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cannery casino + las vegas gheEaSyXFW

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LBO_BOT: Cannery Casino loans gain on repayment expectations $BKLN (free)

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Cannery Casino Resorts Sells Meadows Racetrack: Was Saturation to Blame?

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Las Vegas, Nevada – An angry woman drives her motorhome into the Cannery casino after being kicked out

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LBO_BOT: Cannery Casino term debt higher in secondary on news of amended asset-sale deal with GLPI $

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Cannery Casino and Hotel Presents “King of Diamonds” in Honor of Neil Diamond’s 70 Birthday Jan. 22, 2011

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Fire near E Craig/Cannery?

Seeing a lot of black smoke coming from area near the Cannery casino. Anyone have the scoop?
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Las Vegas craps minimums 10/10-10/15

This is more of a craps report on table minimums on the strip, downtown, and some local casinos. As for my personal craps sessions, they were CRAP! I only played on $5 tables and I still couldn't win. Only good part about my sessions were that they lasted a good while and I got a lot of free drinks.
Starting on 10/10 at 9:30am. We arrived in LV at 7:30am. Couldn't check in till 3pm so we got some breakfast then did a casino hop.
Jerry's Nugget - First casino we went to so we could see if they did have $5 craps. SURPRISE!, craps tables don't open until 11am during the week. So we left.
The Cannery casino - The Cannery had 1, $5 craps table open. They also had bubble craps.
Main Street Station - They had a sign posted which said, "Table games start at 12pm". Not sure if that includes weekends.
Binions - 1, $10 craps table going.
The California - They had no table games going on Monday morning but they did have $3 bubble craps.
Golden Gate - 1, $15 craps table on Monday.
Golden Nugget - 2, $15 craps tables.
Four queens - 1, $10 craps table. They also had a sign that said, "Table games hours of operation are, Mon-Fri, 8am-4am" Saturday and Sunday, 24hrs.
Downtown Grand - 1, $5 table. I did play a little here, and lost $50. Good crew and nice casino.
On 10/11 we did our strip casino hop starting at 12pm.
Caesar's Palace - 3, $25 craps tables open.
Flamingo - They had $3 bubble craps, a $10 "shoot to win" table. And 1, craps table open with 1 guy playing at $500 minimum.
Cromwell - 1, $15 craps table.
Ballys - 1, $15 craps table and the stadium games setup. Not sure of those minimums.
Paris - 2, $15 tables. On a side note, I hate how Paris has their craps tables setup by themselves way in a corner away form the other table games. They also have the stadium games.
Planet Hollywood - 1, $15 table and bubble craps.
Tropicana - 1, $15 table
Cosmo - 2, $25 tables.
Ellis Island - went there Tuesday night. 1, $5 table and 1, $10 table. Had a 20 wait to find a spot at the $5 table. In for $100, out for $25.
10/12-10/13 we went to most of the same strip casinos and the prices were the same.
Mirage - had a couple $15 tables and 1, $25 tables during the day.
Treasure Island - They have craps tables but they're not open during the day. Instead they have one of those stadium craps game where each shooter goes up to shoot on stage and everyone else makes their bets at their machine. Same as "shoot to win" but on a much bigger scale. they have at least 10 maybe 12 machines to bet on the shooter. This had a $3 minimum.
The Wynn - had 3 $25 tables going during the day on Friday.
Palazzo - multiple $25 tables during the day on Saturday.
Venetian - multiple $25 tables during the day on Saturday.
Mandalay Bay - multiple $25 tables on Friday night.
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[USA-NV] [H] NZXT Aer Rgb 2 Fans [W] Local Cash

Hello there everyone! I have 2 brand new Nzxt Rgb Fans for sale. I have 1 140mm Fan and another 120mm Fan(two fans total). Both brand new in box. Comes with all cables.
I’m asking $25 for the 120mm, and $25 for the 140mm. If you buy both i can do $45. I will only be doing CASH and LOCAL ONLY. Local zip is 89081. We can meet up at the Cannery Casino Hotel.
Leave a message down below if your interested and i’ll dm you. Thanks!
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EDC PROTIP: Do not stay on the strip

