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Hey GTA fans! This sub-reddit was created for the players of GTA that love all things related to The Diamond Casino and Resort. We are very happy to have you here. Have fun!


A community for people who want to play the Diamond casino heist and want to find players for it.

JJBA: Diamond Records

This game is now in the past... Was a wild ride everyone, take care!

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Sia "Cheap Thrills" / Impersonation / Tribute Performance at Diamond Jo Casino

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Diamond Jo Casino to lay off staff due to COVID-19 losses

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Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque, IA

Anyone in this sub ever go there? Curious about how others do at the craps tables there.
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Mr. Daniels was in his mid fifties, handsome and very well off. He and his wife Helen lived down the street in the same wealthy neighborhood as my parents. I had seen his wife numerous times but was never introduced and knowing what she looked like, I was sure he wasn’t hitting on me with that question. gordita nalgona en tanga roja
“I don’t have anything planned right now except hanging around the house now that my parents have left on their cruise.” Backshot shorty
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He went on to explain his partner had suddenly gotten sick and was supposed to meet some clients there. Now he had to go and take over and with his wife out of town, there was no one to take care of Max. I liked helping people in need so I agreed to meet him at his house in fifteen minutes so he could show me what needed to be done. Vanessa gets to have some naughty fun with hot busty Capri Cavanni
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He led me to the side gate and into their enormous back yard. Max was in his dog run and barked when we approached. He is a huge four year old German Shepard, the biggest I’d ever seen. He was very intimidating and I stayed back as Mr. Daniels opened the gate. To my surprise, he was very well behaved. Max sat on command and Mr. Daniels called me over to meet him. I petted his head and he licked my hand. He had once been a show dog but now they only used him for his stud services. Khmer, My sister play her Pussy
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“Oh, Mr. Daniels, you don’t have to…” I said as he handed me three one hundred dollar bills. POVD Dripping Wet Shower Fuck In POV
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“Thanks Mr. Daniels,” I said and headed home. Teen Beach Hookup
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I woke up the next morning, had some breakfast, put on one of the new bikinis I had just bought along with a loose tank top and shorts. I got a large beach towel and the rest of my tanning paraphernalia and put it in a bag before walking down to the Daniels’ house. I had noticed yesterday that the houses on either side of theirs were vacant; a sign of the times around here. I unlocked the gate and went in. Max was eagerly awaiting me. I told him to sit before opening his gate and then filled his bowl with food and topped off his water. He waited patiently for me to tell him it was ok to eat and when I did, he dove in ravenously. I left the gate open for him to come out and run around once he was finished and then I walked to the edge of the stone work pool. I put my bag on one lounge and my towel on another then removed my tank top and shorts. I looked around and decided since the houses on both sides were empty I could go topless without any fear of being seen. Petite Filipina MILF moans loudly for white dick
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My eyes flew wide at the sound of another woman’s voice and I turned to see who it was. Helen Daniels stood five feet away staring down at me. She had her high heels in one hand and her arms crossed under her breasts, wearing a very short sun dress. The fact she was holding her shoes is one reason why I didn’t hear her coming and that my whole world was currently revolving around my cock filled orgasming pussy didn’t help. My face seemed like it was on fire as I must have blushed ten shades of red in about a second. Sarado Rabudo Gozando na Punheta
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Helen stared down at me with an unusual but stern look on her face. I was sweating bullets over what she’d do. My first fear is she’d call the police on me for molesting her dog or maybe take a picture and post it on the web of me tied to Max. What if she told my parents? How would I possibly explain how I got in this position? Max decided, at that moment, to test the integrity of our union and gave a slight tug. I guess it was the combination of adrenaline from being caught, the feeling of hot dog cum filling my womb and the sudden rush of pleasure from Max’s movement that ignited a powerful orgasm in me. I shuddered and trembled, gasping and groaning in front of her like a total slut but I just couldn’t help it. The pleasure I was feeling was just so intense. I finally regained my composure, what little there was and looked back toward Helen. partiblan Ali Hussain pakistan
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I looked away in shame, unable to meet her gaze. I could still feel my pussy contracting on Max’s throbbing cock as the remnants of my orgasm subsided. I tried to hold very still so as not to invoke another one while she watched but Max could easily tug at me again then all bets were off. Boob massage
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Without looking at her I nodded. diamond jo casino buffet dubuque ia
