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SEC labels Amp a security; also, ducks quack, and they like to fly

Yesterday in a case related to insider trading at Coinbase (go figure), Amp token was described as a “security” by the SEC.
Naturally, though not necessarily understandably, this caused a stir; but quacking ducks sometimes draw attention too.
Let me explain.
Going back to 2018, ex-CFTC chair Gary Gensler, who was then Chairman of the Maryland Financial Consumer Protection Commission, inferred Bitcoin and its forks, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. were commodities, while Ethereum and its ICO ilk were securities. This was 2018. In the following year, a little project called Flexa raised well over $10 million selling 12 billion tokens called Flexacoins in private sales to accredited investors, etc. Flexacoin, an Ethereum based token, was at the time an unregistered security claiming 506(b) of Regulation D exemption status (for small, early stage entities) with the SEC.
Fast forward to today, and last month Gensler, now SEC chair, again reiterated that Bitcoin is not a security but a commodity. And yesterday, along with 8 other tokens, Amp, an Eth-based token and Flexacoin’s successor, was described as a security.
A quick primer on what is a security.
Securities are financial instruments, specifically, contracts, such as equities, debts, etc. that meet the following four criteria:
The criteria used to determine the definition of a security stem from a 1946 Supreme Court case called SEC v. W.J. Howey Co. Today timid investors/uptight regulators refer to the guideline as the “Howey test.” (The term “security” originally dates to the 15th century and signifies “securing”/assuring a financial transaction; it does not differ much from the conventional term meaning “safety” and/or “freedom from danger, fear, or anxiety.” Though some, cough degen traders, would quickly beg to differ. I kid, in essence it is a guarantee of financial ownership and all its trappings, allowing for transferability.)
So ducks are ducks. And ducks, besides quacking as ducks do, like to fly.
Nevermind Coinbase’s hot mess. Or Gemini’s. Or the hot mess that is any for profit casino moonlighting as a dignified centralized exchange singularly focused on making it rain for that matter.
What matters is Amp’s real utility, which is directly collateralizing value transfers resulting explicitly — in Flexa’s particular case — from consumer demand, which just so happens to be the single biggest factor driving the largest economy in the world; consumer spending makes up nearly 75% of US GDP. Now that’s what I call a use case.
How does Amp’s status as a security change the dynamic for current as well as future investors? Well, for current investors, as explained above, nothing changes per se. From day one, Flexa and its token component have been nothing but compliant. The regulating authorities are now simply catching up to what we as savvy (can’t speak for the more degen members of our family; but you are no less loved!) investors always already new. So while some labels might change — or more accurately, simply get put in print — the fundamentals are the same. Which leads me to my last point regarding future investors.
Remember how ducks like to fly? If you saw a duck, but weren’t fully sure it was a duck, would you make a bet with your friend that the questionable duck could fly? Probably not, unless you were a true degen. Now let’s say a biologist with a PhD in duck studies (ornithology?) confirmed that the questionable duck was in fact a duck. Will you now comfortably, perhaps eagerly make the bet with your friend that the duck can fly? Yes.
The main takeaway for the SEC’s pretty thorough description (16 paragraphs, if I recall correctly) of Amp as a security is the following: gargantuan, dignified entities of the bespectacled variety will now feel 100% more comfortable dipping their toes in the crypto pool, so long as that pool is called Amp (won’t comment on the 8 other cryptos for no reason other than the fact that this is an Amp sub). I repeat, more clarity from regulating authorities such as the SEC, CFTC, and any other relevant organization, regardless of conclusion, is welcome and bullish. Because despite the great strides crypto has made since the early teens, there is still a significant majority of investors, both massive and small in size, waiting prudently on the sidelines for just the kind of clarity the SEC delivered yesterday (no matter how circuitously).
Amp is officially a security according to the SEC? Well the only entities disapproving of the news are criminals; whereas all entities rejoicing are of the kind I like to call BASED (read: large + legitimate).
But wait, there’s more! This being a pampening post, albeit in the dog days of summer, several tangential notes:
A little explainer on the oft misused term “utility token.” A lot in the crypto space have been flinging around this convenient term without really understanding its meaning. A utility token is any asset that enables the owner to do something outside of what a security enables (trading, voting, etc.). So, critically, Amp is not merely a representation of equity in the Flexa project, nor is it a utility token in some generic sense because it simply helps Flexa network run, but it is a utility specifically because its bespoke smart contract capabilities (partitioning, etc.) built for and thus allowing collateralization of value transfer such as consumer spending enables owners to literally secure and essentially form a novel pure digital payment rail in a seamless (instant, cost free) way. This is an important distinction to understand. People must pay for electricity and natural gas to use the Internet and heat their homes. So they are utilities, not securities, because of their unique usefulness as forms of energy, without which the Internet would fail and people would freeze. Money itself would not power the Internet or warm a house. Likewise, one can give Flexa all the cash (or bitcoin) in the world, but without Amp/its unique smart contracts, there can be no novel (instant, secure, low cost, scalable) pay rail. Hence Amp explicitly and inherently has usefulness beyond simply “securitizing” (à la tradable financial instrument) Flexa’s or any other participating entity’s endeavors.
Which brings me to my next note. In 2018, the SEC, under Jay Clayton, actually opined that Ether and similar assets are not securities. Specifically, while their original ICOs may have been security offerings, the resulting progressing development and changing nature of the utility of such projects and their respective coins/tokens caused an evolution from security to something else. This contradicts Gensler’s current positioning on the issue — or rather, Gensler is disagreeing with the SEC’s prior opinion. The point is that crypto is still extremely new and hard to define. Some contain characteristics of commodities, some securities, and some hybrid if not something else entirely. Yesterday Amp was labeled a security. Flexacoin was already labeled a security (via exemption filing) in 2018. Yet, there is still an argument to be made that Amp possesses qualities that make it very different from any traditional security currently in existence. For instance, no publicly traded share possesses built in smart contracts, thereby granting the owner full, autonomous ownership of a decentralized collateralization protocol that is not exclusively utilized by and affiliated with any one company but potentially literally an infinite number of companies, if not sole individuals. And the smart contracts themselves via Amp ownership are inherently useful, meaning they do not explicitly exist for profit’s sake (nor even explicitly exist to help a company do business for profit’s sake) — they simply collateralize value transfer, nothing more and nothing less. And so owning the smart contracts via Amp ownership does not directly infer expectation of profit — just the expectation of collateralizing value transfer. And while the term “smart contract” contains the word “contract” in it, which is arguably what a security is, a share of Amazon constitutes a contract of ownership in the company, whereas an Amp token does not constitute a contract of ownership in Flexa or any other Amp related entity, but instead constitutes literal ownership of the Amp token’s smart contracts themselves, which as previously described enable something useful (other than trading/voting rights corresponding to stock in a company), which is seamless, decentralized collateralization of value transfer. So to own Amp tokens is to own the literal infrastructure of Flexa, not Flexa as a company. Whereas owning Amazon shares entitles one to owning a portion of Amazon the company, but not Amazon’s literal infrastructure itself. (An Amp owner can unstake Amp from Flexa and use it anywhere else, including at a Flexa competitor; whereas an owner of Amazon shares cannot take some portion of Amazon infrastructure, like a truck, and use it at FedEx.) In other words, if Amp is truly a security, it sure is a special one. Maybe super? Like a super security. Or maybe drop the outdated “security” moniker and call it something new, to better represent its innovative, original qualities which are, surprise, new.
So it seems despite all the pomp and circumstance, the almighty SEC may currently be stumped by a classic case of semantics. And laziness.
Ok, last (and probably most pertinent [to some of you]) note. What happens if Amp is truly, officially labeled a security, meaning not tangentially via some insider trading case but formally via regulation? What happens to the investors, the dealers, and drum roll, the token price, if not existence? Before I discuss, please reread the long paragraph preceding this one to understand the real ambiguity regarding Amp’s status. When it was released in 2020, it almost certainly did not pass the Howey test (in fact, it seems to fail 3/4 requirements). Nonetheless, let’s just pretend it gets officially regulated and enforced as a security by authorized entities. Firstly, American exchanges will be in trouble. Due to the scale and optics of crypto in 2022 (pre 2018 would be a completely different story, meaning jail time), think lawsuits and fines, and potentially insolvencies (not solely due to Amp but assuming many others also get formally regulated as securities). Nothing more. Fortunately (Amp team seemed to have played it wise) Amp is not limited to the US. Moreso, Amp is not limited to merely centralized dealers but is active with many decentralized entities too. So secondly, Amp will survive. But what of its price. Price is fully dependent on liquidity, but that beast bites both ways. Meaning, there could be an initial drop in liquidity, as US is far and away the largest market, but significant price moves including to the upside as a result of low liquidity conditions could easily happen. Regardless, this period would be temporary as the new safe label of “security” would entice sidelined bluechip whales to enter once exchanges adapt to regulation. Liquidity will thus return in a big — actually much bigger — way and it’s off to the races once again. All this to say, current investors/holders throughout this process (which, again, may not necessarily occur for Amp) will deal with nothing new, save for some extra paperwork/accounting and a temporary period of custodial rearrangement for US based participants. Ultimately, business as usual. Par for the course. Liquidity fluctuations, price speculation, followed by an incremental realization of a promise of paradigm shifting giga utility? Been there, done that. We’re all Groundhog Day veterans here. HODL — FUD — and HODL.
