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A subreddit for PGA golf betting and daily fantasy discussion

What golf betting games do you play with your buddies? I just learned a new one - I’ll post it in the comments.

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10 Golf Betting Games

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(New?) Golf betting game "H.O.R.S.E."

First, credit is due. gm_golf on youtube was the first place I heard about H.O.R.S.E., to kudos for "inventing" this game. I modified some of the scoring elements for playability vs original so contributing a bit myself. Onto the details:
It is H.O.R.S.E., like basketball, in that the idea is not to get to HORSE. Similarity stops there.
Where it is different than basketball: 1. It isn't shot by shot to get/give letters, it is total score each hole. 2. At the end of each hole, letters are added/given or removed for everyone. 3. This means more than one person can get letters in a turn and the group turn ends each hole.
How you can get letters, give letters, or remove your own letters based on your score per hole:
And that's it for rules. Occam's razor ftw.
There are a ton of ways to handicap it if needed.You can handicap by the hole handicap for individuals or if your group is equally betteworse from par you can shift the value of the score. Example is bogey=par in the rules above. Also could handicap the double bogey or worse being one letter.
Had to share the wealth on this one. It has been a REALLY long time since I've heard of a good, uncomplicated side-betting game and this idea really hyped up my next round. First round for our squad is next weekend and we are doing $5 buy in per game for our foursome, winner takes all each game. I feel some double or nothing's are in our near future...
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What's your favorite golf betting game?

Just curious what other people like playing.
My personal favorite is 5 3 1 sometimes called niner. It's like match play with multiple people. With 3 players each hole is worth 9 total points. Winning the hole grabs you 5 points and the remaining 4 points are either 2 and 2 or 3 and 1 if the other players tied. You can also play it with 4 players and use a 16 point per hole system 7 5 3 1 or some other combination depending on the individual holes scores. At the end of the round all points are totaled up and the highest score wins.
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Three little pigs, the longest yard, heaven or hell. Any other fun/unique betting games you guys play on the course to mix things up?

Read an article from about some betting games. Would like to hear what betting games your crew plays to mix things up!

Three little pigs:
This one’s pretty simple, and it’s perfect for the first round of a trip — especially if you’re coming straight off a plane or loosening up after a long road trip. Three Little Piggies is a stroke-play game, but with some extra forgiveness: You get to drop the three highest numbers from your scorecard. Poof! Magic! They’re gone. You’re left with a 15-hole score, and if that’s lower than your opponent’s, well, you win!
The longest yard:
Another simple concept that’s incredibly fun in practice. If you win a hole, you win the total yardage of that hole, in points. In other words, if you’re playing a 7,000-yard course, there are 7,000 points available. And if you win a 400-yard par-4, you win 400 points.

Heaven or Hell:
Flip a coin before you get to every tee box. If it lands on heads (“Heaven”) then good news: you’re going up to the front tees! If it lands on tails (“Hell”) you’re headed all the way back to play that hole from tips. Match play from there. If you don’t want to play the full-on “front” or “back” tees then negotiate that before the round.
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[McNeal and Parkins] Jeremy Roenick tells an MJ golf story and admits to betting with MJ on one of his games

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Made up betting games for a foursome of high handicappers

Hey /golf! My friends and I just started getting really into golf last year and try not to take our poor play too seriously. I love to make up games so throughout the year we came up with some betting games to play that are much more silly than they are serious. And adapted existing games to fit our style and skill. Thought I'd share what we came up with and let me know what betting games work for you and your buddies.

Half Bag Scramble - 2 v 2 scramble match play with one caveat. Each player on the team plays either the long half or the short half of their bag. So like Dr - 7i and 8i - Pu if you play 4 wedges. On the first hole each team gets to choose their configuration of who has the long clubs and who has the short ones. If one team takes the hole, the losing team gets to choose the configurations for both teams on the next hole. Split holes keep the same config on the next hole.
We found this fun because it really makes each team member feel more important for half the hole because that person will have the right club. This is in contrast to a normal scramble where so much just falls on the better player that day.

3 Club Draw - This game is really dumb but my friends liked it. So again it's a scramble match (aside, I think a scramble match is probably the most forgiving way to compete for some bad golfers) but before each hole you deal 3 playing cards to each player and that corresponds to the clubs they can use on that hole. We did Ace = Driver, 2 = 3 wood .... K = Putter. We each played with only 13 clubs for this day but I'm sure you can use a 56 card deck with jokers or something if you wanted a full 14 clubs to be playable. The team that is losing the match is allowed one player to trade 2 clubs in for 1 club of their choice (often a putter but sometimes a wedge or long club depending on the draw). Oh and we played that anybody could shotgun a beer after their draw to redraw any of their cards but this seems totally optional and could probably be replaced by throwing a couple extra bucks into the bet in exchange for the redraw or doing away with it.
This game was pure madness as we found ourselves having to attempt ridiculous sorts of shots with the wrong clubs. The card draw before each hole was really exciting to find out what you and your teammate got and seeing how screwed or well setup you are is fun.

Bingo, Bango, Bongo, Bozo - This is exactly like Bingo, Bango, Bongo except if 3 players each get 1 point on the hole, the player that did not score is the "Bozo". The bozo has to wear a really stupid hat until they score again. Here is an Amazon link to the Bozo hat we went with.