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“Oh don’t look so surprised my dear. Can’t a woman like me enjoy exactly what you’re enjoying right now? After all you know what you’re doing is morally frowned upon by society not to mention against the law. But doesn’t that make it just that much more thrilling? Knowing you’re being bad but it feels SO good, doesn’t that add to the pleasure?” she leaned forward bringing her face nearer to mine and lowering her voice, “Admit it, this is the best sex you’ve ever had. I’ll bet no man has ever made you cum as hard as you just did or as many times with his cock stuck in you. Speaking of cocks, I don’t think a man can compare his cock to Max’s. Eight thick inches in front of his knot plus another three inches if you include it, what man do you know could rival that?” Hot teen beauties take up with the tongue young cunts
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Helen sat back and let me absorb that for a moment then continued, “If I had gotten the message from my two timing husband yesterday afternoon, you might have caught me in this same position. However my phone had died so I didn’t get it until late last night after I charged it and even though I’ve been missing Max’s beautiful cock with Henry around so much lately, I decided to wait until this morning to come home. Then I saw the note on the counter about you coming over to take care of Max…” Chichona parte II
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She gave me a queer look then said, “What did he tell you? He had to go to Vegas on business to meet a client or something?” Girl on guy gaping rimjob
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“Actually it was Palm Springs. He said his partner was sick and he had to meet a client,” I replied sheepishly, “He said that…AAAAAHHHHHH!” Hot sexy Anita bhabhi chudai in bedroom with Desi video
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I was cut off by another orgasm that had crept up on me and that Max released by tugging again. And once again I was in the throes of ecstasy in front of Helen. The violent rhythmic contractions drained my strength and I just wanted to lie down but with Max’s knot firmly in place that wasn’t possible…or so I thought. Naked straight hunks and nude men movietures videos gay first time
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“You poor girl, you look exhausted. Let me show you what I do when Max and I are gonna be tied for a long time,” she said as she stood up beside Max and me. Guy Eating Hot Ladyboys Dick
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Helen instructed me to have Max lie down and to follow him down so that I would be lying on my side on the mat. I did what she said and Max laid down. I had another minor orgasm during the process and all I wanted was to curl up and sleep but Helen was right there watching. She was about to sit back down on the lounge when she stopped and removed her sun dress. Her body was incredibly toned. She looked like a sculpture of the ‘perfect female form’ standing before me. No expense was spared on cosmetic surgery, tanning salons, laser hair removal and gym memberships, that’s for sure. She was gorgeous. My pussy inadvertently reacted to seeing her naked and clenched Max’s spitting member tightly, causing him to whimper. Desi girl videos belonging to the mobile phone
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I could feel Max’s knot beginning to shrink and although I was embarrassed being on display like I was, I didn’t want the wonderful sensations to end. Max was getting restless too. He lifted his hind leg and began licking the union of our bodies and when his tongue swept over my rigid clit I lost my mind. I was cumming again and I lifted my leg to give him better access to my throbbing clit. My convulsing pussy made Max whine as he continued to lick then his knot popped out of me along with his cock and what looked like a gallon of dog cum. I just laid there trembling as he finished cleaning himself then went to get a drink of water. Helen helped me to the lounge with my towel on it and I laid there for a moment with my legs spread wide and my feet on the ground, panting as dog cum oozed out of me. Interracial White whore ride Latino cock
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Helen’s warm hands moved up my thighs then her tongue pushed into my dripping pussy. I wanted to protest but I didn’t have the energy and she was doing a wonderful job of cleaning the cum leaking from my sore pussy. Her long silky black hair draped over my right thigh as her hand caressed my left, purring softly while her tongue washed over my quivering flesh. It wasn’t long before she brought me to orgasm once more. Bigass ebony spitroasted while dickriding
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It wasn’t as violent as the orgasms I had earlier but it was pleasant. I drifted back to earth to her soft kisses on my puffy outer lips. My eyes were closed enjoying her gentle touch. I had experimented with women in high school and again in college but in general, I preferred men. Now it seemed I like canines as well. Gianna Dior CumPie From Intruder
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“I was planning on spending the weekend with my girl friends, women I’ve known for years, decades in some cases, but none of them know my secret about me and Max,” Helen said between kisses placed on my pussy, “I was always afraid to tell them, afraid of what they’d think of me, of what they’d say but now you’ve experienced what I have. You know what it's like to give yourself to Max and the pleasure it brings. I think that’s the real reason I didn’t confront you when I first saw you and Max together. I wanted someone to share my secret with who has experienced this kind of taboo sex and enjoyed it. I felt very alone until now.” Milf gets crazy interracial sloppy throat fuck and facial
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Dante Powell