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Fri Jun 3 00:25:06 2022

NYSE:GME / 380
Hah, only thing you missed was me spending $27k on GME puts.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 04:10:23 2022 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
Made mad gains on GME and now my wife's boyfriend won't leave me alone 😤
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 00:42:38 2022 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
AMC and GME rallying do not make sense in this market either! 🤷🏽‍♂️
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 20:57:15 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Stock market is a popularity contest. You want as many people buying what you own as possible. Did you miss GME and AMC last year?
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 22:03:10 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
I mean, they fined the instigator of the GME short squeeze (for different reasons than pump and dump) and appear to be breathing down the neck of their mods, who now frequently delete anything that smacks of an attempt to coordinate a short squeeze. It’s hard to round up and penalize a gaggle of random redditors, but they definitely drew some ire.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 21:59:39 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Corny, definitely bullish on GME long term.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 03:27:43 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
I’m 100% diversified in GME, he’s right tho, they will still be losing money, on current track they have around 9 years of capital behind them. They are already pivoting. It’s a fucking big week for game and I’m very excited for these next two months in regards to stock performance.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 06:06:28 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
This is going to be an amazing post to look back on when GME moons
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 21:48:39 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
GME isn’t a play at all anymore. It was only a short squeeze play and that already occurred. Can we let it die already.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 12:35:20 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Please show me a good reason why GME won’t go up. I mean actual evidence as opposed to name calling them cultists. I see new management leaving successful companies to work there, over $1 billion in cash, no debt, new fulfillment centers, they’re in the midst of a digital transformation, and an upcoming stock split. What should the stock price be? Can you compare that number to a company in a similar situation?
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 13:27:17 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
The point is you posted "squeeze gains" from GameStop 4 months ago... THROUGH ROBINHOOD.... As well as you post on GME meltdown which is just too obvious
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 11:44:30 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
This is exactly what all big investors want because THEY DIDN’T GET IN AT THE BOTTOM Investors want a stock to drop so they can buy in. GME holders already have what we want, an early entry, so we’re happy letting it fly and continue holding. They keep shorting it, over and over again, chipping away at the price little by little until they’re eventually forced to cover and make up for the fraudulent shares. GME play is far from over dude
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 12:58:39 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Yeah GME is definitely the next Amazon lol.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 21:19:54 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
I don’t know if the data has changed but my understanding was that retail traders can’t really sway the markets much. Obviously it did with GME but that was millions of people making a coordinated effort on one stock, the market as a whole I think we have much less of an effect on.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 14:05:01 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Ignore it if you want, everything the GME people have been claiming is coming in June. Share split dividend, GameStop wallet just released, NFT marketplace release, multiple copyrights/trademarks going through recently (GMErica, GME Entertainment). If we really have been right, this June and July is going to be as spicy as it gets.
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 15:51:12 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
OP asked, "what are you fellas bullish on?" Literally answering his direct question as to what we believe is going to be a good investment. So, what the heck are you actually trying to say? Also, idc if he buys or you buy. It makes no difference if you do. You aren't going to make the stock run with your $5k or whatever someone might put in. You act like educating people on something when they ask you is suddenly a bad thing? Why, because its GME? If I recommended a different stock (which again, is what OP asked for) would you have even bothered to comment? GTFOH with your "gme is irrelevant to OP" talk. Go buy something Cramer recommends lol you won't get scammed that way
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 16:22:30 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
"Because you invest in GME, your opinion doesn't matter and you can not talk in stock forums" -You
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 16:40:32 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
You sound a lot like Dave lauer, someone else who used to work for market makers and has been very involved with the GME “apes”. He too didn’t want to believe that there are market makers taking on such one sided risk. That they would play this smart and get out of such a position before it became impossible, but he does not see the evidence to support that claim. All he sees is evidence that there is in fact an idiosyncratic system risk that has been taken on by several very large institutions. He recently did a petition “We the investors” which is a piece calling for more transparency into the market makers practices as eliminate bullshit like the “expert market”. Let’s not forget that when reg SHO was made it forgave all existing fail to delivers because forcing them to settle would have imposed the market. Right, let’s also not forget that the Dodd-frank act literally does not apply to deguarenteed foreign swaps dealers. This is why there was a pivot in 2011 away from the use of guartenteed to deguarenteed swaps dealers. They can use CDOs, and they don’t have to register with or file with the SEC. They are the perfect place to offload baskets upon baskets of toxic derivatives through total return swaps. Unless of course it’s a total coincidence that the last few peaks of gamestops price lines up with the quarterly roll over of said swaps. These baskets of toxic derivatives are also why stocks like AMC, GME, and Bed bath and beyond all move together as they are all in the same basket. In terms of blockchain, there is a hypothesis that GameStop is making their own stock market and depository with a spin off company. GameStop has already stated in their 10K filings that should the DTCC fail to do their job in any manner then GameStop will WITHDRAW their shares and reissue them in the name of the investors and place them in a different depository. Be a shame if the shares were minted as NFTs and bullshit like “rehypothecation” became impossible. I need only wait for you to see what I’m saying is true. The stock split dividend is coming soon, and I’d hate to someone whose on the short end.
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 23:29:34 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
> You sound a lot like Dave lauer, someone else who used to work for market makers and has been very involved with the GME “apes”. He too didn’t want to believe that there are market makers taking on such one sided risk. That they would play this smart and get out of such a position before it became impossible, but he does not see the evidence to support that claim. All he sees is evidence that there is in fact an idiosyncratic system risk that has been taken on by several very large institutions. > He recently did a petition “We the investors” which is a piece calling for more transparency into the market makers practices as eliminate bullshit like the “expert market”. Don’t know the guy, but regarding market makers taking risks on GME, i don’t know what others did, but I can at least speak for my own firm. We weren’t involved much in it since some parameters were off that made our models not fit and the trading system ignored it, we did have some position in it pre-craziness but it was a very small amount and got closed early, I don’t even know if it turned out to be a loss or a win, but I heard it was a rounding error. But it did create a fuckton of work for everyone. Without getting too much into our IP, In our models, we have some variables that get calculated from things like market cap, volume, and some other things to determine how much money needs to flow into an equity to move it. By that I mean, it takes a lot of money being interested in Apple to make the thing move 2%, rather than a penny stock. An unexpected 50mil buy spread out over a month is not gonna move Apple much, but it’ll moon a penny stock. GME made us realize it takes a lot less money than we thought to move a stock a certain amount. It was a fascinating find. What it tells you that a lot of people were buying and selling within themselves(this always happens with all stocks, but this was unusually higher) and they also were eager to pay a lot for it, even as it kept going up. It was a combo never seen before and it invalidated a lot of our assumptions and therefore our models. It’s fixed now, so we’re ready for similar events this time around. > Let’s not forget that when reg SHO was made it forgave all existing fail to delivers because forcing them to settle would have imposed the market. Like when it went into effect it forgave all existing fails? Reg sho came along in 2005, and I was a teenager beeting off to limewire porn back then, so…eh… no comment here > Right, let’s also not forget that the Dodd-frank act literally does not apply to deguarenteed foreign swaps dealers. This is why there was a pivot in 2011 away from the use of guartenteed to deguarenteed swaps dealers. They can use CDOs, and they don’t have to register with or file with the SEC. They are the perfect place to offload baskets upon baskets of toxic derivatives through total return swaps. > Unless of course it’s a total coincidence that the last few peaks of gamestops price lines up with the quarterly roll over of said swaps. These baskets of toxic derivatives are also why stocks like AMC, GME, and Bed bath and beyond all move together as they are all in the same basket. I’m not sure what you’re getting at, CDOs are fixed income asset backed. GME and co. are securities, you can’t do CDOs of those, you can make total return swaps of baskets of securities though, but as a US based entity, you’re still subject to Dodd Frank. For securities based swaps, the important rules are: using central clearing, reporting, uncleared swap margin rules, using designated exchanges, speculative limits. These regulations are transient, or as we call them, they directly regulate the US entity and indirectly regulate the foreign entity. That means since the US entity is required to do something, the foreign one indirectly has to as well. For example, since the US entity is required to use a specific exchange, then by default the foreign one on a trade has to as well. Same with the rest of the rules. So what are you saying is happening? Are you saying they have all these meme stocks that are toxic assets for funds(they’re too many shares short?) and they’re hedging their positions using total return swaps with foreign entities? If so, swaps are a lot like insurance, you can’t buy an insurance on a house that’s already burnt down and win. Swaps are independent of the securities too, as in they reference securities, not contain them, so buying and selling them doesn’t exactly take the underlying securities off your books. You might be mixing swaps with CDOs. CDOs involve packaging and selling the package. Swaps are just pointing at the price of a security or index and saying “if it goes up/down, you pay me, otherwise I pay you”. A basket swap just means the swap return is tied to the moves of a group of securities(could be of varying weight). They’ll remain in your books though if you already have them. Now you could argue that buying swaps could mean the counter party buys or sell short the securities to hedge, but that’s always the opposite direction you want it to go(I.e. if you’re short, buying swaps that protects the upside(pays when stock goes up) means the other side is gonna buy more shares to hedge, and vice versa). As to why those securities are moving together, for one they’re tightly correlated as are all meme stock. It’s a pattern as old as the market. I’d be surprised if they weren’t correlated. Also lots of things happen quarterly in this world. It’s not really evidence of anything. It could be something as simple as “apes” expecting it to go up and buying right before quarter end. It could be something else. > In terms of blockchain, there is a hypothesis that GameStop is making their own stock market and depository with a spin off company. GameStop has already stated in their 10K filings that should the DTCC fail to do their job in any manner then GameStop will WITHDRAW their shares and reissue them in the name of the investors and place them in a different depository. Be a shame if the shares were minted as NFTs and bullshit like “rehypothecation” became impossible. I seriously doubt that’ll happen. I mean it could, but I doubt it. The amount of headaches and work just taking their stock off the market, let alone starting a new market, just makes me shiver. Running a fair market is a tremendously difficult task and you’ll need an army of engineers and lawyers. They’ll need to double or triple their workforce. I’ll have the popcorn handy if it does happen. Also, > GameStop has already stated in their 10K filings that should the DTCC fail to do their job in any manner then GameStop will WITHDRAW their shares Did they actually say that? Seems legally…unwise. I can’t find it anywhere. > The stock split dividend is coming soon, and I’d hate to someone whose on the short end. Why would a split do anything? Especially to shorts
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 02:06:30 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
And so what man? I know all this and know even worse market mechanics, you know about entropy and variance swaps they have on GME that make them a ton of money each time GME runs when they're forced to cover FTD exposure from ETFs, or their quarterly futures roll over. First statement, go buy level 2 data. You'll see the order book, you're not getting the worst deal, you're getting the deal that had actual liquidity available. If you're going to buy 100k GME shares your kinda deserve to get the worst deal if you just use a market order and not a limit order. Second, yeah that's they're job. They're legal requirement as a market maker to make liquidity. And in cases other than GameStop it benefits investors. Prevents aggressive pullbacks from panic selling etc. Third, ETF abuse is a problem but some investor long on SPX wouldn't be affected by it because well hedge funds and instructions want SPX to go up and it will. And SPX is so liquid there's no point doing it. Plus if SPX goed to zero they will only double their money. Suicidal play to do long term. It doesn't affect long term investors. Also you realise Games price action is controlled by Delta hedging of options. And the reason we went down today is because there's a large put position. Not a direct short attack? 4, other than this being a borderline conspiracy. The brokers best interest is usually the markets best interest and therefore a long term diversified investors best interest. You'll need to provide evidence of brokers all collaborating and manipulating votes significantly. Payment for order flow? Doesnt affect the economy, and the long term investors in it. Only affects margin swing traders, and requires a significant amount of resources to abuse. They lend out stuff using your position as a hedge but don't actually lend out your position directly. What about the fact that BlackRock and other companies lend out huge amount of shares or make available. Those are theirs and not retail. The swap position still can be accessed by the SEC, yeah it sucks retail can't see it, but it also prevents institutions fighting each other and retail getting caught in-between. Again this doesn't affect a classical long term investors either. So again, how does this affect a investor that buys SPX, VT, VUG or VTI. Or even better how does this affect retail that follow the hedgefunds agenda and go long on what they go long on.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 00:41:18 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Great post OP. Really appreciated. Sorry for all the GME zombies who don’t understand your post and need to attack anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their “to the moon” chants. Also appreciate a stock post with no emoji’s.
