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Dealt this at Rampart Casino in Vegas recently Lucky Me

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Person robs cage at Rampart Casino

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In for 600 out for 3100 at Rampart Casino

3rd shooter into the session must have thrown 40 times or more. Not sure. I did the squeeze play from Casino Quest so in 3 hits I had $64 across. I double-pressed the first hit on everything and did medium press from there. By the end, I had $200 on the 10 which hit a few times, 190 on the 6/8. I dunno. It was an incredible run.
I'm trying really hard to suppress the urge to go play again. lol. It was the kind of run I will probably never see again and my last 4 sessions I was up so I can feel Math and Probability breathing down my neck like Final Destination.
But I just really enjoy playing craps.
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Let's Slot at the Rampart Casino in Las Vegas!

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THE ALL NEW VOLCANIC ROCK FIRE JACKPOTS!!!! - New Las Vegas Rampart Casino Konami Slot Machine Bonus

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THE ALL NEW DRAGON'S LAW JACKPOTS!!!! - New Las Vegas Rampart Casino Konami Slot Machine Bonus

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Sunday Brunch from the Rampart Casino!!!

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Cis Woman Mistaken as Transgender Records Being Berated in Bathroom

A woman in Las Vegas says she remains shaken from her experience last week when another woman berated her in a public restroom for being transgender. The problem is that she’s not trans, and, as she puts it, regardless of whether she had been, the entire situation was plainly wrong.
In Las Vegas, Jay, a 24-year-old cis woman, was driving with her boyfriend on Thursday when she said she had to use the restroom.
Jay says the couple stopped at Rampart Casino after being out all day to fix a seat belt on their car.
Because she knew she would take longer, she gave her boyfriend some money to gamble while he waited and she went to the bathroom.
“As soon as I got in, I went straight to a stall,” Jay tells The Advocate. “About a minute or so in, I start to hear a woman being extremely aggressive. At first, I wasn’t hearing exactly what she was saying until I started hearing her say, ‘Trans, figure out your identity at home ... they better not come out of there. .. that’s not allowed ... that’s a boy, [and] they think this is [OK] because it’s being taught in schools.’”
As Jay had recently cut her hair extremely short, she realized the woman was referring to her.
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DPS Alert

DPS Alert Motorist Assist RAMPART BLVD / SUMEMRLIN PKWY; SB IFO RAMPART CASINO 08/30/2022 10:00:08 AM
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St Patrick's Pub Crawl 2015 - The List

Ok folks, every year I do a pub crawl for St Patrick's Day. We take the day off and start early in the morning and sample the food and atmosphere in as many Irish Restaurants and Pubs as we can until about 6pm when amateur hour begins. Then we sneak away while the crazies chug green beer and make poor decisions.
Here is the list I am starting from. Please let me know if I have missed any Irish spots (we typically do not include English, just Irish)
Name Approx Location Hours
McMullan's Trop next to Orlean's 24hr
JC’s Irish Sports Pub Inside Rampart Casino 11a-1a
Auld Dubliner Lake Las Vegas 12p-2a
Brendan's Inside The Orlean's 24hr
Hennessey's Downtown 24hr
Jack's Pub Inside Palace Station 9a-2a
Nine Fine Irishmen Inside NYNY 11a-3a
Ri Ra Inside Mandalay Bay 9a-4a
Sean Patrick's Ann Road 24hr
Sean Patrick's West Flamingo 24hr
Sean Patrick's Southern Highlands 24hr
Sean Patrick's Deer Springs NLV 24hr
Murphy's Law UNLV area CLOSED
Quinns Inside GVR CLOSED
Three Angry Wives West Charleston 24hr
O'Shea's The Link 24hr
McFadden's The Strip 11a-4a
Tilted Kilt The Strip 11a-3a
Corcoran's Inside McCarran Need plane tickets
Mulligan's Boulder Hwy 24hr
Wicked Vicky Inside the Riviera 8a-1a
What did I miss? Any of these closed or no longer Irish?
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Best Poker in Summerlin?

So I'm going to be staying down in Summerlin, NV next weekend at the JW Marriott/Rampart Casino. It doesn't look like they have any poker there, just wondering if you guys could point me to somewhere close by there that has some decent games. Thanks for the info.
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AMA - My Name is Ryan Cohen

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In for $612, out for $1050

In about 20 minutes. 3rd shooter (me, believe it or not). I hit 5 points. I was playing Triple Lux again and had $200 on the 5 before I hit the 7. Won all that money on my own roll.
I wish I'd played the ATS because I hit that too. The guy next to me got $350 from it and he'd bet the same for the dealers so they got $350 as well. All in all a really fun (if short) night.
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[USA-NM][H] Huge DMG Gameboy Variant Collection ~590 Cartridges [W] paypal

