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According to Bovada (sports betting site), the Eagles have the 9th best overall odds to win the Superbowl.

According to Bovada (sports betting site), the Eagles have the 9th best overall odds to win the Superbowl. submitted by slumslum to eagles [link] [comments]

Messages received from Bovada Sports Bets. ADVOCATE FOR DOGE PAYMENT METHOD INCLUSION

from Bovada bets, “Hi We are always looking for new payment methods, better ways to improve the site. Please send your proposal here - [email protected]
Whoever sports bets and is familiar with Bovada push for doge coin as another payment method!!
submitted by eygo17 to dogecoin [link] [comments]

Bovada bitcoin casino & crypto sports betting (2022 - 2023)

Bovada bitcoin casino & crypto sports betting (2022 - 2023)
Hello Redditors!
Welcome to bitcoincasinos - a subreddit community featuring the top bitcoin casinos in 2022 - 2023.
In this Reddit post I've reviewed the Bovada bitcoin casino site and used my referral links to redeem the new player crypto sports betting / bitcoin bonuses available on Bovada casino & sportsbook.

Bovada Crypto Casino

Are you new to Bovada Casino? Many new players to Bovada LV ask me: Is Bovada legit?
In this Bovada review I'll explain the ins and outs of crypto betting online at Bovada casino.
The crypto casino accepts multiple cryptocurrencies for making deposits including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.
The cryptocurrency casino also processes crypto withdrawals and sends payments nearly in an instant. Just a few minutes time is required to secure your crypto winnings should you get lucky and win.
Visit Bovada Bitcoin Casino - Get the $3,750 crypto casino bonus at Bovada. T&C's apply.

Bovada Crypto Sports Betting

On top of a great online casino games selection, Bovada also offers bettors and online sportsbook. Bovada bitcoin sports betting also gives new bettors and extra boost with their welcome bonus.
Crypto betting is on another level all together at Bovada sprotsbook. Make deposits in the major cryptos and get started betting on sports games in minutes.
Visit Bovada Sports Betting - $250 Bovada sports welcome bonus. T&C's apply.

Bovada Customer Service

Bovada sportsbook and casino offers cryptocurrency gamblers a couple of helpful support centers.

7 Best Bitcoin Casino Sites for 2022 - 2023

Here I've picked a few more of the best bitcoin casino sites for real BTC wagering. Referral links used.
In my personal opinion these are the most trustworthy crypto casinos in 2022 - 2023.
  1. Bovada Casino
  3. Las Atlantis Casino
  4. Wild Casino
  5. Slots LV
  6. Super Slots
  7. Red Dog Casino

Gamble Responsibly: 21+

Always bet responsible and never wager money which you cannot afford to lose.

Reddit Bitcoin Casino Forums

Try these active subreddit communities for more discussions on bitcoin gambling websites.
  • BestBitcoinCasino - Reddit posts about the top crypto casinos.
  • bovada_casino - Bovada casino Reddit group for discussions about Bovada bitcoin casino.
  • crypto_casino_ - A subreddit forum for talking about crypto casino betting sites.
submitted by Bedroid to bitcoincasinos [link] [comments]

Seahawks vs Buccaneers Prop Bet Predictions

Seattle vs Tampa Bay Betting Predictions

The Seahawks and Bucs will play an early game Las Vegas time with a 6:30am kickoff. I will place my bets on Saturday and sleep in on Sunday. The Seahawks are currently 2.5 point underdogs. They shouldn’t be. Geno Smith has been a better quarterback this season than Russell Wilson was last season. Tom Brady reminds me of one of those starting pitchers who looked like he still had it and then dropped off completely.
Both of these teams will have a difficult time just running the ball. I expect a lot of passing even if the game isn’t that high of scoring.

Seahawks vs Buccaneers Player Prop Trends and Picks

Geno Smith has gone over on passing touchdown props 7 times and under on 2. While Tom Brady has gone over on passing touchdowns 1 time and under on 8. Would you have thought this would be the ATS result halfway into the season?
A few team betting results for this prop. Seahawks opposing quarterbacks have gone over 2 times and under 6 times on passing touchdown props this season. When the Buccaneers opponents cover the spread they have gone over all five times on the passing touchdown prop.
Another trend to pay attention to is Seahawk opposing running backs have gone over 1 time and under 11 times on receiving yards. Not a good sign if you were thinking of using Leonard Fournette.
Where has the Seahawk defense been vulnerable to players going over on props? Tight end. Receiving yards props have had tight ends go over 7 times and under just 2 times.

Seahawks vs Buccaneers Game / Quarter Trends and Picks

Take a look at a first half bet. The Seahawks have covered 88.9% while the Bucs have covered 33.3%.

Seahawks vs Bucs Same Game Parlay Picks

  1. Seahawks First Half Spread +0.5 (-110)
  2. Seahawks First Half Money Line (+112)
  3. Seahawks Game Money Line (+109)
  4. Geno Smith Passing Touchdowns OVER 1.5 (+102)
  5. Tom Brady Passing Touchdowns UNDER 1.5 (+122)

Bovada Sports Betting Promo Codes

submitted by PropBet to u/PropBet [link] [comments]

How are odds set

How are Bovada sport bet odds set? Is it just free market based on who is betting on what or are they being manually set by Bovada?
submitted by poko2121 to Bovada [link] [comments]


Looking to start a poker online game for those in states that don’t allow you to play online. Sick of driving 2 hours away to the casino just to play poker. Bovada, sports betting, other sites always worry me could be rigged or bots playing. Looking to start game once a week then work our way up. 100 buy in cash game 1-2 NLH. Looking to start the 1st game next week. All money collected thru cash app this sent back at whatever you cash out at. Comment if interested.
submitted by Hawaitha3 to poker [link] [comments]

Tracking Bets

Is there an app that tracks your Bovada sports bets?
submitted by ManicBunda to Bovada [link] [comments]

I need some "Knowledge" concerning a Bitcoin payout.