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 13:32:43 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
God I hope GME tanks….
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 23:48:54 2022 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
& he still doubled down about not handing back all the overdraft fees they pocketed during the thick of the pandemic. Criminal. Salty too about his fucking bonus not being granted. ​ Anyway, i've been holding. Buying when I can. DRSing my shares too. of GME, that is. You guys are the smartest in the room, & should do the same. :)
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 00:06:24 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
That GME investment he made is about to come bite him in the ass
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 02:45:32 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
No way. You are going to put all your money in GME and NFTs and you are going to like it.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 16:58:39 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I want to buy jpegs of GME stock
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 22:58:42 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Some commentators have asked how short interest can get as high as it did in GameStop. Short interest can exceed 100%—as it did with GME—when the same shares are lent multiple times by successive purchasers. If someone purchases a stock from a short seller and subsequently lends the stock out again, it will appear as if the stock was sold short twice for the purpose of the short interest calculation.75 Short interest ratios tend to be quite low; for large non-financial stocks, they are often less than 2.5% whereas for small non-financial stocks they still tend to be less than 13%. Few stocks, if any, have short interest greater than 50% on a given date.76 Until recently, short interest of more than 90% was observed only a few times—in 2007 and 2008. When examining short interest as a percent of shares outstanding, GME is the only stock that staff observed as having short interest of more than shares outstanding in January 2021.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 17:12:40 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Did I say that? Nope. But the company is doing really interesting things that align with my investing style. In short: i like the stock. At these prices I continue to find it very attractive. There's no denying that it was integral to past events that have, among many other things, shown that the current market structure is deeply flawed, to which Dimon has large stakes in keeping that way. So for two reasons, 1. I continue to believe that GME as a base case is deeply undervalued. Will this be borne out? We shall see if they can pull off a transition. They may not! But it seems that they have put together a team that has as good a chance as any to pull it off. Is this MOASS? No, this is just deep value, such as Graham's Cigar Butts. In the current environment these should be cheap to snap up if that's your style of investing. 2. when a stock is shorted over 100 percent, theoretically the statistical max it can go is infinity. Will this happen? Probably not due to various reasonable factors. However, the chance of being beneficial to the upside of even a small event rises when one has stakes in that potential. The chance is small but it's more than zero. In conclusion, (and i know plenty of folks don't agree and that's fine) i believe Dimon has contributed to a weakening of market structure and from what I've seen with GME at this point is that they have been working on a better and more long term way of managing markets ALONG with their core business, which is moving in a direction i find appealing. That's great, and for a small but statistically real chance at a forced buy in that's two things i like for the price of one! Don't get me started on popcorn though........ For what it's worth, i NEVER mentioned millions OR moass here..... I just noted owning the deed to my own property, which is something that would go a long way in preventing the type of market fragility that folks like Dimon and most of the remaining large banks have been contributing to
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 17:46:54 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
GME will report its earnings later this afternoon. What's the endgame for GME? They want to move to the digital space. AFAIK, Steam, GOG and Epic Game store are already pretty well established for the PC market. The Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo digital markets are proprietary and not open to competition. So can GME make money by selling digital games?
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 20:21:25 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Amazing how quiet this place becomes when it's flat lol. All the bulls and bears are all ready to "see I told you so". Regardless, who is excited for earnings today? Looking foward to HPE, PSTG, GME, S, CHWY, AI, MDB, PATH, NTAP
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 18:36:45 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
One person I was talking to was saying that the fragmentation of digital sales markets was annoying and that GME would create one marketplace where you can get all your games, thereby winning over customers. (
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 20:32:24 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Maybe I guess we'll see. I see you vehemently defending this stock and have ur name associated with GME like investing over the last few weeks. We'll see but it's nice to have some bearish perspective even on ur highest conviction picks.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 02:11:25 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Good thing GME is inscrutable.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 13:16:48 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
GME hasn't mooned. Lots of blood to come
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 21:05:23 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
But for sure shorting GME Wednesday night is free money right?
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 19:25:27 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Idk man my GME @34$ still looking pretty good. Maybe you are bag holding but not all of us are.
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 12:50:37 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
But the dying brand is saved and due to meme culture, the brand is freely promoted all over. All they have to do is allow consumers to easily buy online and advertise how to and they'll make good profits. But even if they won't make profits GME will be the ''meme stock'' for a while, so whenever there's a bullmarket again, apes will be ready to buy, regardless of how overvalued it is on a fundamental analysis, meaning that if people keep shorting it or increase it, some kind of short squeeze, or at least short bleeding will happen again.
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 14:20:55 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
This doesn't happen, people got too much GME brain.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 22:29:01 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
GME didn't go bankrupt lol, you had the complete wrong interpretation
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 00:56:04 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Amazon and Bain and SHF partners have been systematically short attacking Overstock - 10 year court case and digital token dividen and Overstock escaped that Sears GME BBBY Newegg Wish and many other ecommerce companies A good example is Wish. Wish got $10 billion acquisition offers from Amazon and Alibaba They refused and IPO'ed Since then, they have been relentlessly short attacked ***************** Also, you are changing what I said 1) I did not say GME was hemorrhaging share price due to short attacks. I said SHF buddies have been short attacking it relentlessly This is not a matter of speculation. There is a SEC report showing GME had 111% short interest And if you look at all the biggest short attackers, they all have ties with Amazon and/or have Amazon as one of their largest share holdings **************************************** GME is not a dying, unprofitable video game pawn shop It is the largest brick and mortar video game retailer, and the only one We have already seen Amazon target similar companies (Toys R Us) and do acquisitions in the gaming space (Twitch, etc) It's not some great jump to imagine it wanting all those retail locations and the Gamestop brand
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 21:37:40 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Sell your entire portfolio and YOLO everything into shares of GME and AMC!!! Make sure to DRS your shares using IBKR and HODL until the MOASS happens and GME goes to $10,000 and AMC goes to $1,000!!!
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 19:18:16 2022 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I have no code of ethics. I will short anything, anywhere. MSFT, GME, AMD, doesn't matter. I just love shortin’.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 13:18:23 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Those GME tards are just getting sad now. Get help.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 12:04:36 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Lost Zovcka (0/1) made a bet that GME would go to 666.0 when it was 123.0116 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 13:49:02 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Lost Badintended (0/1) made a bet that GME would go to 269.42 when it was 122.22 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 13:23:35 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Lost GuerillaGandhi (0/1) made a bet that GME would go to 85850.248 when it was 123.49 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 13:38:15 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
GME 150 soon or what....