$14,000 OBO through paypal Willing to split up but must be substantial chunks that don't make it more difficult to sell the rest
I'm selling off my personal game collection. Pictures are of the exact games you will receive. I have established price from pricecharting but feel free to offer what you think is fair.
This is quite the huge collection that I have been piecing together for a few years. The main focus was to find as many label variants as I could to which I have a near complete set of what is currently known. Some variants are a little more obscure than others, so please feel free to ask about any of them. Many of these are incredibly difficult to find so this is surely a rare opportunity to find them all in one auction.
I have personally cleaned, tested, and authenticated all games to the best of my ability. All games are working while there are a handful that take a few tries to get going as expected. I have not replaced the internal batteries in the few games that have them, so assume this will still need to be done if desired.
There are around 505 USA region games, 1 empty USA box, 7 sealed limited run games, 15 manuals, 30 games from other regions, and 51 extra games that are in variable condition. I've also included over 500 clamshell cases that I've picked up. I estimate around 95% of the cases are authentic.
I've tried my best to describe everything but please see pictures to judge for yourself or ask if something needs more clarity
USA Region
1 4-In-1 Fun Pak
2 4-In-1 Fun Pak (USA-1)
3 4-in-1 Fun Pak Volume II
4 The Addams Family
5 Alleyway
6 NBA All-Star Challenge
7 NBA All-Star Challenge 2
8 The Addams Family Pugsley's Hunt (slight cart yellowing and took a few tries to get going)
9 Animaniacs
10 Animaniacs (USA-1)
11 Alien Vs. Predator
12 All-Star Baseball 99
13 Asteroids
14 Adventure Island
15 Adventure Island (USA-1)
16 Adventure Island II
17 Adventure Isnald II (USA-1)
18 Arcade Classic 1 Asteroids Missile Command
19 Arcade Classic 2 Centipede Millipede
20 Arcade Classic 3 Galaga Galaxian
21 Arcade Classic 4 Defender Joust
22 The Adventures of rocky and Bulwinkle and Friends
23 Altered Space
24 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
25 Arcade Classics Super Breakout Battlezone
26 The Amazing Spiderman
27 Aerostar (USA-1)(major label damage)
28 Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle
29 Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (USA-1)
30 Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2
31 Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 (USA-1)
32 Bonks Adventure
33 Bonks Adventure (USA-1)
34 Bonks Revenge
35 Bonks Revenge (USA-1)
36 Bubble Bobble
37 Bubble Bobble (USA-1)
38 Bubble Bobble Part 2
39 Bubble Bobble Part 2(USA-1)
40 Blades of Steel
41 Blades of Steel (USA-1)
42 Burger Time Deluxe
43 Burger Time Deluxe (USA-1)
44 Balloon Kid (2-line gameboy logo)
45 Balloon Kid (3-line gameboy logo)
46 Boxxle
47 Boomer's Adventure ASKIK World
48 Batman Return of the Joker
49 Batman the Video Game
50 Batman Forever (slight label whitening on side)
51 Brainbender
52 Black Bass Lure Fishing
53 The Blues Brothers
54 Baseball
55 Bust a Move 2
56 Bart Simpsons Escape from Camp Deadly
57 Best of the Best Championship Karate
58 Bases Loaded
59 Brain Drain
60 Battle Unit Zeoth
61 Bubsy II
62 Beavis and Butthead
63 Breakthru
64 Bo Jackson 2 Games in One
65 Barbie Game Girl
66 Bomberman GB
67 Boggle Plus
68 Battleship
69 Battletoads
70 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (Corrected)
71 Battle Arena Toshiden (USA-1)
72 The Chessmaster
73 The Chessmaster (USA-1)
74 The Castlevania Adventure
75 The Castlevania Adventure (USA-1)
76 Centipede
77 Centipede (Accolade)
78 Caesars Palace (slight label damage)
79 Caesars Palace (USA-1)
80 Chase HQ
81 Chase HQ (USA-1)
82 Casino Fun Pak
83 Casper
84 Championship Pool
85 College Slam (Label Whitening)
86 Captain America and the Avengers
87 Cliffhanger
88 Contra the Alien Wars
89 Catrap
90 Choplifter II
91 Castlevania Legends
92 Cool Spot
93 Cutthroat Island
94 Cosmotank
95 Donkey Kong
96 Donkey Kong (USA-1)
97 Donkey Kong Land (NFR)
98 Donkey Kong Land
99 Doneky Kong Land (USA-1)
100 Donkey kong Land (USA-2)
101 Donkey Kong Land 2 (NFR)
102 Donkey Kong Land 2
103 Donkey Kong Land 2 (USA-1)
104 Donkey Kong Land 2 (USA-2)
105 Donkey Kong Land 3
106 Disneys Aladdin
107 Disneys Aladdin (USA-1)
108 Dragons Lair
109 Dragons Lair (player logo variant)
110 Dragons Lair (USA-1)
111 Darkwing Duck
112 Darkwing Duck (USA-1)
113 Disneys Duck Tales
114 Disneys Duck Tales (DMT Error)
115 Double Dragon (2-line gameboy logo)
116 Double Dragon (3-line gameboy logo)
117 Double Dribble 5 on 5
118 Double Dribble 5 on 5 (USA-1)
119 Disneys Jungle Book
120 Disneys Jungle Book (USA-1)
121 Duck Tales 2
122 Duck Tales 2 (USA-1)
123 Daedalian Opus
124 Daedalian Opus (USA-1)
125 Disneys Little Mermaid
126 Disneys Little Mermaid (USA-1)
127 Dr. Mario (2-line gameboy logo)
128 Dr. Mario (3-line gameboy logo)
129 Dr. Mario (USA-1)
130 Dr. Mario (USA-2)
131 Disneys Hercules
132 Disneys Pinoccio
133 Disneys Hunch Back of Notre Dame
134 Disneys Pocahontas
135 Disneys Mulan
136 Desert Strike
137 Day of Thunder
138 Dr. Franken (yellowed case)
139 Dennis the Mennis
140 Dracula
141 Dexterity
142 Daffy Duck
143 Double Dragon 3
144 Double Dragon II
145 Dead Heat Scramble
146 Disneys toy Story
147 Dragon Heart
148 Elevator Action
149 Elevator Action (USA-1)
150 The Empire Strikes Back
151 The Empire Strikes Back (USA-1)
152 Elite Soccer
153 Extra Bases
154 Felix the Cat
155 Felix the Cat (USA-1)
