by David Haye. And Ola Afolabi. And Denis Levedev. And Alexander Frenkel. And Ovill McKenzie. If you have real power, there’s a good chance you’re going to put Maccarinelli down. Braehmer hasn’t lost in 6 years and I don’t see any reason for him to start losing now.

Jack Culcay 16(10)-1 vs Salim Larbi 19(7)-4-2

12 rounds
light middleweight division


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