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The home of pizza on reddit. An educational community devoted to the art of pizza making.

The best of the worst of /r/roomporn

This is a gathering place for all the butt-fugly rooms that make the front page of /roomporn. From lounge rooms that look like they belong in an airport, to gaudy gold and chrome numbers that look like they belong in a casino. There's all sorts of garbage that gets highly upvoted on roomporn, and you'll find it all here!

Jobs that pay in cryptocurrency


Apache Gold Casino Powwow 2020 Women's Fancy Dance Contest ~ Krazy Bear Trading Post

Apache Gold Casino Powwow 2020 Women's Fancy Dance Contest ~ Krazy Bear Trading Post submitted by Krazy-Bear to Powwows [link] [comments]

Apache Gold Casino RV Park

Apache Gold Casino RV Park submitted by Jason890 to EQUIPnTRIP [link] [comments]

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Globe, Globe

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Globe, Globe
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Globe, Globe https://holiday-inn-express-suites-globe.usa8.info Offering an outdoor pool, this hotel is located in Globe. Free WiFi access is available. Apache Gold Casino is 5 minutes’ drive from the hotel. A free breakfast is served to guests daily. 1890 East Ash Street, Globe, AZ 85501, United States of America
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Things to Do This Week in Phoenix (October 2 - October 8)

Week of: October 2 - October 8
This is a weekly thread of things going on in and around the Phoenix metro area. All types of events are welcome, including focused events for different interest groups, kid friendly, etc.
Please visit the UPDATED FAQ for Weekly Events
Comment with your event below and I'll add it to the list. Thanks!
Before you attend, please inquire to make sure the event is taking place.
Special Events this week:
Looking for the other things to do? Check out the FAQ for more suggestions
Feel free to add your own events below. Just list where in the Valley it happens, a cost if there is one, and who might find it interesting. Please also indicate if the event happens each week. People may be interested in trying something new but not know what is expected to get involved.
Please upvote people who share good/interesting events, even if it may not be something you will attend.
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Cricket food, world recession, Brazil, Apaches for Ukraine? & gold stable coin (German video)

Hello apes,
another update for the German speakers of you. Unnoticed by the mainstream, the EU issues a new regulation allowing the use of crickets in food. The World Bank, partly due to central bank tightening, sees a recession coming to the world. Small countries that depend on the Dollar would be particularly affected. Is the UK supplying Apache attack helicopters to Ukraine or not? Relevant articles have been withdrawn. Much points to a further escalation of the conflict, but there are also other voices, such as the US Chief of Staff Milley and ex Bundeswehr General Vad. In Brazil, censorship is being stepped up after Lula took power, and patriots are being persecuted. Also high on the new government's list of priorities is the addition of C19 vaccination to the regular vaccination calendar. Iran and Russia are considering the creation of a gold-backed crypto token for foreign trade. De-dollarization continues.
Hallo Gemeinde,
vom Mainstream unbeachtet, erläßt die EU eine neue Verordnung, die den Einsatz von Grillen in Lebensmitteln erlaubt. Die Weltbank sieht, auch durch die Straffung der Zentralbanken, eine Rezession auf die Welt zukommen. Besonders wären kleine Länder betroffen, die vom Dollar abhängen. Liefert das UK nun Apache Kampfhubschrauber an die Ukraine oder nicht? Entsprechende Artikel wurden zurückgezogen. Vieles deutet auf eine weitere Eskalation des Konfliktes hin, doch es gibt auch andere Stimmen, wie den US-Generalstabs-Chef Milley und ex Bundeswehr-General Vad. In Brasilien wird nach Machtübernahme durch Lula die Zensur verstärkt und Patrioten werden verfolgt. Ganz oben auf der Prioritätenliste der neuen Regierung steht auch die Hinzufügung der C19-Impfung zum regulären Impfkalender. Iran und Rußland erwägen die Schaffung eines mit Gold gedeckten Krypto-Tokens für den Außenhandel. Die De-Dollarisierung geht weiter.
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Coupón Apache del Sudeste ♨ BCGAMME3/COM ☆ Estrategia Togo Pachinko retransmisión del Casino Veneciano Pachinko

Patio de recreo del sudeste de Asia ▽ BCGAME3.COM ♭ Brunei Pachinko Comunidad del Sudeste de Mónaco [TeleJBOX7] Centro de juego del Sudeste de Asia Pachinko ♬ Método del Sudeste de Asia Paching del Sudeste de Asia [Total Kakao Katok Pachinko] [ 동남아ching del Sudeste de Asia de Asia de Asia][La sede de deportes] Dong-A Pachinko ●♡ Psyt Pachinko Transmisión de Pachinko en el sudeste de Nicaragua y el sudeste de Asia [Consulta la sede de Toto] Dong-A Pachinko en el sudeste de Tayikistán ♥ Pachingko Pachingko en el sudeste de Tayikistán [Compra total de armas de Corea] Paching Dongchingko en el sudeste de Asia. ☏ Paching en Elching en Elching en el Sudeste de Asia de Asia de AsiaTruns City Pachinko Holdamba [Consulta general del juego BCGAME] Me gusta la suscripción recomendada para la configuración de la notificación.
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Casino heist-Big con-gold