156 Final Fantasy Adventure
157 Final Fantasy Adventure (USA-1)
158 Final Fantasy Legend II (USA-1)
159 Final Fantasy Legend III
160 Final Fantasy Legend III (USA-1)
161 Final Fantasy Legend
162 Final Fantasy Legend (USA-1)
163 The Fist of the North Star
164 The Fist of the North Star (USA-1)
165 F-1 Race
166 F-1 Race (USA-1)
167 Fastest Lap
168 Faceball
169 Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge
170 Fish Dude
171 F-15 Strike Eagle (chipped Case)
172 Fifa Soccer 96
173 The Flintstones King Rock Treasure Island
174 The Flintstones
175 The Flash
176 The Fidgetts
177 Foreman For Real
178 Frogger
179 Frank thomas Big Hurt
180 Fortified Zone
181 F1 Pole Position
182 Flipull
183 Godzilla
184 Godzilla (USA-1)
185 Golf
186 Golf (USA-1)
187 Go!Go! Tank
188 Go!Go! Tank (USA-1)
189 Ghostbusters II
190 Ghostbusters II (USA-1)
191 Gear Works
192 Goal!
193 Getaway
194 Great Greed
195 George Foremans KO Boxing
196 Game and Watch Gallery
197 Gargoyles
198 Game of Harmony
199 Gremlins 2
200 Home Alone
201 Home Alone (USA-1)
202 Heavyweight championship Boxing
203 Heavyweight championship Boxing (player logo variant)
204 Hudson Hawk
205 Hatris
206 Hook
207 The Humans
208 HAL Wrestling
209 Hyper Lode Runner
210 High Stakes Gambling
211 Home Alone 2
212 Heianky Alien
213 The Hunt For Red October (yellowed case)
214 In Your Face (yellowed case)
215 Info Genius Spanish Translator
216 Info Genius Spell Checker and Calculator
217 Ishido
218 Iron Man X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal
219 Jimmy Connors Tennis
220 Jeopardy Sports Edition
221 Jeopardy Teen Edition
222 Jordan vs. Bird One on One
223 Jack Nichlaus Golf
224 Jurassic Park
225 Judge Dredd
226 Jeep Jamboree Off Road Adventure
227 James Bond 007
228 James bond 007 (USA-1)
229 Jeopardy
230 Jeopardy (USA-1)
231 Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball (NFR)
232 Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball
233 Kirbys Dream Land
234 Kirbys Dream Land (USA-1)
235 Kirbys Dream Land 2
236 Kirbys Dream Land 2 (USA-1)
237 Kirbys Pinball Land
238 Kirbys Pinball Land (USA-1)
239 Kibrys Blockball (NFR)
240 Kid Dracula
241 Knights Quest
242 Killer Instinct
243 Klax
244 Kwirk (case is very chipped)
245 The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening
246 The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening (USA-1)
247 The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening (USA-2) (whitening on top of label)
248 The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening (USA-3) (whitening on top of label)
249 Lock n Chase
250 Lock n Chase (USA-1)
251 The Lion King
252 The Lion King (USA-1)
253 Looney Tunes
254 The Legend of the River King
255 Mega Man
256 Mega Man (USA-1)
257 Mega Man II
258 Mega Man II (USA-1)
259 Metroid II
260 Metroid II (USA-1)
261 Milons Secret Castle
262 Milons Secret Castle (USA-1)
263 Mr. Chins Gourmet Paradise
264 Mr. Chins Gourmet Paradise (USA-1)
265 Malibu Beach Volleyball (2-line gameboy logo)
266 Malibu Beach Volleyball (3-line gameboy logo)
267 Mickeys Dangerous Chase
268 Mickeys Dangerous Chase (USA-1)
269 Mickey Mouse Magic Wand
270 Mickeys Ultimate Challenge
271 Madden 97 (whitening on top of label)
272 Marble Madness
273 Mercenary Force
274 Micro Machines
275 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
276 Miner 2049
277 Mortal Kombat
278 Mortal Kombat II (whitening on top of label)
279 Mortal Kombat III
280 Mouse Trap Hotel
281 Monster Truck Wars
282 Marios Picross
283 Missle Command (chipped case yellowed)
284 Ms Pacman
285 Marus Misson
286 Madden 95
287 Madden 96
288 Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing
289 Mysterium
290 Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow
291 Mega Man III
292 Motorcross Maniacs (2-line gameboy logo)
293 Motorcross Maniacs (3-line gameboy logo)
294 Motorcross Maniacs (USA-1)
295 NFL Football (2-line gameboy logo)
296 NFL Football (3-line gameboy logo)
297 NBA Live 96
298 NHL Hockey 95
299 NFL Quaterback Club 96
300 NFL Quaterback Club II
301 The New Chessmaster
302 Ninja Boy
303 Nail n Scale
304 Nobunagas Ambition
305 NHL 96
306 Navy Seals
307 Nascar Fast Track
308 Nintendo World Cup
309 Nigel Mansells World Championship
310 Nemisis (dirty case)
311 Operation C (USA-1)
312 Olympic Summer Games
313 Poekmon Red
314 Pokemon Red (USA-1)
315 Poekmon Blue
316 Pokemon Blue (USA-1)
317 Poekmon Yellow
318 Pokemon Yellow (USA-1)
319 Panel Action Bingo
320 Pinball Dreams
321 Primal Rage
322 Pyramids of Ra
323 Pipe Dream
324 Play Action Football
325 Pac in Time
326 Pit Fighter
327 PGA European Tour
328 Paper Boy
329 Pinball Fantasies
330 Pac-man
331 PGA Tour 96
332 Paperboy 2
333 Prehistorik Man
334 Penguin Wars
335 Penguin Wars (USA-1)(label fading near top)
336 Popeye 2
337 The Pagemaster
338 Pinball Dreams
339 Power Mission
340 Quarth
341 Qbert
342 Quarterback Club
343 Q Billion
344 Q Billion (USA-1)
345 Qix
346 Radar Mission (2-line Gameboy Logo)
347 Radar Mission (3-line Gameboy Logo)
348 Robocop (R after Gameboy Logo)
349 Robocop (TM after Gameboy Logo)
350 Revenge of the Gator
351 Revenge of the Gator (USA-1)
352 Raging Fighter
353 Raging Fighter (USA-1)
354 Rescue of Princess Blobette
355 Rescue of Princess Blobette (USA-1)
356 Robin Hood Prince of Theives
357 Race Drivin
358 Race Days
359 The Rugrats Movie
360 The Real Ghostbusters (small label damage near center)
361 The Ren and Stimpy Show Veediots
362 Roger Clemens MVP Baseball
363 Riddick Bowie Boxing
364 Rampart
365 Street Racer
366 Superman
367 Spiderman Xmen
368 Spot
369 Skate or Die Bad n Rad