I've been preaching to not stay on the strip for years. Year after year people make the same mistake. Sure its cool because its "Vegas", but in reality you sleep all day and have to put up with long traffic and shuttles. You are adding 4-5 hours of extra commute time just by staying on the strip. Get an Airbnb by the speedway or stay close by the speedway (Cannery Casino, Aliante, etc. )
We got home in 15 mins last night and left at 5:30am :)
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I’m back and I have an apology

I am sorry for lying on the water account. Potato I am sorry I tried to impersonate you to troll on a chat and I’m sorry about my racist things I said on the chat and I am sorry that I ever trolled I went overboard I was trying to have “fun” but I don’t know why I went overboard with it I regret the things I did to offend you guys so some more information about my parents...
So they are okay now and had a talk with me about it.
So when I was playing just dance with my sister I heard some yelling and was like “maybe it’s just daybreak because they watch that” but then I noticed the tv was paused and they were arguing for so long. We went to the cannery casino and my dad likes gambling not in a bad way but for some reason he bet 2000 I was with him and he lost it (we still have enough money but he wasted a lot that we could’ve used on bills. If you guys want more details I can tell you
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On This Date In California Weather History (September 11)

2017: Some deep tropical moisture associated with a fairly strong upper level shortwave pushed into central California on September 11th and produced a severe thunderstorm outbreak during the afternoon and evening. Numerous reports of downburst winds exceeding 60 mph were reported and the impacts form these thunderstorms included downed power lines, damage to roofs; and large objects being knocked over and damaged. Rainfall amounts were generally a quarter of an inch or less with a few locations in the Southern Sierra Nevada and Tehachapi Mountains receiving between a quarter inch and a half inch of rain. APRS station 5WSW Firebaugh reported a 59 mph wind gust from a thunderstorm. A dairy farm south of Hanford had several barns with extensive roof damage from thunderstorm winds.
8 telephone poles were downed on Jackson Ave. near 9th Ave. south of Hanford.
A tree fell onto a vehicle near the intersection of 13th Ave. and Houston Ave. near Hanford.
A microburst downed 30 powerlines in Mendota.
8 miles west of Caruthers a chicken barn was blown down by thunderstorm downburst outflow winds.
In Corcoran thunderstorm winds produced damage to a house and snapped several trees. Beams from a wood fence were snapped from from concrete support and shingles were blown off of a roof.
There were reports of nickel-sized hail in Corcoran. There were several trees down on northbound State Route 99 just south of the State Route 190 interchange.
Lightning struck a house near Hanford High School. A Weather Service forecaster providing onsite support at the Pier Fire reported penny sized hail at Pierpoint Springs.
2012: A stationary thunderstorm brought persistent, heavy rain to Mecca.
3"-5" of rain fell in just a couple hours (more than a year’s worth). Floodwaters damaged a school, a mobile home park and several orchards.
2012: On the afternoon of September 11, 2012 thunderstorms producing heavy rainfall moved across much of the Las Vegas Valley. Rainfall rates of a half-inch to nearly eight-tenths of an inch in 30 minutes resulted in significant and in some cases devastating flash flooding. A total of 1.18" of rain was measured by the automated weather station at McCarran International Airport. This set an all-time record for a calendar day for the month of September. Automated weather stations operated by the Clark County Regional Flood Control District as well as Mesonet weather stations, cooperative observers and spotter reports showed the heaviest rain fell in several areas. 1"-2" of rain fell in northern portions of Summerlin, NV, in and just south of downtown Las Vegas, NV, along Flamingo Road and Tropicana Avenue from near Interstate 15 to near Mojave Road and in southeast Henderson, NV. The highest total reported was 2.09" at an automated station operated by the Clark County Regional Flood Control District near Swenson Avenue and Flamingo Road by the Tropicana Wash. According to local media reports, at least 50 vehicle rescues took place throughout the Las Vegas Valley by Clark County Firefighters. 40 of these were swiftwater rescues. The largest number of rescues was 15 near the intersection of Sloan and Sahara with one rescue done by helicopter. Roadway flooding was extensive with several inches to several feet of flowing water reported on many roads especially in the central and eastern parts of the Las Vegas Valley. Interstate 215 was closed from Interstate 15 to Eastern Avenue after intense rainfall washed large amounts of mud and rocks onto the highway from nearby landscaping along the side of the road. This also resulted in the Airport Connector to McCarran International Airport being closed. The Charleston Underpass flooded for the first time since extensive construction work was done to mitigate this once flood-prone area back in the mid-2000s. The worst impacted area though was near the Desert Rose Golf Course. At least 45 homes were flooded mainly on and near Walton Heath Avenue. Most of these homes suffered extensive damage to their lowest level with many people loosing furniture and appliances. In some cases the force of floodwaters busted through concrete walls. Numerous vehicles in this area were flooded and some were floated 300 to 400 feet. Three dogs drowned to death that lived in one house. In addition, a worker at the Desert Rose Golf Course was swept away by the floodwaters from his tractor around 4:22 PM PDT on September 11th. His body was found dead two days later about two and a half miles away.

