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Saratoga Casino Hotel Breaks Ground on New Outdoor Gaming Terrace - Saratoga TODAY Newspaper

Saratoga Casino Hotel Breaks Ground on New Outdoor Gaming Terrace - Saratoga TODAY Newspaper submitted by g4m3f33d to GameFeed [link] [comments]

Saratoga Casino Hotel expands with new outdoor gaming terrace - The Saratogian

Saratoga Casino Hotel expands with new outdoor gaming terrace - The Saratogian submitted by g4m3f33d to GameFeed [link] [comments]

Saratoga Casino Hotel starts construction on new outdoor gaming terrace - The Saratogian

Saratoga Casino Hotel starts construction on new outdoor gaming terrace - The Saratogian submitted by g4m3f33d to GameFeed [link] [comments]

Saratoga casino adding outdoor gaming terrace - The Daily Gazette

Saratoga casino adding outdoor gaming terrace - The Daily Gazette submitted by g4m3f33d to GameFeed [link] [comments]

Owners of Saratoga Casino and Raceway had their U.S. income tax returns, which included personal social security numbers and other sensitive information, accidentally posted on a New York state website

Owners of Saratoga Casino and Raceway had their U.S. income tax returns, which included personal social security numbers and other sensitive information, accidentally posted on a New York state website submitted by reseph to Albany [link] [comments]

casino in saratoga or saratoga springs mS2qljRPAP

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What's going on for NYE? [looking for recommendations]

Looking to go out this year for New year's. Any fun events happening that you can recommend?
I saw that Rivers casino in Schenectady and the Saratoga casino have events. Booze, gambling and dancing sounds good. Any other alternatives?
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Chowder Fest parking

First time going - I'll be bringing my wife and toddler + stroller so can't walk too far. There's a park and ride from Wilson mall -> high rock/Lake ave or Saratoga casino hotel -> Congress Park. Will that take me to where I need to be?
Or should I make my way to the garages downtown?
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Puddy wins the lotto and Elaine tries to get back with him. Jerry has an act at a hotel in AC that treats him poorly. George goes with him, is mistaken for a card counter and kicked out of the casino. Kramer and Mickey take a bus trip to Saratoga, but accidentally board a bus headed for Sarasota.

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Canfield Casino, Saratoga, Ny

A showcase on a supposedly haunted Casino in Saratoga NY. Enjoy! Like us on Facebook for more videos like this.
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The Canfield Casino in Saratoga, Ny

In Saratoga NY there's a former casino that is supposedly haunted. Here is a nice video showcase me and my friends did on it.
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Saratoga defeats casino!

Saratoga defeats casino! submitted by Vernacularry to Albany [link] [comments]

Black Hawk, CO; every historic building was incorporated into the casino and now only 127 people live there.

Black Hawk, CO; every historic building was incorporated into the casino and now only 127 people live there. submitted by AlternativeOk1096 to UrbanHell [link] [comments]

Any suggestions? 500k budget

Any suggestions? 500k budget submitted by dingdangdong22 to fut [link] [comments]

🍀 SARATOGA 🍀 [Presale is Now Live] Join the Smart Land Revolution, Internationally Known Doxxed Team, Renounced Contract, Direct & Reflective Rewards to Holders

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Northeast Golf Trip

Look to try to get a small weekend away with some friends. We are all located in the NYC region. About an hour north. Looking to maybe travel 2-3 hours. Any recommendations?
Edit : I would prefer not to have to go to a casino.
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My proposal for UPSTATE New York to be the location of a Fallout game.