370 SeaQuest
371 Solitaire FunPak
372 Super Scrabble
373 Snoopys Magic Show
374 Sword of Hope
375 Shanghai
376 Sneaky Snakes
377 Speedy Gonzales
378 Spiderman 2
379 The Smurfs
380 Street Fighter 2 (USA-1)(faded label)
381 Super Breakout
382 Star Trek the Next Generation
383 Shaq Fu
384 Sumo Fighter
385 Samuri Showdown
386 Serpent
387 Super Chase HQ
388 Super Chase HQ (USA-1)
389 Side Pocket
390 Side Pocket (USA-1)
391 Space Invaders (USA-1)
392 Space Invaders (USA-2)
393 Ren and Stimpy Sapce Cadet Adventures
394 Square Deal
395 Super Mario Land
396 Super Mario Land (USA-1)
397 Super Mario Land (USA-2)
398 Super Mario Land 2
399 Super Mario Land 2 (USA-1)
400 Super Mario Land 2 (USA-2)
401 Sword of Hope II
402 The Simpsons Bart vs. The juggernaut
403 Super Battletank
404 Super Offroad
405 Star Trek 25th Anniversary
406 Soports Illustrated for Kids The Ultimate Triple Dare
407 Super RC Pro AM
408 Super RC Pro AM (USA-1)
409 Star Wars
410 Star Wars (USA-1)
411 Small Soilders
412 Soccer Mania
413 Swamp Thing
414 Super Return of the Jedi
415 Stargate
416 Sports Illustrated Championship Football and Baseball
417 Tumblepop
418 Tumblepop (USA-1)
419 Talespin
420 Talespin (USA-1)
421 Top Rank Tennis
422 True Lies
423 Tiny Toons Babs Big Break
424 Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtales III Radical Rescue (yellowed case)
425 Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtales Clash of the Foot Clan
426 Tasmanian Story
427 Turok
428 Trax (USA-1)
429 Track and Field
430 Track and field (USA-1)
431 Turrican
432 Turrican (USA-1)
433 Titus the Fox
434 Tom and Jerry
435 tom and Jerry (USA-1)
436 Tecmo Bowl
437 Tecmo Bowl (USA-1)
438 T2 the Arcade Game
439 Top Gun Guts and Glory
440 Tennis
441 Tennis (made in Japan variant)
442 Tennis (USA-1)
443 Tetris Attack
444 Tetris Attacl (NFR)
445 Tesserae
446 Tetris Plus
447 Tetris 2
448 Tertis 2 (USA-1)
449 Turn and Burn
450 Turn and Burn (USA-1)
451 Tetris Blast
452 Tetris
453 Tetris (made in Japan Variant)
454 Tetris (no dash error)
455 Tetris (USA-1)
456 Tetris (USA-2)
457 Tom and Jerry Frantic Antics
458 Tomagotchi
459 Tiny Toons Adventures Wacky Sports
460 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Back From The Sewers
461 Torpedo Range
462 Taz Mania 2
463 Track Meet
464 T2 Judgement Day
465 Urban Strike
466 Ultra Golf
467 Ultra Golf (USA-1)
468 Ultima Rise Of Virtue
469 Ultima Rise of Virtue 2
470 Vegas Stakes
471 WCW The main Event
472 WordZap
473 World Series Circuit
474 World Series Circuit (USA-1)
475 Wario Land II (NFR)
476 WWF King of the Ring
477 WWF Super Stars
478 WWF Super Stars 2
479 Wizards and Warriors Fortress of Fear
480 Winter Olympic Games
481 Waynes World
482 WWF War Zone
483 WWF Raw
484 Were Back a dinosaurs Story
485 Wave Race
486 Wave Race (USA-1)
487 World Bowling
488 World Bowling (USA-1)
489 Wario Land
490 Wario Land (USA-1)
491 Who Framed Roger Rabbit
492 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (USA-1)
493 Wario Blast
494 Wheel of Forturne
495 Wheel of Forturne (USA-1)
496 World Cup 98
497 Wordtris
498 Wild Snake
499 Yoshis Cookie
500 Yogi Bear Gold Rush
501 Yoshi
502 Yoshi (trasparent players choice logo)
503 Zen Intergalactic Ninja
504 Zoop
505 Zool
1 Balloon Kid Empty Box
2 Spankys Quest Limited Run
3 Amazing Penguin Limited Run
4 Metal Masters Limited Run
5 Tail Gator Limited Run
6 StarHawk Limited Run
7 Star Wars Limited Run
8 Star Wars Empire Strikes Baack Limited run
1 Robocop
2 Tecmo Bowl
3 Godzilla
4 GoGo Tank
5 Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
6 Panel Action Bingo
7 Daedalian Opus
8 Tetris
9 Stra Trek 25th Anniversary
10 Blades of Steel
11 Bonks Adventure
12 Turn and Burn
13 Track and Field
14 Adventure Island
15 Bill and Ted German
Other Regions
1 5 Games in 1 Game boy Gallery (UKV)
2 Bamse (SCN)
3 Baby T-Rex (FFG)
4 Bust A Move 3 DX (EUR)
5 Choplifter III
6 Dropzone (UKV)
7 Fire Fighter (UKV)
8 Glucksrad (NOE)
9 Golf Classic (EUR)
10 Hook (ITA)
11 The Jungle Book (EUR)
12 The Jungle Book (HOL)
13 Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja (UKV)
14 Le Temple DU Soleil (FAH)
15 Les Schtroumpfs Autour Du Monde (FAH)
16 Le Bossu (FAH-1)
17 Matthias Sammer Soccer (NOE)
18 Magnetic Soccer (NOE)
19 Max (UKV)
20 Tetris (JP)
21 Out to Lunch (UKV)
22 Pop n Twinbee (NOE)
23 Palamedes (NOE)
24 Reservoir Rat (EUR)
25 Soccer (UKV-1)
26 Splitz (UKV)
27 Winter Gold (EUR)
28 World Beach Volley Ball (FFG)
29 V-Rally (EUR)
30 Little Indian in a Big City (EUR)
1 4 in 1 Fun Pak
2 4 in 1 fun Pak Volume 2
3 Alleyway
4 All Star Challenge
5 Castlevania Adventures
6 Arcade Classic 3 Galaga Galaxian
7 Baseball
8 Bart Simpson Escape From Camp Deadly
9 Casper
10 Championship Pool
11 Caesars Palace
12 Donkey Kong Land 2
13 Desert Strike
14 Dexterity
15 Disneys Toy Story
16 Fifa Soccer 96
17 F-1 Race
18 F-1 Race
19 Golf
20 Game of Harmony
21 Heianky Alien
22 Ishido
23 Ken Griffey Jr Major League Baseball
24 Olympic Summer Games
25 Play Action Football
26 Pac-Man
27 Pac-Man
28 Qix
29 Q Billion
30 Super Mario Land
31 Super Mario Land 2
32 Super RC Pro AM
33 Super Scrabble
34 Star Trek The Next Generation
35 Side Pocket
36 Super Return of the Jedi
37 Soccer (UKV)
38 Super Mario Land
39 Super RC Pro AM
40 Tetris Plus
41 Tetris Plus
42 Tetris Plus
43 Tennis
44 Torpedo Range
45 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fall of the Foot Clan
46 Tiny Toons Adventure
47 Tetris Attack
48 Wild Snake
49 Wild Snake
50 Wave Race
51 WF War Zone
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[OC] West Los Angeles hypothetical public transit map