2011: Small hail was reported at Bodfish and Lake Isabella as was street flooding which was also reported in Kernville.
2011: Monsoonal thunderstorms brought flooding to Downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip. A rain gauge in Downtown Las Vegas recorded 0.98" of rain in about 20 minutes. Water ponded up over curbs of streets from Downtown Las Vegas to North Las Vegas. Several inches of water flooded the Circus Circus Adventuredome. The parking lot at the Cannery Casino in North Las Vegas was flooded.... with some cars partially underwater. A few inches of water also entered part of the casino and movie theater.
2008: The Cascadel Fire began on this date in the Sierra National Forest at 2000 PST. The cause was human, from target shooting. The location was 3 miles East-Northeast of North Fork in Madera County. It burned 280 acres and was contained on September 17 at 1700 PST. There were no fatalities or properties damaged. The cost to containment was $3,100,000.
2008: A thunderstorm produced strong outflow winds measured at 67 mph in La Quinta. Another thunderstorm produced golf ball sized hail in Ranchita.
2004: The Nehouse Fire 25 miles east of North Fork in Madera County burned 204 acres. Its cause was human in origin but no fatalities,injuries, or structures-lost occurred.
2004: Severe thunderstorms in Borrego Springs produced one inch hail that broke windows. Strong winds gusted to 60 mph before the anemometer was destroyed, and knocked down six power poles. Training thunderstorms over Johnson Valley produced severe flash flooding. Hwy. 247 was washed out in numerous sections. Minor damage to homes occurred and 12 vehicles were trapped. In La Quinta, 138 trees were knocked down at one golf course with damage to a building. More trees fell down at other golf courses. Roof tiles were blown off. Damage occurred to power poles and transformers.
2004: The China Fire began on this date 15 miles southwest of Lake Isabella in Kern County. This suspiciously-caused fire burned 314 acres but there were no fatalities, injuries, or structures-lost.
2001: On this date 19 hijackers seized 4 U.S. commercial jetliners on the East Coast and flew two aircraft into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City destroying them, one aircraft into the Pentagon Building near Washingon, DC, causing severe damage, and one was destined for another target in the Washington, DC, area (either the White House or the U.S. Capitol Building) but the passengers resisted and the hijackers crashed the plane near Shanksville, PA. In all, nearly 3,000 people were killed and civilian air traffic into, out of, and within the United States was grounded for days afterwards.
1998: Severe thunderstorms pounded the Las Vegas Valley and Lake Mead for a few hours producing golf ball size hail, a small tornado and widespread flash flooding. Large hail began falling shortly before 11 am PST and numerous hail reports came in for the next couple hours with some episodes causing damage to several automobiles. A small tornado tore the roof off a Henderson, NV, warehouse and destroyed a large block wall at a service station a short distance away. Heavy rain fell mainly on the east side of the metro area with amounts up to 1.85" in a two hour period. As a result flash flooding filled streets and washes and trapped several motorists although no serious injuries occurred. The heavy rain damaged about one acre of the 750 acre Sunrise Landfill and carried significant amounts of debris into the Las Vegas, NV, wash. The Clark County School District activated the "shelter-in-place" policy for school children at approximately 30 schools around the area. Children were not bused home until after flooding had subsided.
1990: It was 117° F in Borrego Springs, the highest temperature on record for September. This also occurred the previous day on 9.10.
1983: Half Moon Bay had a high of 94° F -- a record for the month.
1982: The morning low temperature at Reno, NV was a chilly 29° F.
1976: Record rains that started on 9.9 ended on 9.12 came from Tropical Storm Kathleen (called a 160+ year event by meteorologists). 14.76" fell on south slopes of Mt. San Gorgonio, 10.13" at Mt. Laguna, 8" at Mt. San Jacinto, 4"+ in the Little San Bernardino Mountains, and 1.8"-2.8" in the Coachella Valley. Deep Canyon (above La Quinta) recorded 2.96" in three hours on 9.10. Rainfall in the Santa Rosa Mountains above the Coachella Valley was called the a heaviest in recorded history. 6 were buried and killed in sand in Ocotillo. Floods of record were attained at numerous streams around the Coachella Valley. 1.84" of rain fell in Riverside on this day, 2.09" fell in Borrego Springs, 2.33" fell in Victorville, 2.57" fell in Idyllwild, and 5" fell in Palomar Mountain, each the greatest daily amounts on record for September. The Victorville amount is also the third highest daily amount on record. This occurred during the El Nino of 1976-77. Hurricane Kathleen also brought the southwest the highest sustained winds ever associated with an eastern Pacific tropical cyclone with sustained winds of 57 mph at Yuma on 9.10.
1976: The remains of Hurricane Kathleen move across Baja and into southern California near El Centro. With its circulation still intact, tropical storm force winds produce considerable damage in Yuma. Sustained winds exceed 50 mph, and gust as high as 76 mph in Yuma, AZ. One man is killed as a 75 foot palm tree crashes onto his mobile home. Severe flooding occurs in Mohave county.
1971: It was 100° F in Palomar Mountain, the highest temperature on record. This occurred on eight other occasions.
1960: North northwestward moving Hurricane Estelle dissipated west of the central Baja California coast from 9.9 to this day. On this day a thunderstorm hit the area east of Lucerne Valley. The resulting flash flood was four feet deep and washed out a section of road, stranding several vehicles east of Lucerne Valley.
1952: Chilliest morning in three day stretch from the 10th through 12th in Fresno; record lows were set each on morning and all still stand to this day. Low of 44° F on this date is the earliest 45° F or lower reading on record in Fresno.
1939: 4"of rain fell across the deserts and mountains as a dying tropical cyclone moved across Baja California into southwestern Arizona on this day and on 9.12. This was the second tropical cyclone to impact California during the busy month of September 1939. A strong El Nino contributed to the activity.
1939: The remnants from the second of three tropical cyclones to affect the southwestern U.S. in one month floods homes in Eldorado Canyon, roads in the California Wash near Glendale and washed out parts of Charleston Blvd. near Rancho Blvd. in Las Vegas, NV.
1888: Fresno set an all-time record high of 111° F for the month of September. This is also the latest in the season that Fresno has had a high temperature of 110° or better.
Source: NWS San Francisco/Monterey, Hanford, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, & San Diego
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Anyone stayed down the street from Speedway before?