Hi good people of Iowa! I am an Iowa based stand up comedian named Dante Powell. I started stand up here in Des Moines in 2014, and I have been fortunate enough to make a career for myself telling jokes. I have been fortunate enough to tour the country working bars, clubs, and theaters all over. It has been a dream come true, and as I grow, I am hoping to make Iowa more visible as a place for funny people.
For whatever reason, it feels like traction here in the state has been a bit slow for me. In 2020 I released my debut album/special called “The Squirrels Get Fat” which was recorded at The Mill in Iowa City (R.I.P) and is basically my love letter to moving to this great state.
I wanted to post here today for a few reasons:
  1. I just want to introduce myself to you all.
  2. I wanted to let you all know that there are many thriving comedians and comedy venues across this state, and remind you to support them when you can.
  3. Invite you to come see me live. This weekend (8/26-27) I am performing at The Lucky Cat Comedy Club in Cedar Rapids. Next weekend (9/3) I will be in Northwood, IA at the Diamond Jo Casino.
  4. Plug my album/special. I do believe it is really good. It was selected as one of the Best Comedy Albums of the Year by NPR in 2020. Again, it is called “The Squirrels Get Fat”, and it is available on all audio streaming platforms.
Thanks for reading. And thanks in advance for any support! Have a great day!
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Dead Heads around Dubuque, IA?

Hi friends! (23M) Just moved to Dubuque this last year so still pretty new and looking for friends!
I saw there's a Steely Dan X Grateful Dead fusion cover band playing October 29 at the Diamond Jo Casino and was wondering if any of you would want to meet up and hang out for the concert?
I love Steely Dan and of course the Grateful Dead, but it'll be interesting to see how the fusion of the two sound, should be a ton of fun!
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Things to do this weekend (10/4-10/6)

Happy October! Here are all the big events happening this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:
Visit a Haunted House - See the Megathread for dates / times.
Old MacDonald's Farm - final weekend
Bart's Farm and Pumpkin Patch
Amana Oktoberfest
RoughRiders Hockey
What Cheer Flea Market
SWITCHFOOT & Their Fantastic Traveling Music Show
Chocolate Walk 2019
Hello, Dolly!
Mamma Mia!
Anamosa Pumpkinfest
Luke Combs "Beer Never Broke My Heart" Tour
Adventureland's 5th Annual Oktoberfest
2019 Northside Oktoberfest
4th Annual Holistic Fair
Harvest Fest
Farm Glow
2019 Mount Vernon Chili Cook-Off
Movin' at the Museum Fitness Classes 2019
Iowa City Farmers' Market
Especially For You Race
Take Flight!
Killer Queen
MV Porchfest 2019
Hiawatha Farmers' Market
Mount Trashmore Mini Challenge
New Movies This Weekend:
Joker (R) -78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes
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St. Isidore upcoming events

Unless otherwise indicated, all events are at St. Isidore Catholic Worker Farm & Agronomic Univesrity
2752 Clay Hollow Rd. Cuba City, WI 53807 - 608.568.3630
White Privilege: Let’s Talk – Sundays in Lent, 10:30—Noon
Conversations facilitated by Brenna and Eric Cussen Anglada at St. Raphael Cathedral, Dubuque
Good Friday Social Justice Stations of the Cross – Friday, March 30th, 9:30
Annual walk of liturgical resistance through downtown Dubuque; meet in front of Diamond Jo Casino; we’ll conclude with a simple soup meal at Hope House Catholic Worker (1592 Locust St.)
Earth’s Soothing Power – Sunday, April 22nd (Earth Day), 2—5pm
Herbs, salves, and soaps at St. Isidore CWF
Feast of St. Isidore Celebration – Tuesday, May 15th, 5:30pm-Prayer; 6-Potluck; 7-Barn Dance
Hope House Benefit Concert w/ John Peterson – Saturday, June 2nd, 7pm
John Peterson is an American Roots musician
Growing Roots: The Commons -- June 10--14th
Attention all commoners! How can we come together to protect and care for that which is most important to us? Over four days, we will bring our heads, hearts and hands together to investigate the richness of "the commons". In a family-friendly environment, we will play, sing, work, pray, and re-imagine the ways we interact with culture, the marketplace, our communities, and other forms of governance and see how careful and creative cooperation points toward true freedom and healthier relationships.
Barn Dances – Tuesdays, June 19th; July 17th; August 14th (Teenth Tuesday, get it?)
6:30pm; Bring food and/or snacks to share
Interfaith Peace Institute – July 23—26th
St. Isidore CWF has launched a new ministry in collaboration with Loras College: an interfaith peace institute for high school-aged youth; see website for more details
Women and Water, Coming Together: A Symposium – July 29th—August 2nd
Lac Courtes Oreilles reservation, near Hayward, WI (see more info here); Want to come? Be in touch with Brenna Cussen Anglada
Community Singing Retreat with Liz Rog – August 3—4th
Retreat takes place at nearby retreat center, Sinsinawa Mound; registration information here
Beyond the Bomb: A Discussion on Radical Christian Resistance with Michelle Naar Obed – August 6th, 6:30pm
Michelle is a Plowshares activist, a member of Christian Peacemaker Teams in Iraq, a Water Protector, and co-founder of Hildegard House, a community engaging victims of human sex trafficking
Sugar Creek midwest gathering for Catholic Workers and non-Catholic Workers – September 13—16th
A long weekend of food, discussion, skits, prayer, and more at Sugar Creek retreat center, near Preston, Iowa
Harvest Dance & Potluck – Saturday, September 29th, 3pm---
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Grandmother on the run after allegedly killing her husband, then her look-alike