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Trip Report - 6 weeks in France

Hi all,
I am finally back home after completing the final leg in my 90 days in Europe - 6 incredible weeks in France. After landing in Sicily and traveling throughout Italy, I reached France and eventually made my way to Paris, where I flew home.
This post will be long - I visited a lot of places - I tried to keep to (what I felt was) the bare minimum. If you have any more questions or would like more details, please feel free to ask questions, ask for more information, correct me, criticize or elaborate - and of course to send me a DM and I'll be happy to help, now or many years ahead.
About me:
- 24 years old from Israel, traveling by myself.
- I'm traveling with a backpack (8kg) and a side pouch (2 kg)
- I'm physically fit but not an athlete
- I've learned basic French for about 3 months before departing (alongside Italian).
- I've a budget of about 140 euro per day, and managed to stick to it. I was quite spendy - you can certainly do a good 40-50 euro less a day in the summer, and even less in winter.
- I have prior traveling experience - my first big trip was 3 years ago, to New Zealand, Australia and Japan (4.5 months)
- I have not rented a car. I traveled between cities exclusively via train and bus - which is great, but requires some planning and booking. I utilized public transport extensively inside the cities - it takes some research but was easy and convenient.
My itinerary:
- Arrive in Chamonix via Mont Blanc (Aiguille de Midi) from Courmayeur (4 nights)
- Bus to Annecy, spend all day, train to Lyon.
- Lyon (5 nights in total) - visited Burgundy from Lyon as well
- Train to Nice (6 nights)
- Train to Marseille (6 nights)
- Train to Arles (3 nights)
- Train to Toulouse (4 nights)
- Train to Bordeaux (3 nights)
- Train to Tours (3 nights)
- Train to Bayeux (4 nights)
- Train to Paris (7 nights)
Total: 45 days
Overall: I visited France hoping to expand my horizons on art and culture, with great success. France is full to the brim with jaw dropping art museums and galleries, stunning churches, fascinating history and a wealth of ideals to explore. I fell in love with France and will return there, perhaps even this year.
Planning: Aside from the most famous attractions (mostly in Paris), you can get by without too much planning even in the summer - France has more tourists, but they're much more spread out. The weak link is booking seats on the fast trains, which often fill up days in advance - book those ahead (or travel some other way) and you're golden.
Food: French cuisine is wonderful, and eating out is a great experience, though not quick. Food is of high quality, from sandwiches to bakeries and sit-down restaurants. I did miss Italian coffee sorely. France's specialty is wines - which are divine everywhere, and inexpensive. And don't get me started on the cheese...
Crowds: France is crowded in the summer, but manageable outside the most famous places. Do note famous sites often require booking a ticket with a fixed entry time - particularly in and around Paris.
Language: I studied basic French for 3 months prior to departure. It was really hard for me, but I was extremely determined to speak it - every conversation I initiated was in French, and I stuck with French as far as I could. The French speak superb English, but value the effort in speaking French.
Transport: Public transport in France is efficient and reliable. You can use each region's transport app to buy tickets and plan your route while still on the train, dropping off ready to go. Strikes on the railway and surges of bookings are not uncommon - I recommend you book fast trains at least three to five days in advance, and more is better. Buses (Flixbus, BlaBlaBus) and ride shares are also common, albeit less convenient. If you use a Eurorail pass, sometimes the discounted tickets sell out for the fast train, but you can still buy a regular fare (using SNCF Connect).
Accommodation: I stayed almost exclusively in hostels in France and had a great time - the sole exception is Paris, where I stayed with friends of our family. Hostels vary from simple youth hostels to high-end hotels, but I had no bad experiences and prices were reasonable, especially for peak seasons. A lot of hostels in France do not have a kitchen for you to prepare your own meals - double check before booking.
French Culture: The French are, hands down, the kindest people I've met. Not one French person - travelers, service personnel, hosts and locals - was anything less than kind to me, ever. A hearty, genuine Bonjour will get you everywhere you need to go in France. Look your conversation partner in the eye, give a little smile, and they'll do their utmost to help. Everyone was very tolerant of my mistakes, appreciated my effort , and at times even complemented and encouraged me. While not essential, a little French will go a long way - not because you cannot be understood in English, but because it shows respect and effort which are meaningful in French culture.
In short: The French give respect and demand respect. Be nice and don't waste their time and you'll be treated with great kindness.
COVID-19: Not a thing anywhere in France by now.
Connectivity: Prepaid SIM cards are a pain to navigate, and often sold (and recharged) only at Tabac shops throughout France.
And now - the itinerary:
Chamonix: Chamonix was incredible - and crossing from the Aosta valley was a great highlight of my trip. I took various hikes (5-8 hours of hiking) around Chamonix, one each day.
Aiguille du Midi viewpoint, Mont Blanc
The Gran Balcon Sud, Chamonix Valley
Crossing towards the Aguilles du Midi, Mont Blanc
- Aiguille du Midi - Mont Blanc (arrival)
- Mer de Glace glacier (by train)
- Gran Balcon Nord hike (by cable car)
- Gran Balcon Sud hike (by cable car)
- Chamonix Animal Park
My routine was quite simple - go to the relevant cable car station in the morning, hike throughout the day and come down in the evening.
Wins: I planned a lot more time in the French Alps initially and felt I was missing out, but the Chamonix hikes were so so spectacular I can't see how it would have been better. Chamonix was pure joy (and great exercise!) for me. There's some camaraderie on the trails and views are breathtaking (literally).
Transport: To arrive in Chamonix, I crossed the border into France on the Skyway Monte Bianco in Courmayeur. This gets you to Punta Helbronner (the border), from which you can take another cable car to Mont Blanc's Aiguille du Midi.
From there you can take another, final cable car back to Chamonix (included in your second cable car ticket). It was very expensive (50 for the first and 80 for the second), but the view was world class and the experience was amazing. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Inside Chamonix, there are a few bus lines running every fifteen minutes or so around the city. They're simple to navigate and frequent but have no online presence - ask at your accomodation.
Cable cars to the hiking routes are pricey, but very convenient.
Annecy: I arrived in Annecy around 09:00 from Chamonix (via bus) and took a train to Lyon in the late afternoon. It was a perfect, tranquil day out.
Old Town Annecy
Annecy Lake
- Chateu d'Annecy (castle)
- Jardins de l'Europe (gardens)
- Palais de l'île museum
- Old Annecy
Annecy was about peacefully exploring the historic sites, having lunch in the garden near the lake and just existing nicely. You can also go for cruises or a swim on the lake, but otherwise there's not a great deal of things to do. One day was perfect for me.
Lyon: I budgeted way too much time for Lyon, which I feel could be done comfortably in 3-4 days. Lyon is, however, on the fast train line towards Burgundy, so I took two day trips there - one to Dijon and another to Beaunne - which were wonderful. Not the most efficient, but no big deal.
Honouring Paul Bocouse on the Fresque des Lyonnais
Wandering the Trabules, Lyon
- Basilique Notre dame
- Place des Jacobins (square)
- Parc des Hauters (park)
- Musee de Beaux Arts (Fine Arts museum)
- Paul Bocouse Halls (food market)
- Mur de Canuts (mural)
- Parc de la Tête d’or park + Botanical Gardens
- Free walking tour
- Dijon day trip
- Beaunne day trip
Dijon: Dijon was the seat of the Dukes of Burgundy, famous for (delicious) mustard.
- Palais des Ducs et des États de Bourgogne (Ducal Palace)
- Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon (Museum of Fine Arts, inside the Ducal Palace)
- Église Saint-Michel church
- Halles centrales et marché central (Dijon central market)
- Francois Rude museum (Musée Rude)