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 13:48:42 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Lost differ99 (0/1) made a bet that GME would go to 98.672 when it was 123.34 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 13:35:15 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Some ape on Twitter just said GME doesn’t need to beat earnings because that creates a taxable event
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 13:51:32 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
“A message to the SEC” Wow, you guys are so fucking cringe. And littered with awards. definitely not bots and GME shills infiltrating the sub.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 11:34:55 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Me: Every time I touch GME my money catches on fire. Maybe I'll try puts this time. GME: Loses a bunch of money. Stock: Flat. My money just got torched again
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 10:49:21 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Lost RosettenGerd (0/1) made a bet that GME would go to 206.5011 when it was 122.19 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 13:05:53 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Lost Kappaengo (1/3) made a bet that GME would go to 42069.0 when it was 122.05 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 13:06:06 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
#Ban Bet Lost waterfucker_ (0/1) made a bet that GME would go to 220.0 when it was 122.03 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 13:06:23 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Doing gay stuff this month is part of the gay pride celebration right gays? Ok I’ll buy GME 200 calls at open then. What are your gay plays?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 13:22:02 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 00:03:02 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Actually scratch that GME strangle seems like a no brainer
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 13:40:45 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Idek where to get in at on GME. IV is so high
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 10:50:56 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Who's going in on GME calls?
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 06:15:35 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
GME puts?
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 21:25:02 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
shorts always dump GME in AH to scare off the apes, then next week RC/GME will probably have a lot of announcements to bring up way back past the previous price!
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 03:27:00 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
lol. you think no ER will stop people from losing money here??? people will just bet on 0dt spy up or down or GME yolo...whatever they can afford
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 23:32:27 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I would never play options with GME during earnings. IV is too high and everyone loses during earnings.
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon May 30 19:40:38 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
People who understand how market cap works. I'm a GME bull but it's no different than buying a fractional share right now. Now, issuing shares as a dividend so synthetics need to go buy real shares, that's another thing. And unlike shares, you can't buy/sell fractional options contracts. So this will up retail's involvement in options.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue May 31 14:11:04 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Sure... max two 401ks, fill up the kiddos 529 plans, buy some ibonds and GME stonk, nice big mortgage, $1k/monthcfor a tahoe and voila. Paycheck to paycheck. It's not the same paycheck to paycheck as someone wondering how to pay their electric bill every month. Lol.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 12:01:02 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
He should go pledge to WSB that he'll eat his own shit if GME doesn't moon tomorrow, and then find out how flexible the mods are on pledging terminology.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 07:44:59 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I agree except idk where you got two stocks from. There's only one GME.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 02:48:53 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Look y’all. I get your mad. But realize that the SEC knows J Powell is about to pull the rug on the whole show. They can’t tell you to pull your money out. This video is the closest the SEC can get to saying if you’re retail, you should run bitch!! Now, GME is 4D chess - and might be the only cat left standing - but I think they’re trying to help most people out who might be doing YOLO in YOLO or something. Recession is coming. Rate hikes are coming. QT is coming. Shake ya ass, but watch yourself.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 02:08:37 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
There was nothing wrong with the video. Stop crying because your AMC GME gamble hasn’t made you millions yet.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 01:12:40 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Imagine getting upset and writing out a whole page of text because someone suggested doing a little research rather than just buying whatever fad stock is trending on reddit. Shove that GME rocket up your ass you clown.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 01:20:05 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
TL;DR just bought more GME FDs
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 12:21:08 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
You convinced me to buy the shitty game resale stock. GME to the moon!
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 09:52:51 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Buy GME, be the movement
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 12:06:50 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
That's it SEC, the gloves are off, the wallet is open, we are about to pump GME until every hedge fund with a short goes bankrupt.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 03:41:48 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I'm going to DRS so many more GME shares now
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 02:07:43 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I’m basically going heavy ITM calls on AMC expiring 6/10 and GME 7/1 calls .. not sure the strike yet, most likely $135-150 Bullish on meme stocks. They showed their hand.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 01:16:02 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
This is true for most people right now. GME is out performing the market. Yet they have the gall to put this video out. Disgraceful
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 08:55:47 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Boomers that were finally thinking about FOMOing in now that GME is out performing the market.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 08:58:26 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
SEC literally defined GME as a meme stock in their report last year. This is directly targeting GME and market manipulation
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 09:07:33 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I made a few thousand percent on GME calls a few weeks ago and I took my money out of the market. So I’m outpacing S&P 500 for the year and will continue to out pace by watching it all unfold.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Jun 1 23:14:27 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
There was absolutely nothing wrong with the video. OP is just salty because he's probably underwater on his oh so precious GME shares. His bio literally says "Perpetually exhausted without huge gains."
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 03:59:48 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
GME is more researched by retail investors than any other stock. Period.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Jun 2 09:08:26 2022 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
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Why i think we are late to the crypto party!

First of all this is just a personal opinion trying to think different from the regular perspective on crypto.

Alright, so crypto space is around 10 years old maybe abit more, with a marketcap of around 2, 2.5 Trillion dollars on average. As we all know since mostly last year more and more people joined crypto space becoming pretty much mainstream as of now! If i ask 10 friends about crypto 9/10 heard about it or invested already.
Let's have a look at the coins/tokens we have, mainly let's have a look at, fundamentals & price of BTC, ETH and ALTS.
BTC is the oldest one in the books, the "king" as most people call it, a store of value similar to Gold. Yet being so, Bitcoin in it's core is rarely used as a payment method, it is outdated, and people invest in it just because it is the "bluechip" of crypto. Their money safehaven. As of now BTC is around 700 billion dollars market cap. From this price realistically speaking a 2x is possible, maybe 3x if you stretch it. WHY? ... just because we are not in 2013 anymore when its marketcap was low and it needed just a few couple of millions to pump its price 10x, let alone it's outdated functions. And please STOP believing those 500, 1 mil price predictions. You are just getting fooled by the whales to throw in more money and to create them the opportunity to sell and take what you invested. I still remember 100k price prediction for last years EOY. For 1 mil price to happen it would mean 18 Trillion dollars for BTC alone, even 100K needs around 2T. That to me is hardly achieveable since the whole crypto market is at 1.7T as of now with a peak of 3T when BTC was 69k.
ETH the queen of crypto, high gas fees blockchain network, getting more hate by each day passing from people. It sits around 300 billion dollars marketcap as we speak. I see this one doing a 3-4x at best since it's strongly corellated to BTC movement. Again let alone all the downsides of this network, we are looking at a token that needs huge money inflow to make more X's and at the current stage i see none of that happening, that would mean to either flip BTC or BTC to go over 1.5,2 T in value alone.
Those 2 are considered the safest bets in crypto space because they survived all bearmarkets and turned out good. If we look just at those 2 assets, we have generously speaking a 3-4x opportunity but not in a short period of time, maybe in 5y-10years. So we can't expect huge explosions like we've seen in the past just because the market now is starting to be correlated to stock market and more and more institutions control it with huge ammount of money.
I know most people will yell but there are many ALTs. YES there are! but here we enter the lottery space. None of the coins/tokens below BTC/ETH are somewhat guaranteed chance of success after a bearmarket. If you noticed when BTC bleeds -50%, ALTs go - 80-90%. That is a huge blow from which they have to recover, but most of them never reach their ATH's ever again. If we look at their applicability in real life, almost none of them have real usecases, so to me they are just pure speculative asset built on hype. For a retail investor who is DCA-ing monthly into crypto, he will need to be extra careful to not lose his money with ALT's. They may win during a bullmarket if they got in at the right price, but if they HODL during bear and that coin never reaches what it once was, most of the people will be hugely dissapointed about crypto.
For a regular like me, i neither millionaire nor really poor, i just monthly spend some part of my income into crypto assets but im trying to stay away from delusional hopes of 10x on ETH or Bitcoin and be extracareful with which ALT tokens i choose. I hope you dont take my post as a rant towards crypto market. It's just my opinion about how i see things at the moment. It's still a high volatility market but not as high as we've used to in the past years. A 2-3x on TOP COINS wont make us rich if we dont bring big money to the table and We Are Not All Gonna Make It if we care just about ALTs.
If you want to realistically make it in crypto you either: 1. Joined during early years of it's existance or in it's -80% bearmarkets and believed in it and HODLd (diamond hands) - didnt require huge money invested.
  1. Joined in 2021 or later - will require you a few thousand grand invested to get a feeling of actually winning something if you invest in proper coins/tokens.
  2. Played your hand with some ALT coins and got really lucky. Like at casino, you did 10x in a short period of time on that Floki Shibu Inu Doggy Coin you found in the depths of the market cap (this solution isnt for the average Joe investor)
TL;DR Crypto has aged, became mainstream, institutions brought in big money, no more huge explosions in price will happen as it did back in the past years. Crypto market is starting to be regulated and corlelated to stock market.
BTC & ETH are your only safe bets, but realistically they cannot do more than 2-3x in the future without having their fundamentals changed or upgraded.
Stop believing in what popular crypto personalities say about price prediction. They usually try to fool retail investors into filling their pockets. They sell you dreams.
ALTs are Lottery, no real usecases for most of them. All they do is promise and underdeliver. If you are looking for that 10x coin, you will lose 10x times of your money till you find it.
We are not all gonna make it! As of now we need either big money to make some, or have some extreme luck.
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Five ways to make money/increase your stack during a correction

I feel like a lot of folks around here have only one strategy : DCA, hold and hope for the best. And while it's certainly a great idea for bluechip projects, it comes with an opportunity cost. Today, as the market dips, I wanted to share some strategies for the more adventurous traders.
1-Stake and forget. This is the most well-known and easiest one. Instead of just buying, you stake your tokens in a smart contracts to help secure the network, and you get a return on your investment. Many exchanges offers this service, minus an administration fee. I personnaly think that Kraken is the best option (fees are 15%), but there are numerous other options. You can get around 5% annually for your ETH this way. For those with more then 2-3 ETH, I'd recommand to go with a decentralised protocol, such as RocketPool.