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Lois Riess, a 56-year-old mother of three, was charged in the shooting death of Pamela Hutchinson, 59, on Monday after authorities found the victim dead in an area near Fort Myers Beach with multiple gunshot wounds.
Authorities aren't aware of any connection between the two women, but they believe Riess shot and killed Hutchinson to assume her identity.
Riess is also wanted in the March death of her husband, David Riess.
Riess has been on the run since at least late March, after David Riess's business partner called Dodge County authorities on March 23 to ask them to check on him.
During the investigation, authorities learned that Lois Riess may have been at Diamond Jo Casino in Iowa.
Authorities from Dodge County, the BCA and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation went to the casino, but Riess had already left.
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How do I do the Diamond Casino Heist

$600k. Lol, piece of shit cut. (20% and was artwork) and then the host left...
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I built The Diamond Casino & Resort in Minecraft

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[Highlight] Hawai’i’s JoVon McClanahan sinks a buzzer beating three to take down SMU in the Diamond Head Classic

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5.4million dollar take on The Diamond Casino Heist (Diamonds)

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Wall is Breakable

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak Ch. 11

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Hi JoJo since I know your here!1. You manipulate your religion to get money 2. greed is one of the deadly sins. 3. You feel entitled. You have a husband that works and a daughter who you let be a bum in your house if she can go to the casino she can get a job.

Hi JoJo since I know your here!1. You manipulate your religion to get money 2. greed is one of the deadly sins. 3. You feel entitled. You have a husband that works and a daughter who you let be a bum in your house if she can go to the casino she can get a job. submitted by Parking-Command7154 to carriewalls7 [link] [comments]

JoVon McClanahan Drains a Buzzer-Beating 3-Pointer to win UH Their First Diamond Head Classic

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Need Team For Diamond Casino Heist

Standard 15%
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Xbox Series S Diamond Casino Big Con

Trying to get this big con done. Bustars, weapons in the laundry, drills, and Noose uniforms to leave. Planning on taking the helicopter. The guns didn't spawn at the laundry last time and I don't know how to get them from the second location. Randoms keep dying. I'm thinking 2 of us and 50/50 is the way to go. No mic needed if you already know the routes. But I have a mic.
GT: ZeBradamontes.
Logging on now.
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Diamond casino heist set up silent & sneaky

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Diamond forms under high temperature and pressure conditions that exist only about 100 miles beneath the earth’s surface. Diamond’s carbon atoms are bonded in essentially the same way in all directions. Another mineral, graphite, also contains only carbon, but its formation process and crystal structure are very different. Diamond is our outstanding molecular and crystal structure visualization software. It integrates a multitude of functions, which overcome the work with crystal structure data - in research and education as well as for publications and presentations. diamond, a mineral composed of pure carbon. It is the hardest naturally occurring substance known; it is also the most popular gemstone. Because of their extreme hardness, diamonds have a number of important industrial applications. Diamond Wiki — Данный раздел является навигацией для пользователей, он включает описание некоторых игровых и других систем. Diamond is a solid form of the element carbon with its atoms arranged in a crystal structure called diamond cubic.Another solid form of carbon known as graphite is the chemically stable form of carbon at room temperature and pressure, but diamond is metastable and converts to it at a negligible rate under those conditions. Diamond has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any

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