- Église Notre-Dame de Dijon church
Beaunne: Beaunne is the wine hub of the Burgundy region. It dominates everyday life there.
- Musée de l'Hôtel-Dieu - Hospices de Beaune (Beaunne medieval hospice)
- Basilique Notre-Dame basilica
Wins: I particularly liked the food (Lyon is a gastronomic powerhouse like no other), the amazing Fine Arts museum and the free walking tour. Lyon has a rich and turbulent history which is very evident throughout it - I strongly recommend the walking tour to experience it.
Misses: I budgeted too much time for Lyon - though going to Burgundy was great. Beaunne was strangely deserted when I visited, and I'm not sure why - but I just went on to Dijon for some more time there.
Transport: Use the TCL E-ticket app to get around Lyon. Transport is exceptional - I used it daily.
Nice: Nice was my base in the Côte d'Azur, from which I also ventured out to Monaco, Antibes and St-Paul-de-Vence. The key thing drawing me to the French Riviera was art - and I found plenty of it.
View from Castle Hill, Nice
- Place Masséna
- Promenade des Anglais (English Promenade)
- Colline du Château (Castle Hill)
- Musée Marc Chagall
- Musée de la Villa Masséna
- Musée de la Photographie Charles Nègre
- Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate de Nice
- Musée du Palais Lascaris
- Eglleise Gésu
- Marché Aux Fleurs Cours Saleya (flower market)
- Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain
- Egliese St. Nicolas
Antibes: Picasso and other artists liked Antibes for its 'white light'. It also has great beaches.
- Musée Picasso
- Bastion St Jaume
- Marché provençal
- Musée d'archéologie d'Antibes
- Le Fort Carré
St-Paul-de-Vence: Small medieval fortified village and a great hub of art - Marc Chagall is buried here.
- Fondation Maeght (art museum)
- Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs (chapel)
- Ramparts of Saint Paul de Vence
- Collégiale Saint Paul (churh)
- Musée Renoir (NOT in St-Paul, in Cagnes-sur-mer - on the way back to Nice)
Monaco: Sovereign city and playground of the rich. High end, luxurious and very expensive.
Overlooking Monaco
- Old Monaco
- Le Palais des Princes de Monaco (Prince of Monaco's Palace)
- Marche de la Condamaine
- Musée océanographique de Monaco (Monaco Oceanographic Museum)
- Cathedral St Nicolas
- La Collection Automobiles de S.A.S. le Prince de Monaco (Prince of Monaco's Car Collection)
- Monte Carlo Casino
Wins: I really enjoyed the Marc Chagall museum, the Modern Art Museum, and the Picasso Museum in Antibes. The Foundation Maeghet was stunning, and Renoir's home in Cagnes-Sur-Mer was charming. I also enjoyed Monaco a lot more than I thought I would.
Misses: There are some sites relatively close to Nice (the Verdun gorge for example) which were too much of a hassle for me to visit, though I'm sure they're great.
Transport: Oddly, Nice needs not one but three apps to set up ticketing via smartphone. Use the Lignes d'Azur mobile app, which will prompt you for the rest (you buy using a different app, Lignes d'Azur Tickets). Nice is quite small but well served by tram and bus - I had no trouble getting as far as St-Paul-de-Vence by bus and tram without issue.
Marseille: Marseille has a terrible reputation in France - I've even had a few locals tell me they refuse to go there because it's not safe. While definitely a bit sketchier (especially around the train station), I found Marseille to be wonderful, vibrant and safe. It was my main base in Provence and my point of departure for Avignon, Aix-en-Provence and Cassis.
Sunset view, Marseille
St Charles railway station, Marseille
The Friouls, near Marseille
- Old Port
- Centre de la Vieille Charité (museum)
- Notre dame de la Garde (cathedral)
- Mucem - Musée des civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée (museum)
- Cathédrale La Major
- Château d'If (island fort)
- Frioul Islands (Les Îles)
- Abbaye Saint-Victor (abbey)
- Jardin de Pharo garden
- Calanques cruise from the old port
- Cassis day trip
Aix-en-Provence: Beautiful, charming Provencal city and home of Paul Cezanne. Major art hub.
Old Aix-en-Provence
- Old town
- Musée Granet
- Hôtel de Caumont (art museum)
- Atelier de Cézanne (Paul Cezanne's workshop)
- Terrain des peintres (viewpoint)
Avignon: Former seat of the popes during the great fracture - impressive, fortified city surrounded by its ancient walls.
- Palais des Papes (Papal palace)
- Musée Du Petit Palais (art museum)
- Fort St André
- Le Pont Saint Benezet (Avignon bridge)
- Jardin des Doms
Wins: Marseille was absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed it immensely. In particular, the MuCEM (museum of Mediterranean Civilizations) and the Vielle Charite were particularly stunning. But my favourite were the Frioul Islands - a short ride away from the city (and often combined with the Chateau d'If), ferrys go there and forth as late as midnight - I arrived in the afternoon, swam in the calanques and watched the sunset.I also enjoyed Aix-en-Provence and my itinerary there around Cezanne's life.
Transport: Use the RTM Marseille app to get around and buy tickets. Marseille is very well served by bus, metro and ferries.
Arles: I visited Arles with my family a few years ago and had fond memories, and so decided to stay there without considering alternatives. Arles is a sweet little town and I enjoyed my time there very much, but it's easier to get everywhere in Provence from Nimes.
The Pont du Gard Roman Aquaduct Cycling in the Carmargue, near Sainte-maries-de-la-mer
The Carmargue
- Arènes d'Arles (Roman ampitheatre)
- Fondation Vincent van Gogh (art museum)
- Musée Reattu (art museum)
- Pont du Gard (massive Roman aquaduct) and Nimês day trip
- Carmargue day trip from Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer
Wins: Arles itself is very pleasant, as I remembered. Small streets, not too many people, and little summer attractions and performances in the evening. They had a gladiator fight in the arena which was really cool!. The arena, while not as well preserved as Nimes, was not as cluttered with construction and signage nor as busy, so I enjoyed it much more. I also ventured into the Carmargue by bike from Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, which was absolutely stunning and exceeded all my expectations. Flamingos, salt rivers and a completely alien landscape.
Misses: While I visited for half a day, I didn't really experience Nimês in full.I Would have loved more time there. Transport to Pont du Gard was a little clumsy, but doable.
Transport: Arles has no app as far as I could tell, but all buses are online and you can pay onboard (cash). Inside Arles they're hardly needed - the town is very small - but I used the bus to get to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer with no issues. Many long buses department from Avignon or Nimês. Both use the iLo Occitanie app - It's a little cluttered, but it works great.
Toulouse: I loved Touluse. The people are layed back, the city is beautiful, clean, inexpensive and has lots to do. Transport is exceptional and the weather is great. La Ville Rose does it all right by me.
Quay de la Daurade, Toulouse
Aeroscopia museum, Toulouse
View of the St Cecile Cathedral in Albi
- Couvent des Jacobins
- Capitole de Touluse
- Pont Neuf
- Basilique Saint Sermin
- Aeroscopia (Airbus aviation museum)
- Old Toulouse
- Musée Saint-Raymond (archeological museum)
- Japaneese gardens of Toulouse
- Jardin Pierre Goudouli
- Albi day trip
- Carcassone (medieval walled city) day trip
Albi: I had meant to visit the village of Cordes-sur-Ciel from Touluse, but deemed public transport too problematic last minute and went to Albi instead. I had no expectations and was pleasantly surprised - the cathedral is world-class (seriously - it's massive, and very different), the views are great and I really enjoyed the museum about Henri de Touluse Lautrec as well.
- St. Cecile Cathedral
- Musée Toulouse-Lautrec (inside the Berbie Palace)
- Old Albi
Carcassone: Very touristic but very impressive walled city, fully restored. Grand, fortified architecture, castle and ramparts.
The Narbonne Port, Carcassone
- La Cité Medieval
- Vieux Pont
- Château et Remparts de la Cité de Carcassonne
- Port Narbonaisse
- Porte de l'Aude
Wins: I particularly enjoyed the Convent des Jacobins and the Aeroscopia museum - Toulouse is an aviation and space powerhouse.
Transport: Transport in Toulouse is exceptional. I stayed very far from the center and could get everywhere in 20 minutes or less via metro, bus or tram. Use the Tisséo app to buy tickets - it's great.