Putter Poker - This is another game that I found online but adopted it to fit our skill level. Each player plays their own ball and at the end of the round you count up how many 1 and 2 putts each player has. 1 putts are worth 1 card and 2 puts are worth half a card. Each 3+ putt you put another dollar into the pot which started with a set amount ante'd by each player (we did $10) to start. Then you deal out cards to everybody and whoever can make the best 5 card poker hand wins the pot. The player that made the most putts gets the most cards and has an advantage but not a guaranteed win.
You'll have to adjust the rules of this game to fit your skill level. I think ideally everyone gets like 4 - 9 cards or something. We dealt out the cards at lunch after the round, 1 at a time face up waiting like 5 min until everyone got their next card. Created suspense and there were a lot of buyout offers going around with the person with the most cards trying to buyout players that had less cards but a good hand developing. This game can easily be paired with other games too.
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[Woj] Anthony Edwards has just bet his entire 2023 salary on a golf game 👀

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LS takes sponsorship from esports betting website known to facilitate match fixing high elo ranked solo queue games

Recently LS has taken a sponsorship from an esports betting website (proof)known as This site allows betting on competitive esports matches such as League world championships, Dota, CS:GO, and Valorant.
However, the website also has a"streamers" tab which contains links to place bets on League streamers, as well as streamers from many other competitive games. The list shows live streams (unsure of what the criteria is) who's games are about to start, when you are able to bet on them, their win/loss history, and more. As you can see in the screenshot, my own stream is on there, among many others.
The problem with this is that the existence of these sites ruins competitive integrity among games. My own games on stream, as well as the games of other streamers, such as Tyler1, have been consistently queue sniped by high elo players who have realized they can run it down for profit by betting against the streamer.
Tyler1 in particular has been getting targeted the worst of all, and has been calling this out on his stream.
Example 1:
Example 2:
Example 3:
Tyler1 explains that he gets games remade constantly on-stream because the players attempting to snipe him and bet on his games sometimes fail and are placed on the enemy team, and instead of playing it out will simply AFK to remake, so the bets are cancelled. This places the control fully in the hands of betters who are then able to freely snipe again and again until they are on his team.
In example 3, the enemy amumu attempts to AFK and remake but fails, so the bet still goes through, while T1 is running it down, and T1 literally predicts him reconnecting to try and counter-run it down.
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Online poker being banned in most states, while betting on NFL games isn't, is as American as we can get.

It's crazy that I can bet on NFL games because the companies are sponsors of the NFL, but playing poker online is banned. It's represents my country perfectly. You pay the right people and you can do whatever you want.
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Golf Betting is Back! Sentry Tournament of Champions Preview

BRAND NEW: Full Tournament Preview - Sentry Tournament of Champions!
Complete betting analysis, player breakdown, and statistics to target. Great for DFS research. Check it out! Full betting card released soon.
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What are some good golf side betting games to play in a group of 3?

4s we normally just scramble or best ball. 3s we don’t know what to do if we start out bad we just end up pissed lol. Last round we started out bad and played a random rotation of closest to the pin, wheelspin for the club, blue/black tees strokes, red tees strokes, longest drive, 7i only.
We had a blast rather than just going home fuming. Is there a consistent game we can play instead?
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[O'Brien] The #Jaguars are trading for #Falcons WR Calvin Ridley, per multiple sources. Compensation still being finalized. Ridley is currently serving a suspension for betting on NFL games during the 2021 season.

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How many of you bet when playing golf?

Thinking about setting up a social golf betting app. Trying to do some research on market size. Thanks for your participation.
View Poll
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Jerry’s girlfriend just wants a “smidge” more of things and it starts to get on his nerves. George dates a woman who also lives with her parents. Elaine is upset when her neighbors dog doesn’t like her. Kramer is on a hot streak betting the under on different games.

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A historic anomaly in betting: In the last 30 games including playoffs, the Bengals have only lost by more than 5 points ONCE. Over 96% of those games were wins or narrow losses by less than the current spread.

That one game was this year’s Browns game when the O line was at full strength. I don’t gamble & don’t advocate for it, but the odds that Vegas is wrong are astounding.
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2023 Sentry Event of Champions one and carried out picks, fantasy golf predictions, professional PGA betting recommendation

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[Mia Obrien] The #Jaguars are trading for #Falcons WR Calvin Ridley, per multiple sources. Compensation still being finalized. Ridley is currently serving a suspension for betting on NFL games during the 2021 season.

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How many of you got fuccckeeeed by Mixon,JJ,Singletary and Barkley????never betting on 🔝 players in big games.

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Golf bets

Taking Jon, Scottie and Justin again. I think it’s a lock again
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Let’s all make a little bit of money!! Throw some futures golf bets out there!

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People betting on high mmr pub games and ruining them

today i have come across one of those guy betting on high mmr pub games and then ruining them on purpose to win some money. i can let everyone judge whether or not he is in fact doing that by giving you the ID : 6879303062 (Earthshaker), ID steam : 197574429
Here are the proofs against him :
-Rank 50 who doesn't care about his mmr
-Pretending to die because of his internet then dc (if u check his perspective he's still moving camera)
-Reconnect after the 3 mins (You can't pause withing the first 3 min of the game)
-Waiting the end of enemy shadow shaman shackles to try to cancel it (its 50 rank player yet again don't tell me he cannot do that)
Fell free to find more clues but I'm quite sure this is one of them, I'm not talking out of anger of losing this game but I'm not finding this normal and i've seen people complaining about it. This shouldn't be allowed and should be banned for a better community.
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