I requested a payout from Bovada (sports betting site) today at 9:45am. I provided them with my wallet address. They then processed the transaction. I received notice from my wallet that I received a transaction.
My issue is that it is still pending with 0 confirmations. It going past 9 hours.
Looking into it further, I noticed that the payout transition as well as the Blockchain shows a different address than what I provided. However, I can see the pending transaction in my wallet. Can anyone explain this to me?
I do understand that Blockchain becomes congested as well as low transaction may not be picked up and confirmed right away. However, I have never waited more than 2 hours before today.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!!

submitted by Bluplay to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Help! How do I get money out of my account?

This is a completely random question but I need help. I don't use bitcoin at all and know nothing about it. I used Coinbase as a way to withdraw my money from Bovada sports betting. I was told that I am able to withdraw it into my PayPal account from Coinbase but I don't see an option. I have 1800 bucks sitting there. My PayPal account is linked but how do I get the money?
submitted by Scottie3Hottie to CoinBase [link] [comments]

Which app should I download to use as a wallet besides Coinbase?

I transfer a lot of bitcoin to bovada (sports betting site) but should probably stop using Coinbase to do that. What is another good, safe and trustworthy wallet app?
submitted by RichMan_24 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

California overwhelmingly denied sports betting on yesterday’s ballot. Guess it’s Bovada forever

submitted by Otherwise_Quiet2324 to sportsbetting [link] [comments]

I live in California ( sports betting is illegal) is Bovada legit ? Or can someone recommend a better sports book. Thanks

submitted by Funny_Committee4886 to sportsbetting [link] [comments]

Yellow dot in Bovada?

What does the yellow dot next to a team mean in Bovada sports betting?
submitted by ceshelly to Bovada [link] [comments]

Vegas odds on Josh Gordon trade

was looking at some odds and I saw this on bovada (sports betting site)
Will be traded during the 2013 Regular Season?
converted to percentages it's about 60% he'll get traded
UPDATE: odds have changed to
about 54% now
submitted by porquenohoy to fantasyfootball [link] [comments]

Ways around the credit card fiasco

Before I say anything, I know trading or investing with credit is a bad idea. The way I operate is I use my credit card for everything that I normally would spend money on (reaping the benefits) and then pay it off every month. I never carry a balance. So I personally want to continue buying crypto with my credit cards.
All of my credit cards have been rejected at Coinbase recently as I know many people's have so I want to explore ways around this. For example, what if I put money into my paypal account via credit card and then transfer that to my checking, transfer that to coinbase? Another example, use credit card to put funds Bovada sports betting website and then request transfer to my bitcoin wallet (haven't tried this yet but doubt it would work).
Anyone have any ideas?
submitted by ztkraf01 to CryptoMarkets [link] [comments]

Bovada changed my wagering limits. I turned $85 into $16k on overseas basketball and e-sports basketball and bovada has throttled my wagering amounts to like $60 per bet. This happen to anyone else?

Bovada changed my wagering limits. I turned $85 into $16k on overseas basketball and e-sports basketball and bovada has throttled my wagering amounts to like $60 per bet. This happen to anyone else? submitted by Louisiana504_ to Bovada [link] [comments]

Bovada Payout Problem

I have been a loyal Bovada sports betting customer for years. Recently, I ran my account to $4,900 with a great night during UFC 214.
So on July 30, I made an online request for a wiretransfer for the $4,900.84. Received a message August 4 saying it would hit my account within an average of 5-10 business days.
Five weeks later, countless phone calls and and messages, still no funds have been wired or sent to me and my account shows the money as gone. The customer service reps keep saying it is under review and that they will get back to me in 24-48 hours. That time passes and I hear nothing. This cycle has happened about 4 times now.
Any advise? Anyone have similar problems??
submitted by JBaker826 to Bovada [link] [comments]

Bovada has always been my top sports betting site (ONLY) due to their rewards program but that is coming to an end for obvious reasons.

Bovada has always been my top sports betting site (ONLY) due to their rewards program but that is coming to an end for obvious reasons. submitted by Theunderdogsunion to Bovada [link] [comments]

Bovada crypto casino & bitcoin sports betting (2022 - 2023)

Bovada crypto casino & bitcoin sports betting (2022 - 2023) submitted by Bedroid to bitcoinsportsbetting [link] [comments]

Anyone got any good sister sites to bovada that have good bonuses? Would like it to have sports betting, slots and poker if possible! Ty

submitted by Sad_Distribution6962 to Bovada [link] [comments]

Is it legal to bet on sports using Bovada as an 18 year old in Ohio?

I have some confusion about this because the Ohio sports betting age seems to be 21 but since Bovada is offshore I was wondering whether that was really a problem or not. Thanks for the help!
submitted by TheGeniusSkipper to Bovada [link] [comments]

Bovada bitcoin casino & crypto sports betting (2022 - 2023)

Bovada bitcoin casino & crypto sports betting (2022 - 2023) submitted by Bedroid to BestBitcoinCasino [link] [comments]

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