Bordeaux: I came to Bordeaux for the famed wines (I do love wine) and to see the Dune of Pilat. I'd initially budgeted four days for Bordeaux, but ended up staying three in large part due to travel fatigue.
Dune of Pilat, Arcachon
Bacalan Food Market, Bordeaux
- La Cité du Vin (wine museum)
- Cathedrale St.Andre
- Musée Mer Marine (maritime museum)
- Musée du Vin et du Négoce de Bordeaux (wine museum)
- Les Halles de Bacalan (food market)
- Basilique St.Michel
- Dune du Pilat day trip
Wins: Sitting around in wine bars (pardon, *bar a vin*-s) for a plate of cheeses and wine is great fun. The city itself is also very pretty, built around the moon port of the Garrone, and the Dune of Pilat is absolutely mesmerising - it's just a massive soft sand dune out of nowhere, forest on one side and the ocean on the other. One of the most unique places I've seen.
Misses: The famed City of Wine museum was fairly disappointing for me. It was basically interacting with a bunch of screens, and it was extremely crowded. Most people seem to enjoy it, though. I also wanted to visit one of the vineyards, but they were all booked weeks in advance in the height of the summer. An extra day in Bordeaux would not have hurt, either.
Transport: Bordeaux has one app (TBM) to plan your itinerary and another (Witick) to buy tickets. Transport is good and everything works well.
Tours: I based myself in Tours to visit a small smattering of the Chateaux (castles) of the Loire Valley. While you could definitely fill more time in the Loire, I decided to keep things short and sweet and do not regret it.
Chateau d'Amboise
View from the Chateau de Blois
- Place Jean Jaures square
- Old Tours
- Fine Arts Museum
- Cathedrale St.Gathien
- Basilique St.Martin
- Château d'Amboise
- Château du Clos Lucé (also in Amboise, former home of Leonardo Da Vinci)
- Château d'Azay le Rideau
- Château Chenonceaux
- Château de Blois
Wins: I really struggled to pick which Châteaux I would like to visit, but I'm really happy with my picks. They were all different from each other and easy to reach, and I only had to deal with massive crowds in Chenonceaux. Runner ups were the famous Château de Chambord (which I have come to understand is more difficult to reach, crowded, and under renovation) and the Château Villandry (famed for its gardens - which were dry in the summer heatwave).
I also felt I saw just enough to avoid things getting repetitive but still experience it.
Misses: A little more time around the Loire, in particular to visit Vouvray and maybe Chinon, could have been nice. Some spots in Tours were also closed due to an exceptional heatwave, but there's not a lot I could have done there.
Transport: While transport seemed good inside Tours, I did not use it and preferred to walk - distances are quite small. Between the Chateaux I traveled by trains or SNCF buses.
Bayeux: Charming old Bayeux - one of the few places in Normandy to escape the bombings - was my hub in Normandy, with my primary draw being the D-day beaches and Mont-Saint-Michel. While I'm sure Normandy has much more to offer, that is all I had time to experience.
Utah Beach memorial
Omaha Beach memorial
Bayeux Cathedral, Bayeux
- Musée de la Tapisserie de Bayeux (The Bayeux Tapistery)
- Musée de la Bataille de Normandie (D-Day Museum)
- Cimetière militaire britannique de Bayeux (Commonwealth war cemetery)
- Omaha Beach
- Utah Beach
- Pointe du Huc (Site of German artilery bunker, assaulted on D-Day)
- Cimetière Américain de Normandie (American war cemetery)
- Cimetière militaire Allemand de La Cambe (German war cemetery)
- Le Mont-Saint-Michel day trip (famous island monastery)
- Caen day trip
Chateau de Caen, Caen
- Le Château de Caen
- Mémorial de Caen (D-Day Museum)
- Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen
- Musée de Normandie
- L'Abbaye-aux-Hommes (Abbey, resting place of William the Conquerer)
- Abbaye aux Dames de Caen
Wins: I went for a shared tour of the D-Day American sector and felt that was the best use of my time and money. We visited the German cemetery, Utah and Omaha beaches, the Pointe du Hoc and the American cemetery. I've see a lot and it was a unique experience - the cemeteries were one of the saddest things I've experienced. Bayeux itself is really fun to stay in, and I've also really enjoyed Caen - I went very very early and returned very late and enjoyed every minute there. The Château lights up spectacularly at night.
Misses: Normandy was tight in 4 days. I'd easily stay another two or three if I had the time. I do think I've seen the essentials, though. The Mont-Saint-Michel, while stunning, was jam packed. This was no surprise and I do not regret the visit, but do keep this in mind. D-Day museums also tend to get repetitive unless you're really passionate about the war (and I mean REALLY passionate - I'm very interested in the subject) - otherwise, my advice is to see one and that one is the Caen Memorial, which I found by far to be the best.
Transport: Bayeux is very small and easily walkable. To reach the beaches and the Mont-Saint-Michel I used private tours, which are abundant, of high quality and relatively inexpensive. I booked quite last minute (5 days in advance) in the height of summer and had no problems. Mont-Saint-Michel is reachable, but difficult with public transport from what I saw beforehand - a payed shuttle is also available. The beaches have some bus transport from Bayeux, but I can't attest to how frequent or convenient it is.
Paris: I spent an entire week in Paris which I enjoyed to the last minute (quite literally - I went from the Louvre to the airport). Paris is akin to a completely different universe, and felt unrelated to the rest of France. I did very little planning for Paris - I had my list of things I'd like to see, and picked what to do the next day in the evening prior. The exceptions are the Catacombs, the Château de Versailles and the Louvre, which required booking ahead.
Obligatory Eiffel picture
Montmarte, Paris
Place de la Concorde, Paris
Richellu wing of the Louvre, Paris
- Tour Eiffel
- Musée du Louvre (twice...)
- Musée Rodin
- Sainte-Chapelle church
- Conciergerie (former French Revolution era prison)
- Le Jardin du Luxembourg
- Musée Marmottan Monet
- Sacré-Cœur (basilica)
- Musée d'Orsay (THE art museum)
- Les Catacombes de Paris
- Palais Garnier (opera house)
- Château de Versailles day trip (tour from Versailles)
- Tour Montparnasse (skyscraper, lookout on Paris)
- Champs-Élysées
- Arc de Triomphe
- Musée de l'Orangerie (art museum, home to Monet's massive Water Lillies)
- Panthéon
- Musée de Montmartre
- Grande Arche de la Défense
- Musée des Égouts de Paris (Paris Sewer museum)
- Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris
Wins: Paris is spectacular - I enjoyed every moment there. I made it a point to avoid busy, touristic spots where I can (going on weird hours and avoiding tourist-oriented services) but the crowds are unavoidable in the heart of August. I really enjoyed wandering the art galleries and museums, sitting at cafes and boulangeries for a coffee and just taking it all in. All sites I visited in Paris are exceptional - bar none. In particular, d'Orsay museum may be my new favorite place on earth - I spent most of the day there! other highlights were the Louvre, the Orangerie (Monet's water lilies are divine), the Rodin museum, the Catacombs and the Montmarte and Marmottan-Monet museums.
Transport: Transport in Paris is great, but sometimes indirect - I had to switch metros every now and again and distances really are greater than they seem. Use the Ile-de-France Mobilite app to get where you need and buy tickets - it's great. Its itinerary is more accurate than Google maps - when in doubt, use it. Oddly, the app refused to use NFC on my phone, which meant I had to buy a Navigo pass in one of the metro service stations. From that point you can refill the pass on your phone and use it to pay. Do note that buying from the app gets you T+ tickets which are only good for inside Paris - for Versailles, you have to buy at the station at a different rate. A T+ ticket will let you board, but will not let you leave the gate at your destination - that was a very awkward conversation with the staff at Versailles...
Overall: Paris was really something else - I'm still wrapping my head around it. I've heard lots of bad things about it, but I disagree - if you disregard all the (honestly excessive) hype around the city and just take it at face value, you're bound to have a good time.
Hope this helps you, and please feel free to comment and message me if there's anything else I can add :)
EDIT: Added pictures!
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I did kind of a crazy-person thing to categorize episodes