2-Yield farming. For more advanced traders, yield farming is a great option to protect part of your investment. The goal here is to add liquidity to token pairs on decentralised exchanges. Say you hold ETH and BTC ; you wrap the BTC into wBTC, go to Sushiswap, and add your tokens to the ETH/wBTC pair. Voilà! You are now earning swap fees on every transactions on this pair. I'd recommend to use a hardware wallet for those kind of transactions, as you will be on your own if something bad happens.
3-Short the market. Beware : it's a risky thing to short such a volatile asset as cryptocurrencies. But when done right, it can generate great returns. I like to see shorting as a form of insurance policy ; I regularly open small short positions, with stop-losses, to hedge my ETH holdings. During the crash last night, I recovered a portion of my losses this way.
4-Rainbow-Weighted Averaging. Put simply, it just means to buy more when the price drops. I know, it's counter-intuitive. Dollar-cost averaging, by definition, means you invest the same sum of money week after week. But if you plan to hold long-term, buying more when the price decreases is a good strategy if you have fiat available. Here's a very good thread posted three weeks ago that explains this strategy.
5-Sell covered calls. For this one, you will need to get prepared in advance. The strategy here involves buying BTC futures in a regular broker account, then to sell covered calls on those futures. Options selling is a bit quite complicated, but if you have 2-3 hours to read about them, there's no reason not to try it. For Canadians, it's even easier, because we already have access to both BTC and ETH fully-backed ETF, and we can even hold them in tax-free accounts.
Disclaimer : I am a long-term holder of crypto and I don't expect a long-term bear market anytime soon. But I wrote this post because I often see people feeling helpless when the market crashes. There's always a way to make money in this casino!
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Sat Oct 30 23:20:48 2021

As great a daytrade GME is due to its volatility, I wouldn't recommend anyone daytrade GME. It hurts the squeeze potential and the Lords work the GME communities are doing to suffocate short sellers. GME December ape here. I stopped daytrading it after the RH fiasco in January.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 16:58:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
He asked, “how do you stick to a strategy?” The answer is risk management. This is for OP, let’s say you have 100k and go long with 25% of your account. You have a stop loss at 10% from your entry. It hits your stop. You lose 2.5% of your total account, you still have $97,500 instead of losing 10% and having $90,000 if you went all in. Let’s say it happens again. You now have $95,062.5 instead of $81,000. Huge difference. Let’s say you’re all in $100k cus it has to go your way, you’re not disciplined and you don’t get out and it’s a 30% crash. If you went in with 25% of your account, you’d still have $92,500 instead of $70,000. Let’s say you get margin called, your account is done. If you used a smaller size, probably wouldn’t get margin called. You’d have to lose 100% in that trade in order to be at $75,000. The point is, the losses are much easier to manage. And because of that, it won’t be as difficult to cut your losses. This helps you stick to your strategy. And when you do slip up, cus u will, it won’t hurt as bad. You’ll be able to try again tomorrow instead of blowing up your account and coming to Reddit. An argument we’ll make is, if I went in with $100k instead of $25k I would’ve made $10k instead of $2500. Sure, that’s true. But as traders we kind of stray away from reality. Unless you have rich parents or a skill in high demand, these 9-5 jobs are giving you $2500 in a month. And we complain about trades where we can make $2500 in a day or a week. Your account will grow overtime compared to if you go all in all the time. You can always add more if the trade is going your way. If you learn to be a decent trader now then your $5000 can grow to $100,000 in 3 years tops. Or you can be stubborn and keep blowing up your account making no money (or worse, lose money) over the next 3 years and still be at square one. (And I’m being generous. There will be another GME month and you can make 1000% in a month. Even now with SHIBA you could’ve just made 700%. Or PHUN or DWAC doing 1000%. There’s always something.)
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 03:33:49 2021 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
Man this one hit home... everything you just said was true. I'm most definitely impatient and I because I don't like the solution to my problem I ignore it. The only thing different about this time is that I know a lot more than i used to. I blew up my account the first two times because I didn't know what I was doing. (first time was on GME and the second time was on option plays) This time i knew what i was doing and thats why I want to get serious. I am able to understand that everything I did wrong and now I have a lesson I won't forget. By the way, are you a psychologist? Because you understand some shit that even I haven't quite grasped.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 15:28:56 2021 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
I caught the second runup of GME. I bought in at 43-49$ the day before it ran to 100+ in February. And I guess I became overly confident and played options and yeah. Sofi/Jblu/GME/ options. In hindsight, I had an opportunity to salvage my account around 12-15k.. but I kept holding onto some sort of miracle haha.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 12:33:55 2021 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 16:15:53 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 17:41:27 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 19:54:24 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Before the GME fiasco the ridiculous tone that we're now seeing in every market/finance sub was contained only to WSB. Up until 2H 2020 no one was talking about "tendies" or any of that nonsense anywhere else.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 18:46:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Once I heard about the GME situation I knew I'd never touch it. That said crypto exchanges aren't that much better if you believe the stories around here
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 15:09:36 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
We have a lot to be glad for Robinhood - they helped to disrupt the brokerage system with free trades. They’ve saved us all a lot of money for it. Like it or not they changed investing and brought it to retail investors in a revolutionary new way! They also listen to their customers….eventually (crypto wallets). To my eyes, they were the little fish with too little liquidity when the ginormous GME bubble hit. Perhaps they’re a victim of their own success.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 16:14:28 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Still hands down the best trading app. I think they will figure out a way to monetized. People really getting butt hurt over GME need to grow the fuck up. Many probably wouldn’t be tradingor have learned anything without robinhood
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 16:28:32 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
They should have never got in the way of GME short squeeze
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 22:37:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
I closed my RH account when the GME fiasco happened but they keep sending me emails trying to get me to look at my monthly statements (which show a balance of zero).
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 15:55:10 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
It’s still by far the most popular trading app in the USA. Most people outside of Reddit didn’t yolo on GME.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 03:53:57 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
I wouldn’t have gotten into investing if it wasn’t for Robinhood. I don’t exactly know what happened behind the scenes during the GME fiasco but have they said that it won’t happen again?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 19:47:42 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
People are blinded by their unsupported hatred for the company, no shit it has fewer active users, everyone and their mom jumped on GME and AMC and all those dumb stocks. Now that those are dead, it's no wonder all the FOMO idiots are quitting.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 16:55:33 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
And it's stupid that they do. The head of the NSAC literally said due to the volatility of GME they demanded far more in value-at-risk collateral and due to the massive amounts of margin HOOD was extending demanded an additional capital premium charge, collateral that HOOD didn't have. But who cares, facts shmacts, let's stick it to the hedgies!!!
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 04:24:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
They will keep stretching the regulatory boundaries as they chase user growth. It is possible that they will catch lightning again with their crypto wallet and streamlining access to crypto alongside stocks & options. I am sure they will then chase futures and forex as they try to bring every investing avenue into a streamlined app. Competition is heating up from a bunch of other fintechs that don't have anything to do with the GME fuckery.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 15:01:03 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 14:31:28 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Nah, they didn’t quit. A lot of GME buyers switched to different brokers. Look at how big GME focused subreddits are and how many there are. For anecdotal evidence, I know 6 people who started trading stocks when I told them about GME, 5 of the 6 started off on Robinhood, and only 1 is left on Robbin Hood but she’s about to sell all her positions on that platform and switch to Fidelity. We all still ‘technically’ have accounts on RH, but they aren’t used. And only 2 of the 6 people are on Reddit, to get an idea of Demographics. Granted, this is just my own experience but it seems like a lot of others have similar experience.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 18:05:00 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Does GME not expect growth? Debts paid off, 2b in folding money, a new executive team with a killer track record and partnerships forming with big names in the blockchain/nft game. Cant speak to any of the same for amc. Seems like one share at its current price would be enough to satisfy a curiousity of where this thing could go. But you do you, different strokes for different swimmers.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 15:43:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
AMC / GME is the way
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 12:06:28 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
GME seems to have the better hand at the table tbh.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 15:44:42 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Too many people who just follow the heard have gotten into Stocks/Crypto thanks in part to GME and the current Crypto bull run (mostly because of Tiktok). Take Shiba for example, absolutely no value what so ever yet it has a 30B+ market cap when genuine coins that have purpose and value are a fraction of that. My best advice is to throw a little money that you’re willing to lose into these types of assets and make a buck or two instead of getting pissed when they inevitably go up.
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 00:26:54 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Got to agree something is definitely happening with institutional investor money. Retail money simply can't raise a stock up to a trillion dollars. Just look at the market cap of meme stocks like GME & AMC that rocketed up from a short squeeze and retail investor interest, they never even got close to a $100 billion market cap at their peak.
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 02:42:54 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
The GME short squeeze was only caused 19% by retail. If you don't believe it is in the SEC report.
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 04:23:52 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
You’re correct on most of your assessment here. See GME for meme sentiment/actually poor fundamentals. This is all where “buy the hype sell the fact” becomes apparent. TSLA should experience another sell off soon as investors take their gains and sentiment dies down. Their volatility through the years has been insane. Agreed that Spacex should not be a factor in valuation, however it definitely plays a role in sentiment and volatility. Rocket blows up, stock goes down, vice versa
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 21:04:25 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
This is the most boomer shit ever. Don't say I made x gross, give a %. The fact is your % is barely beating the spy. I made more % dumping into TSLA and then swithching to GME in early Jan. Like 500% overall. I don't give a single fuck about rotations, cyclicals, or PE. Just straight meme power. Tesla had meme power most of 2020. Then at the turn of the year GME became the play. That's it.