To start, this should be a single player game. If Bethesda/Obsidian/MS can make it so I can play with 1 or 2 friends, I want that but understand it's not that simple.
So why it should be picked:
First, NY has an amazing history when it comes to Pre-Revolution, Revolution, the Civil War, and beyond. Major events like the battle at Saratoga (which is considered the turning point of the Revolution), the 1980 Miracle on Ice, and Woodstock (along with a whole lot more) all took place in upstate NY. So the rich history of the area is ripe for pro American stylizing and propaganda that gives FO it's unique take on American Atom-punk.
That along with more modern history of things like the Native Americans (The Oneidas) actually taking back their land and forming their own sovereign nation (basically they have their own gov. Pay no state taxes, and self govern with police, fire, and allow gambling which NY does not). So their modern government would not only be some great lore, but I honestly believe could be a basis for the main quest line. Things like their unique tribal leadership, philosophy, and gambling (hello 10 luck) could bring a very grey area to fallout that was kind of missed in FO3 + 4. Plus their mythology would make for a great unique questline that fallout has at least 1 of every game. Except for you far harbor, fuck you, you know what you did.
Also, for those who don't know, upstate NY is very country with major cities pocketed about. (Utica, Albany, Syracuse, etc). So if you liked NV style of wandering the wastes, or 3s style of city wandering, we've got both. Also, we've got two mountains areas, one in the Adirondacks and the Catskills are the other so 76's sense of scale can really be taken advantage of.
That, combined with NYs notorious weather could make for some interesting times between blizzards (rad blizzards? Nuclear winters?), Heavy rain storms, and beautiful fall colors.
That said, one of the most important parts of fallout are the locations. Where can we go? For that I have a list:
Major locations:
Lake Placid Winter Olympics training facility - the winter olympics would be held in 2078 so LP could be the location of those games, and if you were, they'd definitely be ready for the games by fall of 2077. Again, the miracle on ice where American Amateurs bested the Communist Russian Pros, was held there and is considered one of the greatest upsets of all time. The "Better dead than Red" sentiment would be full force. Not to mention one of a few great locations for a possible vault (80, in this case to house winter olympians. can you imagine the experiments?). Plus, the weapons could be cool too. Hockey sticks, hockey skate blades on gloves, a goalie mask for armor, you name it. Plus skis, Bob sleds, skeleton sleds, etc.
Cooperstown Baseball HOF - Now when you think Americana, Baseball is one of your first thoughts, don't lie. Cooperstown is baseball central and very pretty. Another great place for pro-american styles and fun gear like baseball base mines, softball helmets (because "A League of Their Own" style pro-baseball league in FO sounds awesome), and of course bats and baseball grenades. Also a baseball Vault (Vault 4, 5, 7, or 9). Not my idea, but in this vault, there's 32 teams of mens and 32 teams of womens baseball (or coed teams, idk), all of whom are pro players. Vault tec test is simple, winner gets food and drinks, loser gets steroid infused food and drink (but they don't know it has steroids obviously). The idea is, test how good at baseball people can be if given monster amounts of steroids for generations. I'll make a separate post about this in detail if desired.
Canastota Boxing HOF - Another unique area for Americana. Canastota is pretty boring and empty, but for those of you old enough to remember Rocky when it came out, it basically revived Boxing as a major sport and also had a moment where America bested the Red Menace (Rocky IV). Maybe a spot for a vault or to learn unique unarmed moves. Pugilism Illustrated anyone?
Albany - NYs capital and an easy big city area along the Hudson. A great location for corporate greed, governmental corruption, and side quests. Can't say it'll be the focal point of the game since its very near the eastern border of it, but a good location for exploring and lore.
Buffalo/Niagara Falls - Ya ever gone over the falls in a barrel? Do ya want to? I think using Niagara Falls (which has an American and Canadian side, Canadas is the U-shaped famous one) as Fallouts first "Non-American" location would be fun. First, the falls are beautiful and are a major source of hydroelectric power. Second, in FO, America annexed canada, so it's technically still America! Third, right across the "border" are casinos! More gambling! Third and a half, it's another big city and buffalo is where the buffalo wing was invented (God bless buffalo wings). Besides the cool lore opportunity about the annexation and the city location, the falls could be a major location for the story if the main conflict was about powering the area, similar to NV since the falls powers a lot of NY with hydroelectric power.
Syracuse - NYs (literal) center city. The Salt City as it was formally known is a big city with some great old and new style. Again, not much about the city to say, but a great opportunity for corporate BS. The main attraction would be the Syracuse Dome (formerly the Carrier Dome). Due to its location and style, it's perfect as a central trading hub for the major cities and people. Think of Great Green Jewel style, people living, bars, shops, etc. BUT the really interesting part is what's right next to the Dome. SUNY ESF (Environmental Science and Forestry). This college is special because it has very unique programs and with some future tech thrown in, could be a great location for a Fallout 3 Harold or NV vault 22-esq quest. The college already does experiments with major chemicals, evolution (FEV anyone?) and breeding plants for unique purposes. Again, I have a really cool idea for this area, but that can be a different post. Fun fact, ESF is actually working to bring back the North America Chestnut that went (nearly) extinct, so THAT'S gonna get fucked up by radiation. Also, some asshole releases the fruit flies the genetics lab works with every year and it sucks.
