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November 14, 2022 Daily Sports Betting Thread

Let's make some money!
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Found on a sports betting app

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How much money have you won or loss this year on sports betting?

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Sports betting tax question

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Is it possible to make a living sports betting?

Not taking into account winning and losing, just make 75k+ a year and not getting your accounts shut down? How do the professionals do it?
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Feeling like shit after going into sports betting

I'm a university student that recently got my finances well in check as from this year onwards.I was able to cut down on unnecessary costs by following a lot of tips in this subreddit and other personal finance resources online.It felt really gratifying to see my level of expenses drop considerably compared to my peers.
However, as the title suggests, I was lured into Sports Interaction by the multitude of ads everywhere.After one week of betting on World Cup games, I was down $200 yesterday and felt obliged to recoup those losses at the very least. Gambling on sports events is nerve-wracking and is totally not worth the emotional and financial investment. I was already aware of this by the time I was down 200 yesterday. But my butthurt self didn't want to accept this, so I put another $200 on Detroit Red Wings winning against Buffalo Sabres to hopefully break-even and cash out as much money as I deposited, as if I had never started this foolish endeavour in the first place. The odds were around 2:1 so I would be even if Buffalo won that game.
Obviously, the fact that i'm writing this post means that they didn't.And now I feel like absolute crap being down $400. I feel like all my efforts I made to cut down on my expenses by being frugal as possible are down the drain; because adding up all expenses, i'm no more frugal than the person who constantly gets UberEats/HelloFresh, or the person who has all the subscription services known to man, or the person who always pays with debit instead of credit.
I know i'm probably taking this out of proportion but this just happened tonight so I just cannot stop thinking about it and i'm too ashamed to admit it and talk about it to any of my friends.
Anyone who went through a similar experience recently or back in the day, how did you move on emotionally from this?
Edit: Thanks for all the replies! After sleeping on it still stings a bit but looking at the $400 from a different perspective makes it easier to digest. I just deleted my account, never touching that shit ever again. I'll make sure to recoup those losses, not through gambling, but by getting a fucking job.
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Ohio Sports Betting Pre-Launch Megathread

Ohio Sports Betting and Sportsbook Sign Up Promos and Bonuses
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OH only. 21+. Know When To Stop Before You Start.® Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

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I will be done sports betting today. Thank you all for the picks it was fun while it lasted. Ain’t no way Dallas loses today with their starters playing for possible seeding and Washington with nothing to play for ruining my 6 game. Entertaining to say the least and laughable

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Sports Betting Discord Over 1k Members!

Come join our free sports betting discord with over 1k people who enjoy betting on all sport types. Our mission is to bleed the books. Free daily picks posted. Awesome opportunity for any sports fan!!! Come make money while watching your favorite teams win with us! https://discord.gg/vdBxKUuacr
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Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale just won $75 million making it the largest legal payout in sports betting history tonight as the Houston Astros win the World Series against the Phillies.

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Anybody else getting really annoyed at the constant barrage of sports betting advertisements?

I feel like it's every time I watch a YouTube video or get in my car and turn on the radio. Any kind of streaming on my TV will have it too! I swear there's another sports betting commercial at least 3-4 times per commercial break on the radio and they've been going at it for months! Even before it was officially legal, they're already trying to lure us into an addiction cycle. It's friggin annoying and even downright despicable. I get that you gotta advertise, but to this level??? Give it a rest and shut the hell up for Pete's sake!
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CMV: commercials for sports betting should be banned during sporting events

I’ve noticed over the past few years a worrying increase in the number of commercials for sites like FanDuel and Drafkings whenever I watch sports. These commercials always talk about free bets that people can get and always talk about how much you can “win”. A big part of my problem with this is that it glamorizes bets and uses “free” bets as a way to lure people in. Another problem I have is that a size able percent of people who watch sports are adolescents/teens. I think that these commercials glamorize sports betting and can lead people to becoming gambling addicts when they otherwise would have never would have started otherwise. To me these commercials are harmful in the same way that cigarette commercials were and they should be banned.
Edit 1: One of the reasons that I failed to mention in my original post is the ease of access that consumers have to these sites, they can see a commercial which glamorizes betting and makes it seem like they can which large sums of money from their home. I think this makes these ads especially harmful because a consumer can see the advertisement and then instantly sign up without ever leaving their couch. This is different than advertisements which glamorize things such as alcohol because there is a physical step that separates the consumer from the alcohol that does not separate the consumer from the gambling sites.
Edit 2: Regarding comparisons to alcohol commercials, I think the big difference with sports betting is that it can instantly be done from ones own home and banning commercials with alcohol would not reduce people’s exposure to alcohol. For example if someone sees a draft kings commercial advertising how they can win tens of thousands of dollars and how their first bets are free it is extremely easy to download the app and instantly start betting. With commercials for beer and other alcohol while you can order something on Instacart or DoorDash, it is not instantaneous and does not provide promises of potentially winning large sums of money. Additionally while more people may be addicted to alcohol, it is far more prevalent than gambling in society and banning alcohol ads would only marginally affect people’s exposure to it. For example many have bars and people will be drinking a whole bunch of different types of alcohol, I would argue that being in this sort of environment is much more likely to induce someone to drink rather than an advertisement for drinking. Additionally it is quite common for people to drink at family gatherings or during holidays. This same sort of atmosphere cannot be commonly found for sports betting except in casinos so I would argue that while alcohol addition may be more harmful, banning ads for alcohol would not have a large effect on the number of people exposed to drinking whereas banning betting ads would.
Edit 3: they shouldn’t be allowed at all not during sporting events only
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How the Sports Betting Industry Quietly Consumed America (2022) [00:23:04]

How the Sports Betting Industry Quietly Consumed America (2022) [00:23:04] submitted by lnfinity to Documentaries [link] [comments]

RANT Is anyone else out there that used to love online poker pissed Because they made it illegal because it was unskilled gambling, and now online sports betting seems to be Legal everywhere?

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State 'deeply disappointed with the very rocky start' of sports betting in Ohio

State 'deeply disappointed with the very rocky start' of sports betting in Ohio submitted by HauntingJackfruit to Ohio [link] [comments]

Is anyone else sick of the sports betting commercials?

I mean, my God, it is just being shoved down our throats like we're being force fed. It's making me sick at how often i am being reminded that sports betting is legal in Ohio.
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What is the best sports betting app? (Opinion based)

Looking to place some bets but I’m not sure where I should start? Draftkings? FanDuel? From experience what would be best recommended?
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Sports betting in Canada: Are we making a bad gamble? - The Fifth Estate

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'Society let him down,' grieving mother says in warning about sports betting ads

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January 21, 2023 Daily Sports Betting Thread

Let's make some money!
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How sports betting, nuclear bailouts and undercover FBI agents collided in Ohio’s historic public corruption scandal

How sports betting, nuclear bailouts and undercover FBI agents collided in Ohio’s historic public corruption scandal submitted by Busman123 to Ohio [link] [comments]

[HNIC] Three hockey stars contacted by CBC's The Fifth Estate as part of an investigation into sports betting in Canada refused to talk about their brands, despite deals reported to be worth several million dollars to do exactly that

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