We have always stayed on strip, but after last years terrible 4 hour shuttle ride with no AC, we decided to stay at the Cannery Casino about 3 miles from strip. There are a ton of smaller hotels and Casino's out there and there all booked so I am assuming people are staying there for EDC? Anyone stayed close by strip before, if so how long was the cacab ride, and did it save you anytime from shuttles? Are there cabs available 24 hours? Carpool? Uber? Can you walk?
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MidMeeple October 3rd 2015 and Meeplecon Las Vegas March 18-20th 2016

Meeplecon Las Vegas March 18-20th 2016 MidMeeple October 3rd 2015
MidMeeple is a one day event that will have open gaming, flea market, and vendors.
Meeplecon is the 3 day convention.
Price Before October 3rd- $30 Price After October 3rd- $45 Price After January 1st- 60$
Venue:East Side Cannery Casino They are offering special room rates with the discount code EMPLCON.
Basics: There will be tournaments, Learn To Play sessions, Open Gaming, A Game Library, Raffles, Guest Speakers, Dealers, Flea Market. No food or drinks allowed in the convention area
They are taking volunteers. If you volunteer to teach 9 games you get free registration, buffets tickets a T Shirt, and entry into the volunteer raffle.
I haven't been to this con. This is its second year so if anyone has been to it before and can give us some info about how it was that would be cool. I probably won't go because I am in California but I know some of my friends from L.A. are going to go.
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Have a leak in my sprinkler system. Can someone quote me what it'd cost for part/labor to fix it? Also, know someone who could? Pix included