NYC (Empire, 9/11 memorial, Statue of Liberty) - Yeah yeah, you can't have NY without the City, but frankly there's so much here to explore and deal with, I'd leave it to the pros to really do it justice.
Turning Stone Casino - Gambling, a hotel/restaurants like in NV, and a good spot for the main quest line. I'll get into that next so I'm not going to describe it too much here.
Main Quest: Without too much detail, I figure your character will be hired to figure out the future of NY.
You'll be brought to the Turning Stone which is currently the HQ of the Oneida tribe. Your job would be to either work with the other tribes in the former Iroquois Confederation (Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk, and Tuscarora [added later]). (Quick note: in my AU, some time after the bombs fell, the IC came to power because of their knowledge of living off the land and attempted to rebuild society. After some time rebuilding and establishing a post-war society, the tribes do the thing all humans do and bicker. Around 2200 the IC broke apart but the tribes retained power in their areas. They fight, trade, yadda yadda but no one is in control of everything.
Throughout your quest, it turns out that what is holding everyone back is a lack of power for things like lights and running water. Your job will be to determine where to get that power (Nuclear power plant in Oswego or the falls in Niagara?) And where to give it (one tribe? A few? Or all?). But that's not all, the tribes can't decide who should be in charge. One tribe wants to remain independent, don't help the outsiders and rebuild society in their image within NY, another wants to help others but would need to sacrifice their own people's safety and seclusion. Maybe another wants to be imperialist and expand their borders throughout America through way of force and fear while another agrees with taking land but wants it done through offers of protection for taxes. And each tribe has its own opinion on bringing the IC back together, staying separate, or taking over the tribes for themselves.
It's up to you character to decide who to help. Do you work hard to try and bring all tribes together under one banner or choose a side and execute their will as a paid mercenary/ambassador?
Other choices would be chaos by siding with raiders, or maybe a BOS path to take out all the tribes, idk, haven't thought it all out. Again, not a writer.
So personally, I like the idea that if you choose to go with a single faction, there would a battle/war mechanic where you and an army (or alone if you really wanna try) take over and lay claim to areas similar to Nuka World where you fly the gangs flag. Nothing complicated, normal fallout fights, don't die and kill the leadehis troops to win.
Karma is back. You will garner good or bad rep with each tribe depending on what you do. I'd like an armor system like in NV but I can live without it.
There is an ending. Once you beat the game you can continue doing side quests for armoexperience/ammo but only for the tribes left in power. Occasional rebellions will rise up as random events that need to be put down.
Settlements are limited. Like skyrim, buy a plot and build. No need to build one everywhere and you don't even need to do it if you don't want to.
Radio host? Gimme a Mr. New Vegas type guy. I don't want an eccentric 3-dog, I want a smoothed voiced person wishing me lady like luck.
Also, smarter AI.
Otherwise, typical FO mechanics. Weapons degrade, can upgrade weapons and armor, etc.
Main problems with NY:
No real borders to the south. Invisible walls would likely be necessary which is stupid. Same to the East, but the Hudson could theoretically be used as a border if you put crazy strong mirelurks or something to kill the player if they tried to cross (or more invisible walls)
Don't want to disrespect the tribes. This is an issue with using each tribe as a possible faction. You're bound to piss off or disrespect one. So it'll be a task to make sure it's as limited as possible.
What to do with the city? It's a huge area that can be used for so much, but as a part of NY it's actually pretty seperated. It's a commercial hub now, but there's nothing there that would really be a reason to go down there. So do you make it one or do we just make it a glowing sea type area that's completely decimated from the bombs? That's my personal choice honestly, but it's a tough one to please as many as possible.
Conclusion: NY is rad and has so much history to offer that it could be exactly what the fallout franchise needs to bring together all the good parts of each game.
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Shamelessly stealing a question from the Kansas City subreddit - where are our best frozen in time dives?

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Just wants a humble 5937% ROI .Nothing wrong

The only other place you can get that kind of ROI is in a Casino whoops I meant WallStreet(HKD)
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Diamonds are Forever (Novel) Review

James Bond vs. the American Mafia. James Bond's beloved M gives him the assignment to destroy a diamond pipeline. In going after the diamond smugglers, Bond travels to America and is paired up with a woman working for the diamond smugglers - one Tiffany Case. He travels to New York City, Saratoga Springs, and then to Las Vegas.
I. Moonraker
II. Casino Royale
III. Live and Let Die
IV. Diamonds are Forever
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Urban Catalyst has a new plan to replace Garden City Casino and Harry's Hofbrau in West San Jose with housing, a hotel, and office space

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You know you’re a horse player when your weather app looks like this

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