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 03:21:36 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I have no idea what you just said. Anyways bought some more GME and TSLA
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 02:46:42 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I am donig it for almost a year, putting all to GME shares. Account grows and will grow.
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 11:26:31 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Heard about this guy who made a fortune holding long GME calls.
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 03:23:53 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Move over AMZN, GME coming through.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 23:58:28 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Yeah they're pretty speculative. I almost lost a good chunk on GME but luckily it bounced back and I had a net loss of $20. I'll have to check ETFs and Bluechips. I have no idea what those are :p But I tend to be pretty hands off, ie. check back in every 2-3 months. I also work in a hospital part time and think MRK can do well if they get FDA approval.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 23:54:50 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
They had such a bad earnings call. CEO said that growth comes "in waves". They had the GME wave, and the Doge Coin wave, but nothing for Q3. The guy cannot even do any guidance for next quarter. ​ I really don't know what Wood sees here. Only thing could be buying crypto for free...
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 03:38:24 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Cathie Wood committed a crime buy buying HOOD the first time. She insisted on the crime when she continued to buy, and she has no remorse. After January saga of GME which was a direct attack to free market capitalism, how could anyone support HOOD? I think Cathie has lost her touch and she will continue to underperform with HOOD.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 10:05:25 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I had under 300 bucks on there to test it out and I got a headache from how dumbed down it was. I hadn't used it for a long time and when the whole scummy and scammy crap they did with citadel with GME dropped I sold whatever was in there and transferred to my bank. About 3 months later they email me saying I need to give them some info for the IRS I told them to get fkd... they emailed back saying to treat them with respect, I gave them more and said I'll never use their platform go tell the IRS whatever you want. They closed it.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 02:15:19 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
He is and he will buy Tesla Puts again, lol. Who doesn’t want to make free money on two options market makers collapsing. He literally swapped GME for Tesla Puts. Crazy Cathie is just garbage
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 08:53:40 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
You have to understand from their perspective. They are a small brokerage and not like black rock, vanguard, and they are even smaller than Charles Schwab. They don’t just take away the buy button for certain stock just because they want to sometime they don’t have enough liquidity to get those share to people. That is why they IPO so they get investor they have more cash. And with the GME fiasco it just that they don’t have enough cash. And I know for a fact what happen to GME other exchange stop ppl from buying GME for a day or 2 too. It took RH longer is because they are a small brokerage so they don’t have a lot of cash so they stop the GME share buy longer. And another thing is this if RH were to fail who you think will benefit here is a hint: other brokerage so in the end the broker win 😂.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 06:17:29 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
You wouldn't have lost anything on GME if you just held. Patience is the key.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 20:13:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Don't listen to the GME cargo cult.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 23:08:50 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
GME. With the leaked market disruptive NFT marketplace plans, the company is like Tesla 5 years ago.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 14:36:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
On Reddit, one used to be reasonably certain that they were engaging with a real human on the other end. Those days are over. Today, companies spend significant amount of money and energy promoting their brands across all platforms of social media, including Reddit. When Reddit was smaller, all the subreddits were smaller. Back then, you didn't have random idiots rolling through /stocks unless they were actually interested and at least educated in the basics (or wanting to be). Today it's spill over from gen-pop Reddit and also lingering interest from the GME saga at the beginning of the year.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 18:09:32 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
That’s what I honestly think about the company now. Disclosure: I’m holding GME since Jan. For long time it’s been about the squeeze for me, but what I’ve learned is that the company in fact has all the potentials to be The FIRST to take NFT mainstream with real business applications. This is potentially disruptive, and has long term value. Is it still early? sure. But to OPs question, I believe GME is undervalued given that the transformation plans are becoming a reality.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 18:35:43 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Oh no! Him’s feewings aw huwt becawse him want shawht skweezies. Buy GME then. The post was asking about something ready to bust. That ain’t MMAT.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 13:20:03 2021 SUBREDDIT : RobinHoodPennyStocks
#Ban Bet Lost HerrJemine123 (0/3) made a bet that GME would go to 200.0 when it was 172.86 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 08:09:03 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
> You can take everything except my shares of GME.
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 01:18:39 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I made 1.5mil on GME and I can't even quit my job :(
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 06:31:56 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
They bought 2 shares of GME and are HODL'ing.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 17:58:18 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Why do this if you can yolo all in GME and go to the moon?!?
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 18:26:12 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Be me. Buy AMC because it's affordable at $9. Sell at $43. Become oil boomer and China hater as well as holding some GME. Much more interesting than holding VTI. I'd rather be a man who gets excited about handjobs than an 8% annual return. Either up 400% or down -300%. Nerf or nothin baby.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 19:53:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
This sub died when GME took off
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 00:33:59 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
If I just read this post I would think DWAC was down to $10. It's not going away. It's going to hover between $50 and $70 until launch. And you don't need to like Trump or the company. You just need to like money. If you think DWAC is a dog you should invest in GME and AMC because they are solid companies.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 23:02:15 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
The stock went from 8 to 170 in days. That’s the only run I’ve seen that is in the same league as GME. I’ve become xonvinced that shorts have branded “no sell unless 420.69” so that idiots forget to sell
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 05:40:52 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
>I honestly am dumbfounded that people thought anything diffrent I'm not, especially after GME with individuals saying, "it's not about the money, it's about sending a message." How delusional do you have to be to tell yourself that. I'm sure a similar sentiment is seen in this ticker, but instead, "to own the libs."
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 02:30:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Facts? Like the vaccine being safe and effective? Or 2 weeks to flatten the curve? Russian collusion? The media even lied about AMC and GME. Those facts? By the way your profile doesn't check out.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 20:44:14 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Profile doesn't check out. I do have it figured it. This board has been ransacked by people like you after GME. An echo chamber of the left. You are your own demise.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 21:24:33 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Yeah, op is probably loaded anyhow. I’m a 19 yr old that discovered stocks on my 18th birthday and promptly join wsb a month after. This was before the GME thing so I’d like to think i was one of the original autists. I YOLOd every other week and made my 8k in 30k in 6 months. Then I fucking lost 20 over the course of two weeks on some retarded calls. Keep in mind the original 8k was about all I had, being a college student. 20k loss hurt like fuck but kept it together well enough considering I just lost a gently used civic. In these situations there’s not much you can do so might as well not worry too much about it
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 06:59:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Picture of an Ape caption * GME WHALE * Holding a bankrupt hedgie..
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 17:49:38 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
GME to the moon babyyy
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 18:20:52 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Another dumbass who thinks the market will crash and for some reason GME will moon. Yea, the complete opposite is happening right now and it will continue to happen...
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 02:14:16 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Clearly you haven't actually figured out GME yet
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 20:07:25 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
A former Amazon executive joining GME always felt like a sort of kidnapping to me. Like why would you want to go there from such a powerful place?
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 02:08:42 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
A new Google and Amazon exec is bailing on GME.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 22:40:04 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Knowing GME it will be up 7% on Monday because of this news.
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 11:47:18 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
GME bagholders are just sad. They hyped the shit out of this hire when it was made and now trying to spin her departure.
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 08:05:45 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
GME announces everything after market close.
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 10:26:03 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Sounds like it buddy. But it just reminds me of the period where they attempted to redirect attention from GME to Silver and what not But yeah silver and gold, which should be okay against inflation, is kinda not
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 12:02:05 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Check GME, check the general sentiment when it comes to Amazon, check literally anything outside your window and see that Amazon is going down. Are you really this retart? Puts on big tech is the new Meta - Suckerberg
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 19:55:19 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I sat through that very informative lecture at Trump University. Buying GME at $400 changed my life bigly.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 00:00:53 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I am currently at HBS and defintiely thought about brining up GME. I bought into it december of last year. Still hodling.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 01:15:56 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
WTF you are talking about? GME was one of the safest and best investment in the market at $17/share. Extremely undervalued and a huge potential for growth at that price. I remember my mouth salivating with the thought of free money pre-squeeze. It was a guarantee
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Oct 28 21:02:57 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I am al up for GME hype, but the basis of a black swan is that you don’t see it coming, let alone for a couple months
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 13:55:49 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
If you bought GME in 2020 you could have took a 🚀 to the 🌝
NYSE:GME DATE : Sat Oct 30 00:05:54 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
My favorite is when GME was booted off at the end.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 20:32:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
FB is behind GME in the Metaverse my man. Wait until Cathie finds that out. She will scoop that meme stock up faster than you can say whistleblower.
NYSE:GME DATE : Fri Oct 29 17:12:46 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
I mean I’m an AI quant so I’m happy to share just get in touch. Quantitative analysis (what I do) isn’t quite day trading but it’s basically all data driven and uses algorithms (not always used but anything a human can do you can program so why not). It’s much more scientific and you can see historically whether you actually have edge meaning you can test hundreds of strategies. I work with AI (artificial intelligence) so I use AI and machine learning techniques to read news articles, measure facial expressions on TV of CEOs, hell I’ve even used GPS data and computer vision with satellite images to track production at factories. Try not to gamble, but if you want to then just go to a casino!