Need 2 people to help me get this heist done. Drop your PSNs if you're interested
submitted by King_Khan_82 to HeistTeams [link] [comments]

Need 3 for casino aggressive sewers entry (Gold)

Looking for 3 experienced players who know how to do the heist properly, One good hacker would be good as well, will give 15% each, 20% for the hacker, im level 292 so you don't have to worry about me and have done every single prep possible. Write down your ID and ill add
submitted by babiDaGOAT to HeistTeams [link] [comments]

Casino heist Gold Big con (hackers needed)

Please have experience GT is electriczity#896
submitted by ElectricZity896 to HeistTeams [link] [comments]

Anyone ever try Casino tequila (gold jaguar, machine gun, ship bottles etc)

I’m always amazed I see these at every liquor store, these giant gold jaguars, guns etc, and don’t know a single person that’s tried it. Is it awful? Mediocre? Passable? Better than Fortaleza? I think I know, but what’s the scoop here if you’ve tried it?
submitted by LikePinningSplates to tequila [link] [comments]

S&S Casino gold run, anyone?

submitted by dnylsn_ to HeistTeams [link] [comments]

Casino gold ready to go now 20% cut to anyone that knows how to do it

submitted by Klutzy-Classic8537 to HeistTeams [link] [comments]

Finally wine something good off the wheel in the casino. A shiny gold shirt.

Finally wine something good off the wheel in the casino. A shiny gold shirt. submitted by Redbullbundy to GTAV [link] [comments]

I have casino gold ready to go now if anyone fancies helping ?

submitted by Klutzy-Classic8537 to HeistTeams [link] [comments]

Looking for 2 kind individuals to run Casino Silent and Sneaky with gold (25% each)

GT is Goatdrew007
submitted by mercadess550owner to HeistTeams [link] [comments]

Casino heist (Gold) - big con (Need 2)

Comment your ID and ill add (Should have done this before)
Entry from Security Tunnel with Gruppe Sechs Gear outfit
submitted by babiDaGOAT to HeistTeams [link] [comments]

Need 3 for casino heist (Gold)

Comment your ID and ill add, will help with something of yours afterwards as well, maybe we will play on other days too, who knows, just need 3 experienced players to help me specially one who knows how to hack fast (15% each, 20% for the hacker) and I've done all the mandatory and optional tasks, will faster and easier.
submitted by babiDaGOAT to HeistTeams [link] [comments]

Diamond casino heist ( Hard Aggressive Gold )

Need a solid team of people willing to play together. Will launch heist around 6 pm est. At least two who can hack well and another to help gather loot. Cut will be 15% the first time, then we can do it again tomorrow around 12 noon est for an equal 50/50 cut. XBOX GT is ElectricZity#896. Let me know
submitted by ElectricZity896 to HeistTeams [link] [comments]

Spin Palace Casino: 70 Bonus Spins on Agent Jane Blonde Returns for $1 and 100 Bonus Spins on Fortunium Gold Mega Moolah for $5 (with 4 progressive jackpots to $2,000,000 ++) and 3rd to 5th deposit matches of 100% worth up to $400 $300 $300 (total of $1,000)

submitted by CanadianSpinner to CanadaCasinoBonuses [link] [comments]

Casino Lisboa / Mju / Gold 200

Casino Lisboa / Mju / Gold 200 submitted by bobamilktea74 to analog [link] [comments]

I got casino gold silent and sneaky to do b2b anyone ?

submitted by kweatherley03 to HeistTeams [link] [comments]

Diamond Casino Heist [GOLD]

Need help with the casino heist, I'll give 30%. GSG approach and noose exit disguise. all optional objectives done except duggan. I can go on discord but not ps4 party chat (mic doesn't work)
submitted by Baxton2003 to HeistTeams [link] [comments]

Apache является кроссплатформенным ПО, поддерживает операционные системы Linux, BSD, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, BeOS. Основными достоинствами Apache считаются надёжность и гибкость конфигурации. Apache OpenOffice® is the free and open productivity suite from the Apache Software Foundation. Apache OpenOffice features six personal productivity applications: a word processor (and its web-authoring component), spreadsheet, presentation graphics, drawing, equation editor, and database. Apache is one of the go-to web servers for website owners, developers, and even hosting providers, dominating the market share by 33% across all websites.. In Hostinger, for instance, our hosting infrastructure runs on Litespeed, another popular web server.This particular setup greatly improves the strengths of both servers, allowing us to serve optimum performance for our users. Apache 207 - Angst (Official Video)Angst jetzt auf allen Streamingplattformen! https://apache207.lnk.to/AngstAY2sad2disco - Kapitel I - IV Out Now2sad2disco The Apache HTTP Server is a free and open-source cross-platform web server software, released under the terms of Apache License 2.0. Apache is developed and maintained by an open community of developers under the auspices of the Apache Software Foundation. The vast majority of Apache HTTP Server instances run on a Linux distribution, but current versions also run on Microsoft Windows, OpenVMS, and a wide variety of Unix-like systems. Past versions also ran on NetWare, OS/2 and other operating sy

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