Hey friends! I went ahead and moved this list to a Google document. It is much more accurate and far more updated now! And please feel free to contribute!

I’ve been listening to a lot of ridiculous Dollop episodes and have come up with a bunch of categories of certain ones! I’m sure that someone has come up with this type of thing before, but I figured that it was pretty comprehensive.
It’s apparently crucial that I list the episode numbers also, when I literally wrote the name of each episode (I get it now, Dave), so I spent an extra 30-45 minutes doing that and finishing it up around 10PM PT on Memorial Day. (Ugh.) Just FYI. Took me a while, hope it's decent!
Weird Pets:
Gareth's Gross Euphemisms for Ejaculation:
Jokes Referring to ‘HP’:
Daughters Named ‘Sister’:
Episodes With Pam:
Episodes Where Dave References a (Usually-Fictional) ‘Larry’:
Gareth’s ‘Extra Extra’ Riffs:
Drugs/Drug War: (.... that's loaded)
Terrible Explorers:
Some of My Very Specific Favorites:
Convergences with LPOTL (sorry):
Convergences with BtB:
Absolutely Incompetent Criminals:
Clueless ‘Jimmy’ Characters:
By State (starting in places I’ve lived):
Epic Tales/Adventures/Crimes:
Feel-Good Dollops:
Episodes With Our Friends, the Pinkertons:
Gareth’s Wife Left & He’s Looking for a Pal:
Presidents/Political “Heroes”:
Oppressed People Fight Back:
Don’t Trust the White People:
Actual Heroes:
People Being Up-In-Arms at New Technology/etc:
General Sportz n ‘ Recreation:
Specifically Baseball: ⚾️
Specifically Boxing: 🥊
Badasses Who Ran for President While in Prison:
and, finally, Similarly Terrifying Masks: (seriously, look at my Instagram post so you’ll know what I’m talking about:)
I know that there a ton more location-specific ones (specifically New York and Pennsylvania* and a ton in California — I’m just bad at it!)
I also want a breakdown of every episode where Dave refers to someone as Larry!
And I know that Gareth has been lookin’ for a pal in multiple episodes, so please help me out with that!
Soliciting all of your opinions and contributions! ♥️
*Mayor Frank Rizzo, anyone?
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What breakfast buffets in Las Vegas at casinos are still open, or have already opened again?

Looking for a place to go Sat. or Sun. for breakfast and many casinos still have their buffet permanently closed.
Also looking for one that's hopefully halfway reasonable. Just saw Rampart Hotel and Casino is open for champagne brunch on Sat. and Sun. but I'm not paying 29.99/person.
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