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 03:16:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
Not a financial advisor, this isn’t advice. I am curious to see what the financials look like for LVVV. It’s either going to tank royally or it’s a sub-20mil market cap organic weed farm that is expecting 20mil annually in sales from three annual harvests. First harvest just completed, and they just announced they are expanding an additional two acres—tripling their land and slightly more than tripling their grow space square footage. Expecting profitability in 2022 according to the CEO, which…we’ll see. Note, technically Livewire Ergogenics is the real estate company that partners with the Estrella Ranch farm. This one will be interesting to watch explode either in a good way or in a bad way.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Thu Oct 28 22:18:53 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
RAVE - a pizza buffet chain that has a PE ratio under 20, low market cap and float. If it ever got any volume it would fly over $2, potentially to $3. The CEO was a VP of marketing at Subway and Dominos. I think it's a legit turnaround play that could easily move up on any volume. There are a few more tickers like WISA, SLGG & SGRP that I'm watching. CYRN is interesting too.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 03:59:33 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
LVVV CEO developed a steady plan and executing it slowly but surely. As with all small companies, it takes time and he’s making it happen so far. Seems like more good news to come!
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 04:59:41 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
Also the 510k as been filed in June 2020. Long overdue. CEO confident to get it before Year end
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 14:27:31 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
I highly recommend reading the letter to shareholders that the CEO put out about a month ago. It will give you an idea of the potential revenues and how close they are to commercializing their technologies that have been in the works for several years.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 03:15:38 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
Yeah, about a million reason. I can give a quick summary but you’d really have to look into it. They got rid of the the founders who were the initial problem and bought on a CEO who specializes in corporate turnarounds. Their debt was bought by a VC type company, then resold to the largest company in the world in their field. Their quarterly losses are dropping and revenue is picking up - they had an increase in revenue of something like +50%.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 15:44:20 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
Yep, been holding and averaging down on MVIS for 6 months, originally bought in back in Feb and sold on the rise at around $26. Got back in at $21, averaged down since to $13, but man, with initial sales expected this quarter, even low volume for the Lidar……and then being told middle of 2022, and the CEO basically letting the AR tech they have collect dust….I liquidated half my position and threw it into PROG, CRXT, SLGG, and just a couple hundred NDRA. Been a rough year financially lol.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 17:15:29 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
IIRC it has no other drugs in the pipeline and didn't the CEO get spanked for fudging the numbers of the last study, which created all these bag holders?
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 21:59:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
They also just installed a new CEO, so yeah hopefully they can make money and stop getting shorted to death, which is why it's also a short squeeze play at the moment.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Sat Oct 30 06:57:59 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
The current CEO, Andrew Jassy, founded AWS and lead it since 2003. I think the company is good hands.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 16:21:59 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
A CEO swap usually tends to do this cus the new CEO just wants to maintain the status quo and gtfo with big ass retirement package after 5-7 years
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 16:52:19 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Didn't the CEO and CFO both dump large amounts of shares on IPO day? A business to believe in for sure...
NYSE:CEO DATE : Thu Oct 28 14:11:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
I’m just amazed at how big they allowed this PR disaster to get, and how that dumbfuck bulgarian cowbell of a CEO thought the solution was just to give the public more cowbell
NYSE:CEO DATE : Thu Oct 28 19:20:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
They need a new CEO.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 04:59:04 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
No one wants this stock given the extremely shady history of the CEO. and the fact that he keeps issuing shares.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 19:58:18 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Your Weekly /stocks Recap Friday, October 22 - Thursday, October 28 ###Top 10 Posts | score | comments | title & link | |--|--|--| | 5,435 | ( Or send me a chat with either stocks or stocks daily. ####Please let me know if you have suggestions to make this roundup better for /stocks or if there are other subreddits that you think I should post in. I can search for posts based off keywords in the title, URL and flair. And I can also find the top comments overall or in specific threads.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 09:35:42 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Let alone the next 4.2 that the CEO suggested they may spend.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Sat Oct 30 05:47:00 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
This dude is literally just quoting the Arteria CEO and telling you it will make sense. Wish I could buy puts on this guys future.
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 22:00:25 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
If Elon wasn't the CEO of Tesla, we would all be dying to fossil fuels at a faster rate
NYSE:CEO DATE : Sat Oct 30 00:29:08 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
My grandfather taught amd's CEO at some point apparently
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 22:44:28 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
NVDA CEO talked about metaverse economy eventually being a mind bogglingly large number. Much, much larger than "app" and smartphone economy
NYSE:CEO DATE : Fri Oct 29 20:22:52 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
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Say you're 100% into BTC and/or ETC. How safe of an investment do you consider it to be?

Comparing the big market cap coins BTC and ETH to other kinds of investing, how 'safe' of an investment do you consider it to be?
Let's say 'safe' refers to the amount of certainty that you don't lose more than inflation over a 2 year time period. 1 is quite unsafe for the average invester and 6 is really safe.
I personally consider being brief one of my qualities. The rules of this sub say this post is better quality if I add 189 more characters so let's let us ('let us' is 1 more character!!) go.
View Poll
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Craps at Rivers (Des Plaines, IL) - Tuesday 1/26

IL casinos reopened last week. Drove down (about a 45 minute drive) this past Saturday only to find out that they were limiting how many people were in the casino and there was a 30+ minute wait (in the cold) so we decided to cut our losses and return home. I was bummed but my wife already wasn't excited about going to rivers. She prefers Potawatomi (Milwaukee) but they have removed all tables..hence my desire to go to Rivers (they do have 3 bubble machines at Potawatomi but not the same to me).
Because my wife wasn't too excited about going to Rivers, I knew my time might be short. I was hoping she would have a good day on the slots so I could play a while....but I also didn't want to push it too much as I'm hoping to go back down again and didn't want her annoyed waiting for me while I'm having fun.
The Casino
We had a snow storm come through the area on Tuesday and work was slow so we decided to try Rivers again Tuesday afternoon. The place was busy but not crazy and they had a lot of tables running. From a craps perspective, I counted 5 tables (one $5, three $10, and a $15). 3 to a side. One thing that surprised me is they were apparently short 'boxmen' as I only counted two and they were bouncing between tables, primarily handling cash and coloring up. My dealer took my cash and gave me chips without a boxman at the table. The table I joined ($5) was full but there was at least one $10 table with only one guy at it when I left.
As far as other table games go, Blackjack had $10 & $15 tables I saw and Ultimate Texas Hold'em had $5 and $15 tables. I'm sure there were other games being run but those are my jam so that is what I noted.
My short time playing Craps
I must have pulled up at the right time as a spot was open at the $5 table. Point was either 8 or 9 so I waited to join. They had just hit all the small and were one away from all the tall (I believe the 9). The guy to my left played a heavy lay bet as he had $10 on the all. The next roll hit the point and the roll after got them all...I believe a roll or two after 7'd out. I got in after the point was hit and ended up losing a little of my starting ($300) bankroll. I was playing the line with heavy odds (100x at rivers).
After that the dice made a fairly quick pass around the table. I rolled poorly in my first time rolling. Going into the casino, I assumed they would only have $15 tables so I wanted to try placing a $30 6/8 and then lowering it to table minimum after the first hit. Since I was at a $5 table, I adjusted a bit to play the line with odds but still placed a $30 6/8 on some shooters. That didn't work too well my first time at bat. I believe by the time it came back to me, I was down to my final $100. I played a similar strategy. I usually only play ATS when I roll which I did ($5 minimum). I hit a couple 6/8's but was down so much that I abandoned my strategy of lowering my wages after the first hit (I came to play, right?). Ended up hitting all the small and only had a 9 left on the tall. The guy to my left again, played a heavy lay bet against the 9 but I took a chance....I should have followed his lead as the next roll was a 7,
At this point I was close to my starting bankroll (I believe the small paid $160). I played the line and the point started at an 8. I placed the 6 for $30 and $25 odds. What I didn't do was play ATS. I mean...what are the chances.....but the guy to my left was having a good day. He played $5/$15/$5 on the ATS I believe. By now you probably see where this is heading....all the small was again hit first (again)...I don't recall what the last number was on the tall but he did his heavy lay ($900 I think) but hit it for a $2000 plus payout.
I ended up with $450 after tipping. My wife was having horrible luck at the slots and wasn't 'in the mood' so we weren't even there an hour (that's right....1.5 hours driving round trip and less than an hour at the casino). It felt like I should have been up a lot more but points weren't actually hitting that much...I hit my place bets a few times and then I hit the small once. But it was fun to see my 'teammate' next to me go up probably $3k in the short time I was there....I don't even think he was playing much outside the line bet and the place bets I mentioned.
All in all...a fun time was had. Wish I could have played longer (of course) but leaving with a 50% profit and not annoying my wife too much is a win in my book. Now I just have to wait for my next trip to Michigan/Indiana (Four Winds/Bluechip) next month.
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Two incidents in history of USA.

In light of a recent attack on a Republican congress, which will surely be hastily forgotten, I've decided to bring up two incidents in USA history which you may or may not know about (more likely not). When I first came across The Days of Rage I was positively shocked - from the sheer scale of the terrorist attacks, to the fact that some of those terrorists got cushy jobs, *specifically cushy jobs that involve them in a position of power over another generation. So let me bring up two incidents in USA history which will shock you.
An Indian guy named Osho created a cult in which he mixed Hindi mystic teachings and "open attitude towards human sexuality", greatly influencing "Western New Age" nonsense you might find soccer moms into. Cult had relocated to Wasco Country in Oregon, where they built a facility known as Rajneeshpuram. Osho had built himself a sex cult, where he taught his followers "unusual" sexual practices, instructed couples to have sex in front him, sleeping with several of his female disciples, etc. The cult was very wealthy, with Osho owning 93 Rolls-Royces, while his followers went on a building frenzy, building a small college with 15 classrooms, four office buildings, gambling casino, shopping center, winery, crematorium with a surrounding spiritual area, 18 miles of paved roads, more than 250 small visiting huts, a 4200 foot long airport runway and airport terminal and more.