So, my sprinkler system thing has been leaking.
On picture 1, it's an overview of my sprinkler system. It's hooked to a brass pipe, pvc pipe, and the sprinkler turn knobs.
Picture 2 shows where the leak is coming from in BLUE. In red is some shitty anti-water tape Lowe's said would stop the leak. They lied!
Picture 3 is a closer view of the leak.
Know how much it'd cost to fix? I think the seal is bad. On the connections of the pvc pipe is a blue-ish, glue like material that keeps the seal from water leaking out. I think this might have needed a bit more extra.
Also, know anyone who could fix it? I'm available Saturday afternoon after 3 pm and Sunday. I live in North Las Vegas, by the Cannery casino on Craig Road.
Picture 1 - Overview -
Picture 2 - Leak & Tape -
Picture 3 Close-up -
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Cannery Hotel & Casino Uber to / from Festival

Hi! My friends and I are a group of 15 and are staying at Cannery Hotel & Casino because it's a lot closer to the venue. I've heard that Ubering to / from the venue from this hotel isn't terrible, does anyone have any experience doing this? Thanks!
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Transportation to / from Cannery Hotel and Casino

Hi all! My friends and I will be staying at the Cannery Hotel and Casino instead of staying on the strip because it is a lot closer to the venue. This is many of our first EDC and the first for all of us staying at Cannery Hotel and Casino. We are currently trying to figure out the best way to get to / from EDC from Cannery Hotel and Casino. Is Uber feasible? Should we rent a car? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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TUFF-N-UFF and the UGGP on Sept 12th in Las Vegas at The Cannery Hotel and Casino, tickets 25.00, live stream 9.99 on the website.

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I am dying to write something that doesn't start with the letter C. The amount of words contained within C appears to vastly outnumber those of A and B. After awhile my eyes refuse to work properly. At some point the first letters of the words began to turn into simple runes, devoid of their original meaning, and the only legible part of the word to my eyes and mind are the remaining letters.
Part of this exercise is making me incredibly hungry. I'm reminded by something I read about chess players burning insane amounts of calories during tournaments, and I think, doing this is working my brain in a similar way.
It feels good to have an identifiable task at hand. There's no questions of what to do, how to do it, it's too simple for that, the answer isn't hidden, all that's required is the time and effort. I'm finding myself face to face with regret at starting this, and it's surprising how painful this has been. I'm not having fun but I am feeling like I'm accomplishing what I wanted, drastic self-change and an in-depth exploration of the words I'm always reaching out and rearranging into novel and unique patterns.
honestly im tired. Tomorrow, my groceries should arrive and I'm looking forward to that. I'm going to eat a lot. I got myself a container of "High whey" that I'm kind of looking forward to trying, I'm planning on busting out the blender and mixing it with some frozen fruitmix. I feel bad spending $25 on a single "food" item but I think there's enough calories in it to justify the price, I didn't do the math. If life was just about how many calories you could get out of a single dollar I'd be eating a lot of plain pasta. At the lowest level it's about not being hungry, right above that it's about enjoying what you're digesting.
and, it's always about money. I've been considering canceling my student loan payments, the extra $80 a month would help me a lot and, I don't feel bad about taking advantage of a billion dollar industry that profits off the aspirations and ignorance of each new generation of students. Bad credit? I have no credit.
Do your worst.
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OFFTOPIC - What do you do when you go to Vegas other than play craps?

Headed to Vegas at the end of the month. We have most of our trip planned out:
There will be lots of gambling of course and craps. We hope to play a lot of Pai Gow. I'm hoping to get to play some poker somewhere.
We are going to hike over by Red Rock and hit up Red Rock casino on the way back.
We have a helicopter ride planned for one evening (strip lights and grand canyon).
We will likely do an escape room or two.
I'm going to do the craps challenge at Casino Quest. I did it last year, but they lost some of the footage from a few of the weeks (NAS failure) so this one is free.
We will be going to M Resort for the first time. Going to Downtown Grand for the first time.
Hitting our usual spots: Jerry's Nugget, Cannery, Ellis Island.
Foodwise we don't have a lot planned. We have a bunch of RC from MGM so we will likely hit the Excalibur and MGM buffet's a few times. We also have a lot of food credit from D/GG/Circa, so we will hit up Saginaw's, 8 East and copious amounts of coney dogs.
Any ideas for any other things to do? I also suggested a minor league soccer game, there is a sloth at a zoo in Mesquite that my wife is interested in. Seeing the Mirage for the last time. Seeing Cosmo for the first time.
What do you when you go to Vegas?
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