The cult intended to expand, and while they had initially friendly terms with locals, the relations soured. Wasco Country restricted growth of the commune, and the sect's leaders formulated a plan in which they will poison the public officials, which would naturally deter future decisions against their operations. They poisoned Ray Matthew and Bill Hulse, the latter who remained in hospital for four days, with doctors telling him he would have dided without treatment. He concluded that Rajneeshee poisoned him, a fact they denied vehemently. But they didn't stop there. In order to gain building permits for Rajneeshpuram, they decided to take political control of this county. One member, shedding traces of affiliation with the group opted to run for the county office. To elect her, they came up with two schemes.
First, under the guise of humanitarian initiative they would import a large number of homeless people (predominately men), promising them food, shelter, and beer. However, the 80s were a marginally saner time and their plan was countered by making sure that all new voters had to submit their qualifications when registering to vote. The homeless, a lot of them having mental issues, turned into an unruly mob and to regain control, cultists drugged their beer with Haldol.
Second, and this is the fun part, they decided to incapacitate voters in The Dalles, where most of the voters were. They planned to do this by infecting the water supply with salmonella. However, they first decided to do a "try run" where they poisoned salad bars. During this month, 751 cases of acute gastroenteritis were documented, with all of the victims being infected with Salmonella enterica Typhimurium. This remains to this date the biggest bio-terrorist attack comitted on US soil. I don't know how many died, but probably not that many - antibiotics helped make sure of that. However, keep in mind that in the last couple of decades, antibiotic resistance amped up. Imagine how easy would it to procure MRSA.
It ended rather poorly for the cult, for two reasons. One, county officials denied many cultists (not being American citizens) voting rights, whilenew regulations on registration of new voters prevented imported homeless from voting. Two, people don't take kindly to being poisoned. The mastermind behind this attack, a rather wealthy Indian-American woman named Ma Anand Sheela, was given 20 years in federal prison. She served 29 months, because of good behaviour - despite the fact that she was known for outbursts of profanity. Oh and, guess who was part of this cult? Arianna Huffington, of Huffington post.
The Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ was founded in 1955 by Jim Jones. Jim Jones was attending gatherings of Communist Party USA and he became frustrated with ostracism of open communism in USA. He came to conlusion that best way to demonstrate Marxism is through infiltration of the church. He himself was surprised when church helped him into it, despite him being known communist. And thus he founded The Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ. During this time, he adopted memes of Southern Baptists and their weird healing rituals, masking his communist intentions.He was a rather radical integrationists, who helped racially integrate churches, restaurants, hospitals, and the police department. He helped fish out restaurants who refuse to service black customers. In fact, in 1977, he recieved MLKJr. Humanitarian reward. Racial equality was a big thing for him, his latter settlment (Jonestown) being 70% black, 45% being black women.
During the 60s, he slowly started injecting more and more Marxism, declaring those to be born in socialism to not be born in sin, rejecting the Bible for oppressing women and non-whites - slamming it on the table yelling "I've got to destroy this paper idol, while also claiming he was reincarnation of Ghandi, Jesus, Buddha, and Lenin. In one sermon, he said : "There's no heaven up there! We'll have to make heaven down here!". In private phone calls, he admited that he was an atheist, and that he only used religion to mobilize people. In the 1977 he openly said that he was an atheist. He is a classical example of an entryist, albeit a rather obvious one.
Unlike most cult leaders, he was able to gain public support in San Francisco, and on the national level. Walter Mondale, 42nd Vice President (although candidate at that time) came to meet him, and Mondale publicly praised the temple. First Lady Carter also met with Jones and corresponded with him - and when he spoke at the grand opening of the Dem Party's San Franciso, he garnered a larger applause than her. Besides being written about in the newspaper, and seen with dignitaries at lunches and dinners, he was also the head of the Human Rights Commission and the SF Housing Authority. He was a popular guy.
Like the Rajneesh cult, he created a settlement named Jonestown as a means to attain socialist paradise and sanctuary from the vile media scrutiny in San Francisco (this is sarcasm btw)- and like other communist paradise, it was a failing agricultural community, with people being stored in bunkbeds. Children were generally surrendered to communal care, addressed Jones as "Dad", and at times were only allowed to see their real parents briefly at night Up to $65,000 in monthly welfare payments from U.S. government agencies to Jonestown residents were signed over to the Temple. He claimed it to be the purest communism ever, and like many of other pure communist, he did no permit members to leave. However, some people wanted to leave.
Those people formed a group called "Concerned Relatives" and called for the investigation into human rights abuses. On April 11, 1978, the Concerned Relatives distributed a packet of documents, including letters and affidavits, that they titled an "Accusation of Human Rights Violations by Rev. James Warren Jones" to the Peoples Temple, members of the press, and members of Congress. In June 1978, escaped Temple member Deborah Layton provided the group with a further affidavit detailing alleged crimes by the Temple and substandard living conditions in Jonestown. If someone's interested, she hosted a reddit AMA right here.
On November 17, 1978, Leo Ryan came with delegation to investigate claims of abuse within the compund. During this visit, a number of members expressed a desire to leave, and so they did. A member named Larry Layton, wanted strongly to join them - despite other defectors voicing their concern about his motives. And they were right because at the local airstrip at Port Kaituma, they were intercepted by self-styled Temple security guards who killed Congresman Ryan - who became the first congressman to be killed in the line of duty, three journalists, and one of the defectors.
After these murders, Soviet Union, with the Temple had been negotiating a potential exodus for months, would not take them after the airstrip murders. Jones, if you hadn't noticed, was batshit crazy, and had a vague conspiracy theory of how that men would "parachute in here on us", "shoot some of our innocent babies" and "they'll torture our children, they'll torture some of our people here, they'll torture our seniors". He also feared that hostile forces would convert captured children to fascism, one temple member states "the ones that they take captured, they're gonna just let them grow up and be dummies". Naturally, the only logical conclusion is to commit a revolutionary suicide.
And this is where it gets fun. There is a 44 minute recording of what happens next. There's also a transcript here.
One member, Christine Miller, dissents toward the beginning of the tape. She was shouted down by the rest of the group. He goes on about how he loves them all and did his best to give them a good life, that he doesn't want them to "be in hell" anymore. The crowd cheers. There is children crying and screaming throught the background. There is occasional applause and riffraff among the crowd, you can hear children and crying babies. Other people speak into the mic thanking him throughout the recording, saying they accept death and are ready to end it all. There were people with guns, ready to shoot anyone who tried to leave. He ordered his congration to drink a cheap Kool-Aid knockoff (he was a dick till the end, it seems) laced with cyanide. According to escaped Temple member Odell Rhodes, the first to take the poison were Ruletta Paul and her one-year-old infant. Clayton said that Jones approached people to encourage them to drink the poison and that, after adults saw the poison begin to take effect, "they showed a reluctance to die. The people who refused, got shot, or injected with it. They decided to give the drink to the children first, thinking it would kill the parents will to live if they saw their children die. They forced the parents at gunpoint to force children to drink it. Children start screaming, and crying, with one child shouting "what did you give us" through tears. Jones screams "Don't be this way. Stop with these hysterics. No way for socialists and communist to die. We must die with some dignity. Stop this. Put the children to rest. Mother, mother, mother don't do this." A child screams "what did they give us". He interjects "Children will not be hurt if you are quiet". Death, death, death is common to people. And the Eskimos, they take death in their stride. Let's be digni--let's be dignified. If you quit tell them they're dying--if you adults would stop some of this nonsense. Adults, adults, adults. I call on you to stop this nonsense. I call on you to quit exciting your children when all they're doing is going to a quiet rest. I call on you to stop this now if you have any respect at all. Are we black, proud, and Socialist, or what are we? Now stop this nonsense. Don't carry this on anymore. You're exciting your children.
Jones did not drink it. His death was caused by a gunshot wound to his left temple. he events at Jonestown constituted the greatest single losses of American civilian life in a deliberate act until the incidents of September 11, 2001. 909 inhabitants of Jonestown, 304 children died.
Child sacrifice to progressivism is nothing new, from Moloch cults to skoptsy in Russia. If they're willing to kill their own children, imagine what they would do to yours. Ultimately, their death and dissolution happened only because Jones was insane. The public was on his side, the politics were on his side, and the minute there is a bump, he freaks out and does something crazy as this.
Ultimately, these two cults are firsts in so many things. First congresman killed, largest bioterror attack in USA, and largest deliberate loss of civilian life until 9/11 in USA. Funnily, the tantric sex cult was miles more advanced that communist utopia, which was a failed community filled with insane and evil people. Both cults showed behaviour consistent with progressivism, in an open and unashamed fashion - importing underclass to take political control, corresponding to political elite during the so-called Red Scare. And both cults would only get a slap on the wrists, hadn't Jones completely went off the rails. In an ironic fashion, he punished himself and his followers many times more harshly than he would actually done.
I am reminded of Angela Davis, person who supplied guns to a black man who killed a judge and freed his two fellow dindus. She was declared a terrorist, and hunted down - meanwhile many crazies like Lenon wrote out in support to her. After her capture, she was found innocent - after all, she couldn't have been guilty in a plot to break out two dindus, all she did was give the guns. She became a professor (now retired) at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in its History of Consciousness Department and a former director of the university's Feminist Studies department.
The amount of things the Left did in pre-internet era, and got away with it, is simply mind-boggling.
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